Finally Out to See the World

After spending about three months in the jail of my own home, recupertating from the recent cerebral stroke attack I had on the 4th day of Aidilfitri, I finally went somewhere yesterday. Well ot that I wasn't really at home all the time but apart from going to work, going out for meals. some little visits to the supermarket for necessities, I was home most of the time these past three months.

We haven't gone out for a movie since Ramadhan until last week that I couldn't take it any longer that I told my significant other that I want to watch a movie. We either watched movies at home (downloaded) or from the DVDs KN bought for me. Finally and very ironically we went to KLCC that is just a couple of hundred meters from my workplace. (Ahahah out to see the world lah konon kan?) Of course that would be the easiest to go to for a movie although we never really favor TGV for the seats are small and we feel cramped for the whole duration of the movie.

So we went to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks, really fun movie to watch. Full of nice and catchy music that makes me hum all the way to the car afterwards. And guess what, we downloaded (hehehe...) the soundtrack a few nights after the movie - nice! I could relate well to Alvin and the Chipmunks because they've been around longer than I have been on this earth, 35 years perhaps? Maybe more. Ahaha I laughed my heads out throughout the movie. However I think the introductory part of the movie was most ilarious and the anticlimax hit after the chipmunks have hit their glory but yeah we had so much fun and laughter and the movie surely made us feel good thereafter.

Before the movie we window shop for a while, took some pictures of the Christmas decorations (When I was a lot younger Mummy used to bring me hotel and shopping complex hopping during this season to snap photos and see the Christmas decorations) I had a shock of my life to see a Nautica jacket sold at Parkson for RM2.6k - that is just horrendous as that piece of clothing costs RM200 more than my Nokia N95! Crazy! So before I have another stroke attack, or maybe a heart attack this time, I better cool down, forget it and just leave it to the rich to mind the price (but of course the jacket would look handsome on me - that was why I looked at the price tag in the first place ahahaha)

We had dinner at the Signature food court - I tried the meatball spaghetti bolognese from Cafe Milano and it was fantastic. They serve all sorts of spaghetti plus yummy looking waffles - a no no for me as they look really sweet but really tempting! KN had McDonald's, the usual quarter pounder meal. The spaghetti was out of this world, cheaply priced and really tasty!

For supper we bought the bagels in front of TGV and didn't really liked it except for the Jalapeños flavored bagel. We bought three other flavors, chocolate mint, chocolate parmeson and Italian bagel - all we quite hard, not as soft as they claimed to be. For us that was the last time there.

Otherwise I really had a wonderful time.

Season's Greetings!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008.

Happy 21st Birthday Dearest Brother

Happy Birthday dear brother. 21 years ago we were anxiously waiting for your cesarean birth, how I remember you were so blue the first time I saw you. I had really wanted a brother after being the younger out of two for eleven years, God granted my wish. Even though we're eleven years apart, and I really didn't know how to be a playmate to you due to the age difference, I'm still glad you're my brother.

Now that you've grown up, you have proven yourself to be a really good man, some body whom mummy would be proud of and of course, the pride of the family. I wish you all the best in the things you do. Study hard and make us proud. May the years to come be a healthy and successful one for you. Happy birthday dear bro.

p/s My brother celebrated his 21st birthday on November 29th, 2007.


Since I was not able to get myself a DSLR for my birthday and since the trip to Jogja is coming up real soon, I am desperate for a camera. Even though my N95 could give me good quality photos but I would like a real camera (preferably a DSLR) to capture clear, memorable images but decided to get a digital camera to replace our old Swivel Nikon that we bought 4 years ago.

So we went to Ampang park and looked for the best bargain. The initial intention was just to recce the place for the best bargain and decide later, perhaps come back some other day to purchase it but guess we couldn't wait a day longer and purchased the camera on that same day from the first shop we visited.

It was indeed a good bargain, we bought a Kodak 7.0 High Definition Digital Camera with 3x optical zoom, image stabilizer and 2GB memory card, plus some other exciting gifts. All for RM660. having tried the camera for more than a week now, yes I personally like it and good enough for the time being until I can afford a DSLR. Coming soon!

Here are two photo of the Kodak High Definition digital camera.

A Decision NOT Made Together

Well, there are some things even married couples are not meant to make decisions together (although I personally think everything should be of the two's consensus) but whatever it is I'm happy for my other half's decision to purchase an apartment in Shah Alam. Not that I'm against KN (that's what I call the love of my life if I haven't told you guys so) buying a property, and not that I am not aware of KN's intention to buy a property but this is the second time a purchase was made and I was not brought to the know.

The first was the car and now the apartment. I'm not expecting KN to get my permission but at least I would appreciate if I am somehow 'involved' in KN's decision to go ahead with the purchase. The saddest thing is I gotta know about this on the way home from work just now when the transaction was made yesterday afternoon. It took KN 24 hours to tell me. I know somehow that KN is worried about the uncertain future especially when I am not around. I know that KN is buying a shelter for a a reason only the two of us know. KN deserves this and I vow to give my love my full undivided support. Well, it's just a matter of heart. At least when I write it down here, I am letting things go.

Yes, I am bit kecik hati because whatever I want to get these past five years, no matter how much it costs, I will usually ask for KN's opinion. I treasure KN's points of view because I treasure our relationship very much. Well, it's KN's money, I shall not interfere but it brought the word 'marriage' to a new level - ground zero, meaningless I guess. Somehow sometimes I feel that we're two individuals having different views about marriage. KN asked me not to be angry and I'm not, why should I be angry? For being left out in the decision making process? I don't think so, like I said, it's not even my earnings that KN is spending on.

I'm writing this entry to express my feelings as I have no one to tell this to. If I were to tell KN how I truly feel, I'm sure this love of mine would soon jump into negative conclusions and merajuk worse than I am right now and I would have to pujuk KN like I was the one at fault. So be it. I am happy that KN's finally ready for more financial commitment and I hope the loan will be approved soon. KN's achievements in life is a winning point for me - I am proud to have been able to guide KN all these while and I hope KN will continue making the correct decisions. Especially when I am no longer around. Believe me, I love you.

To Go or Not To Go?

To Go or Not to Go? That is THE Question.

i have been recently recommended for a position at a newly established university that operates in 30 countries. The thing is the word recommended, not the least bothering me but it comes with an expectation. Seems i was 'highly recommended' but for what reason and by whom, I don't know.

I went for an interview with the GM on the last day of Perhimpunan Umno at PWTC. It went well but I was not accepter nor did I accepted the just yet. The company that I am suppose to be in hasn't been set up yet while the groundworks have already started, I was suppose to join them in a once a week meeting to speed things up for a major presentation to the President.

Well, it's like you're here nor there. I am not willing to commit yet but I am willing to join in the meetings and throw in some ideas where it is worth sharing (and of course grasp some ideas from them for my personal benefit at the current workplace = evil eh?) Yeah, going to the metings involve costs; money and time - and I want to gain something right now and not wait till the offer comes in.

I am looking at a 1 - 2K rise from my current salary, otherwise it is not going to be worth it at all as this new job requires me to drive a further distance from now and go through some Samy Vellu's toll to get there. Whatever it is, my driving force would be the money then my passion for what I do - as it is now, my current work place, as bad as it is, I could things getting better and improving (I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's the truth) I was promoted recently and adjustment to the salary was made. In order words, I could see a promising stability there. Furthermore I am in a Senior position where my words count.

In another way, accepting the new job will be a row of new challenges. I am confident I could do it even though my health isn't as promising as my career's future at the current place. There are a lot of things to be thought of and a lot of things to consider before I sign the offer and before saying goodbye to this old darn place.

To Go or Not to Go? That is THE Question.

Selamat Pengantin Baru Fazlie

To a colleague Fazlie, Selamat pengantin baru. May the both of you be blessed with happiness till the end of your lives. Amin.

Kembali Ceria

This is a song written by Azlan Abu Hassan and a very old friend Azalea a.k.a Intan Nazrahayu. I hope I'm correct. At school Intan was girl whose voice matches Mariah Carey's. Wish I could hear her sing a Mariah's number once more. I suppose this was the demo song before Azlan sang it with Misha Omar, if I'm not wrong-lah! But I can recognise Intan's voice in an instance - as I got this from her blog hehehehe.

I understand Intan has written many songs. One of them is Keabadian Cinta by Anuar Zain.

Kembali Ceria

Sungguh indahnya senyumanmu
tak mungkin ku lupakan
katamu bergema di kalbu

Hanya dikaulah yang ku sayang
di dalam bintang seribu
hanya itulah yang ku pinta
oh cinta yang satu
tak rela terpisah sayangku
tak rela dijauhi
ku rindukan belaian kasihmu
hadirlah di sisi

Izinkan cintaku bertakhta
di hatimu selamanya
kau telah menyinari hidupku
kembali ceria

Ku doakan cinta kita
yang diabadikan
tak perlu lagi kau meragui
kesucian hati

Song/Lyrics/Copyright: Azlan Abu Hassan/Grooveworks Studio

Birthday Presents

This year's 32nd birthday was a pleasant one with many surprises from loved ones and an expensive gift from myself !

I got a bottle of Activist Eu De Toilette from my other half, yep that's one of my favorite perfume since I was in college but back then I used the perfume oil, now with the EDT, it is even better but not as long lasting as the oil. I got a pack of Brands chicken essence and a Spongebob's Patrick Stuff Toy from my brother dearest (heheheh so cute kan?) and mind you my brother is 21 this year ahahahah, a kitty alarm clock from my sis and nephew, a RM100 from my beloved auntie and a surprise makan-makan at Mak's place in Shah Alam together with a birthday cake from the family there.

What did I get for myself? It costs me RM2,390 and it is something I've wanted for a very long time. See the picture below, that's what it is:

Yes, a zitron set Nokia N95. I was actually contemplating between a Canon 400D/Nikon D40x DSLR or the N95 - after much thinking, I decided that I needed a phone more than I needed a camera. Well, the N95 comes with a good camera (of course I can't compare a 5 Mega pixel with a 10 Mega pixel but 5 is better than the 3.0 that I currently have). I guess the camera would have to wait, maybe for my birthday present next year (I've decided to give myself something expensive every year for my birthday starting this year as a token for my working hard throughout the year heheheh) Owning a DSLR is an expensive hobby, so I guess it'll have to wait. When buying the N95, I was attracted to HTC Touch PDA phone but lucky for it's lacking of a good camera and no flash, N95 won my heart. Furthermore, I've never used phones other than Nokia, my 5th set now since 1994 - Talk about brand loyalty (I don't change phone that often. Usually I'll use the phone until it is obsolete - Talk about being stingy.)

Happy Deepavali 2007

Wishing a very Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians, Hindus or not....

And a very Happy Birthday to ME! Muahahahahahah!

Happy Birthday Mummy Dearest

Yes, today would have been my late mom's 61st Birthday and yes when she was alive we usually celebrate our Birthdays together (mine's tomorrow). The story was when mummy was having me she wanted my birthday to be on the 7th as well but I came out a little late. But that doesn't hinder us from being close to each other. We're both Scorpions and we understand each other well. Well, not everything though but I did understand what she wanted was to be close to me. Unfortunately I was trying to run away, not from her but from my father I guess. I hated it when our birthday came because this particular day would be papa's favorite to hurt mummy's feelings. However, I'll just let bygones be bygones.

Happy Birthday Mummy. I love you very much.

Farewell My Friend - Al-Fathihah

I have just received a news that one of my batch mates from the uni was in a car accident on Raub - Lipis Road in Pahang and had passed away yesterday 5th November 2007 @5:30 pm. May his soul be blessed.

I am, well, uncertain of my feelings. Perhaps a little sad and mostly relieved as the deceased wasn't really a close acquaintance and he wasn't a favorite friend of mine. He was, when we were in the Center for Preparatory Studies (PPP) in Shah Alam, my roommate for about a semester or less. It's a long story where roommates turn out to be the greatest enemies. Since he is no longer around I better not say why.

After 14 years of grudge, hatred and not communicating with him, the news of his passing has somewhat soften my heart and maybe my ego. What he did was really wrong but Mat (as what we called him), even though you never apologized, I FORGIVE YOU deep from my heart hoping that you will rest in peace. I think I could now forget the things you did and totally erase that bad experience from my memory.

Rest in peace dear friend.

Here's a news clipping from Utusan Malaysia about the accident. Picture is taken from Sinar Harian Newspaper. Al-Fathihah.

Empat maut dalam dua kemalangan berasingan

RAUB 6 Nov. - Empat termasuk seorang wanita maut manakala dua lagi cedera parah dalam dua kemalangan jalan raya di sini semalam.

Ketua Polis Daerah Raub, Supritendan Wan Mohd Samsudin Wan Osman berkata, kemalangan pertama yang berlaku pukul 5.30 petang di KM126.8, Jalan Raub-Lipis, satu kilometer dari Pondok Polis Sega menyebabkan tiga kematian.

Kemalangan berlaku pukul 5.30 petang.

Kemalangan melibatkan sebuah kereta Toyota Avanza dan bas ekspres itu meragut nyawa pemandu kereta berkenaan, Mohammad Nur Ikhwan Omar, 21, berasal dari Cheras, Kuala Lumpur dan seorang penumpang, Ahmad Nizarudin Abdullah, 33, seorang guru di Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) Lipis.

‘‘Mohammad Nur Ikhwan dan Ahmad Nizarudin dipercayai mati di tempat kejadian kerana kecederaan teruk di kepala dan badan,” katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini.

Sementara itu kata beliau, pemilik kereta berkenaan, seorang lelaki Cina yang duduk di sebelah Mohammad Nur Ikhwan hanya mengalami kecederaan ringan dan dirawat sebagai pesakit luar di Hospital Raub.

Menurut Wan Mohd. Samsudin, Bomba mengambil masa lebih kurang 45 minit untuk mengumpil kereta tersebut bagi mengeluarkan mayat kedua-dua mangsa yang tersepit kerana kereta tersebut remuk teruk terutamanya di sebelah bahagian pemandu.

‘‘Siasatan awal mendapati kereta mangsa dari arah Benta menuju ke Raub dipandu laju dan tidak terkawal sehingga terbabas di lorong sebelah kanan dan hampir bertembung dengan sebuah kereta yang datang dari arah bertentangan,” katanya.

Bagaimanapun, katanya pemandu kereta tersebut sempat mengelak dan menyebabkan kereta mangsa merempuh bas ekspres yang berada di belakang kereta berkenaan.

Katanya, kenderaan pelbagai guna tersebut melanggar bahagian hadapan sebelah kanan bas berkenaan.

Bagaimanapun kesemua 20 penumpang termasuk pemandu bas ekspres berkenan tidak mengalami sebarang kecederaan tetapi pemandu bas ekspres itu ditahan untuk siasatan lanjut.

Sementara itu, seorang wanita maut apabila kereta Proton Wira yang dinaikinya bertembung dengan sebuah kenderaan pacuan empat roda dalam satu kemalangan yang berlaku di KM145.3, Batu Tiga, Jalan Raub-Lipis.

Wan Mohd Samsudin berkata dalam kejadian pukul 6.30 petang itu, Warimutuh Balakrisnan, 26, mati di tempat kejadian manakala dua lelaki lain yang turut berada dalam kereta itu mengalami kecederaan serius dan dikejarkan ke Hospital Daerah Raub.

‘‘Pemandu pacuan empat roda itu bagaimanapun tidak mengalami sebarang kecederaan,’’ katanya.

Resident Evil - Extinction

Here's one more DVD in my collection - Resident Evil: Extinction. I have yes the whole Resident Evil series in my collection and has been looking forward to this sequel.

Like many other movies with sequels, the story seems to get crappier each time. One of course, the element of logic is totally gone. Two, it gets boring as the number of sequel grows and three you tend to be able to predict what will happen in the end due to the same old storyline used.

What I like about Resident Evil: Extinction is the scene where zombie crows attack the convoy and when the zombies barged out of a trailer in Las Vegas. Baru lah ada action!

The way the villain died pun is old story as I can remember in the sequel before Extinction someone already died that similar way.

Entah kenapa lately ni I feel the movies I watched sumenye getting either boring or crappier - referring to horror, thriller, fantasy or action packed - yang ok are all the comedies. Agree?

Hilarious Sing Along Music Video.

No offence but I laughed my head out watching this video - DO TRY THE SING ALONG FEATURE! Hilarious!!!

** This video was taken from YouTube from user Baffalax.

Sheila Majid - Kerinduan

Enjoy the music video KERINDUAN by Sheila Majid.


dulu pernah aku bersumpah
slalu setia jika ku mencinta
masih melekat rasa itu
saat cintamu datang padaku

semua terwujud saat kau singgah
panasi cinta untuk setia merindu

kerinduan ...
tak akan menghilang
kan selalu kurasa
tak mampu ku menghindar

kau berikan apa yang ku pinta
kau mengikat ku dalam cinta
temaniku dalam setia

aku tak pernah mengharapkan
cinta lain datang membelaiku
aku dapat slalu bertahan
menahan cintamu di sukmaku

kehadiranmu basuh jiwaku
engkau sulutkan api cinta diriku

kerinduan ...
tak akan menghilang
kan selalu kurasa
tak mampu ku menghindar

kau berikan apa yang ku pinta
kau mengikat ku dalam cinta
temaniku dalam jalani hidup ini

Hostel Part II

Another DVD purchased - and yes I am a horror and gory movie lover - the scarier the better. The more blood the better.

A sequel to Hostel Part I (of course) this movie is a little more daring to be showing the male genitalia quite clearly now ahahaha - that is the most obvious difference and enhancement I could comment on.

All in all I would say the first Hostel is so much better as the sequel uses pretty much the same plot and pretty much the same storyline. Perhaps if the story is about another country than Slovakia but with similar storyline, the sequel would be more interesting. Watching Hostel is like watching the SAW but too much emphasis is given on showing the goriness of the killings but neglecting the need for a good storyline.

Well, there is of course no harm if you'd still want to watch this movie as I'm sure there are fans throughout the world who would disagree to my comments.

HQ Aidilfitri Open House

Never in my life have i ever gone to the office wearing a complete baju melayu and samping but today. What makes it more awkward was it was a Monday. Coming down from the condo, people were looking at me like I was a freak (perasan je kot) but one mamat was really obvious - is this guy for real? Wearing baju Melayu on a Monday? Helloo... it's Raya lah!

So there we were a group of employees looking like Pegawai Pencegah Maksiat wearing baju melayu and baju kurung parading in the middle of the city on the a bright sunny day. Well, to test us, we had a meeting in another block in the morning (I think I've mentioned that our office occupies 3 out 4 blocks in the vicinity, so block hopping is a regular thing to do - but well, not while wearing baju melayu with samping!) and had to walk to another block for th feast. Alah ok lah... makan free punya pasal.

The jamuan raya started an hour late - so we waited and cramped around the office trying to mingle while some of us are busy preparing and some others busy snapping photos. The food was as bad as during the buka puasa we had earlier in the month. I guess the same caterer was hired. Well, nothing much to brag about the food but it was indeed fun having to humiliate ourself looking like pengantins in the middle of the city on a monday morning - if they were to make us wear baju melayu on a friday then it wouldn't be as awkward.

I however think that such practice of wearing traditional costumes to work is indeed commendable as it promotes our culture. We shouldn't feel embarrassed or out of place but proud wearing our own traditional costumes.

Salam Aidil Fitri 2007

This is my favorite lagu raya. It touches my heart very deeply although my 'pulanglah (go home)' is just a mere stone throw away from where I live. Yes, I do not have a kampung - my descendants are from Johore though.

To all; Family, friends and maybe foe -
Salam Aidil Fitri 2007.
Mohon Seribu Keampunan,
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Al-Fatihah Buat Mummy...

Buka Puasa @ the Office on the Rooftop

Today the office organised a buka puasa treat for all her staff. It was held on the rooftop@balcony of the office with breathtaking view of Kuala Lumpur skyline. My office occupies 3 out of 4 blocks in this vicinity. This also means that my other half will have to breakfast alone on this second last day of Ramadhan - sorry dear (but I heard you makan McD - tak achi betul since the food served at the buka puas sucks)

Yes, the food sucks real big time. There was rice with 3 lauk, 2 savory items and rojak buah plus cold and hot drinks also some kueh. All these for RM30 per head I heard, luckily we didn't have to pay. Whatever it is, thank you to the Blood Sucking Sicko Company for the breaking of fast treat, the baju raya as well as the duit raya, even though it was n0t as much as the last two years. At least it is an effort to make the employees feel appreciated.

Buka Puasa @ Puti Bongsu Batam

For nasi padang lovers, search no more - this place beats Sari Ratu, Sari Bonda and many other Saris nasi padang places in terms of taste and pricing. Of course the best in taste and price would still be in Indoensia!) This is actually our second time breaking fast here apart from many other dinner visits before. Since this restaurant is nearby my workplace, it has always been an option whenever traffic was bad and whenever I need a dose of my daging rendang, bergedel and sambal hijo.

My craze for nasi padang started after my family's vacation to Jakarta and Bandung way back in 1983. Our week's stay there was torturous as we had to eat nasi padang and indomie every single day but when coming back my mother and I began to crave for what at that time was scarce in Kuala Lumpur. I am sure if my mother was still around she would frequent this place as well.

Nasi Padang Puti Bungsu Batam is a family owned restaurant from Batam, Indonesia. We had a chance to meet the very friendly owner, a young chap who was here to help his brother set up their Kuala Lumpur branch. Eating here (our usual meal, rendang, berdegel, sambal hijo and avocado chocolate for myself and chicken, berdegel and sour sop) would costs us around RM35 per visit while at Sari Bunda in Cheras, for the same meal would usually costs us more than RM50.

Suring Ramadahan they offer a range of buffet variety for RM30 per pax but we chose to eat ala carte - that's the magic of eating nasi padang - a la carte. So, this place is definitely a would come back for us as the food is delicious and the ambiance is definitely great.

Sheila Majid - Melodi

I never knew Sheila had this song before. I don't know the Chinese guy's name though but he snag in Malay, mati-mati ingat he's a HongKee.. BTW thanks my dearest sayang for giving me this video, perhaps found in You Tube. Muahs!

Buka Puasa & Anniversary Dinner @ HRC

We went to Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. The last time we were here was to celebrate our 1st Anniversary in 2003. With intentions to order a la carte menu we were attracted to try the Ramadhan Buffet instead. Fairly priced at 45++ per person, the buffet line was modest with a choice of buttered rice, chicken satay, kong po chicken, potato wedges, calamari rings plus some other yummy entrees and delicious desserts. For the main course, we were given an all you can eat choices of 5 dishes (that we'd have to place an order every time) from a choice a beef, lamb, fish and prawn - interesting! We're also given 2 rounds of either mata kuching or sirap bandung - the mata kuching was surprisingly yummy!

Well, compared to the buffet we had at Rahsia Bistro - this was 100% better. The only thing I despise was the loud music - and my darling told me - that is why this place is called Hard Rock Cafe honey - they play hard rock music - well, oklah perhaps I'm just getting old.

So we ended up ordering every single main course on the menu and definitely enjoyed our food. The main courses were not the usual dish with potatoes and frills but just a good tasting bare dish i.e. if you ordered black pepper steak, that is what you're getting, and of course the portion was generous - who cares when the food tastes good? Overall, it was a memorable night as my other half is a great fan or HRC - wherever we travel, there has to be HRC somewhere in the destination and we'll be shopping for t-shirts like nobody's business. Heheheh. As a matter of fact that was what we did after dinner!

What I got for my anniversary gift this year?
A bouquet of a dozen white and red roses with 2 cute bears and an I LOVE YOU Balloon, a Superman toy, Smallville Season 5 Box Set and a Superman Documentary DVD... heheheh am I not loved? Thanks sayang.

What I gave my sayang for our anniversary this year?
A 4GB Memory Stick for some gadget my love has, a HRC KL T-shirt and The Dinner. Muahs!

Happy 5th Anniversary Sayang!

Today marks the 5th year we're together and I hope we'll be together for the rest of our lives. Even after i'm gone, I hope you will still remember and love me. Thank you my dear for taking good care of me. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for always being there for me. Only God knows how much I love you and how much my love for you grows each and every second I live with you.

Thanks for the bouquet of flower - it is as sweet as you. I love you more and more each day sayang. May God bless us.

Buka Puasa @ Rahsia Bistro

Crappy! I don't know why the place was fully booked last week - I don't know why people even bother to go there. Ambiance wise, I could give a 6 - ok la dining in the outdoors (because I asked for a smoking seating) with crickets and frogs croaking, it makes the place rather fun and I was looking forward to the food - yes we arrived early, just hoping for something special for a pre anniversary dinner (yes it's our 5th anniversary today) but indeed we felt cheated, i'll tell you why.

For a RM38 nett per person we expected something better than @ Hillside Restaurant Bukit Antarabangsa. Hillside was 100% better for only RM29+ per person; barbecue, better choices of food and definitely didn't make us feel robbed. A place with such reputation as Rahsia Bistro, they food was really a disappointment; 2 choices of rice, some veges and i think 4 chicken dishes, a plate of wanton and a puny choice of desserts - and guess what coffee was not included in the buffet but the Bangla waiter asked us "Coffee or Tea, Sir" instead of "Would you like to order Coffee or Tea, Sir" of course the latter would have indicated that we have to pay for the RM6 per cup coffee and the former would mean it's inclusive in the buffet price - and yes, when we got the bill, a stunning RM12 for the tasteless coffee (Kluang Station Coffee tastes so much better)

For us, that was the first and the last we're there. Tonight it's Anniversary dinner at HRC.


On our pre-anniversary night we watched Stephen King's 1408 on dvd - ahahah a way a 5 year old couple waits for the clock to strike 12 - heheheh well, after a very disappointing pre-anniversary ramadhan buffet at Rahsia Bistro, a movie would definitely calm us down.

As usual, my choice would be horror, if not comedy. Having read Stephen King's novels, the complicated storyline was well anticipated. The movie was fine at the beginning, about a horror novelist (ahahah very common in Stephen King's novels/movies) who is searching for materials to write and came in an invitation to stay at the Dolphin Hotel in New York to experience their haunted room where 56 people died there, in room 1408 - quite scary at first but the movie turns out to be about the author's past (acted by John Cusack) and his being insistent to stay in room 1408 even after Samuel L Jackson tried to stop him. I think the movie should instead be named after the author or his dead daughter heheheh.

One event after another, some scary happenings in the supposedly haunted room, I began to realize the haunting is actually of Cusack's past - about his daughter and wife and sadly, like many other Stephen King's stories, the story ended up very illogically. But what the heck, it is just a movie and I enjoyed 3/4 of it anyway - I would prefer Dean Koontz's but his novels never go to the silver screen except for 1. Sad.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Aren't they a cute couple? Hilarious!
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Buka Puasa @ Grand Seasons

Getting a decent place to break fast recently isn't easy. Although buffet prices rocketed 100% compared to last year, still getting a non-fully booked hotel or restaurant wasn't easy for me yesterday. Perhaps because everyone had had their salary these couple of days and their pockets are still full that everyone wants a share of luxury eating.

I was trying to get a place for 2 at Rahsia Bistro yesterday - fully booked, then at Santini KLCC, also fully booked. Tried Corus Hotel and Felda D'Saji, also fully booked. Getting tired of eating at Cozy House Ampang Park and other fast food outlets, we wanted to try something new. Finally we got a place at Grand Seasons Hotel for 58++ per person.

The buffet was held at the Ballroom during the month of Ramadhan. 58++ can be considered one of the cheapest this year with other hotels selling at nothing below 69++ - can you imagine Nikko's buffet is 95++ per person. Wah Lau Wei!

So we arrived at the hotel at 6:30, was shown our seats and we managed to walk around the buffet line planning what to take first and next and the next and the next heheheh. What made us laugh was some people started taking food as early as 6:30! And continued to do so until the call for Azan. By the time it is to buka puasa, can you imagine the number of plates that are on their tables? I was wowed at how some people could just be so tamak (greedy) - are they that hungry? I just asked myself, could they really finish the food they took?

finish - they will definitely be topped up or perhaps they are just too lazy to get up and walk once they've started eating - to me that's what bIt's a buffet, food will never run away, nor will ituffet is all about - you take what you want in small portions and return to the buffet line many times to try out other things - it is better than taking all at once as though you're really that hungry. I rather reserve my comments.

Buffet at Grand Seasons is not at all that bad. They had over 70 types of local and international dishes. I didn't manage to try all as my storage compartment was full that I felt like a pregnant lady by the time we left the hotel. But indeed it was fun - after all what matters most is being able to spend time and moments like this with a love one.

Buka Puasa @ Victoria Station

Last night was a special treat from someone who just got Raya bonus, hehehe I'm jealous dear! So I was given three choices; Victoria Station, Roadhouse Grill or Chilli's - I would prefer Chilli's for their generous portions and refillable drinks but knowing it was Sunday and Chilli's doesn't take reservations, I chose Victoria Station - I can say we're regulars here; we've had Valentine's Dinner here and a couple more visits where one of them was during Ramadhan last year.

Well, since I wasn't the one paying, I would usually wait for the paymaster to order, I wouldn't want to order something more expensive than the paymaster's. Ended up ordering one of the RM48+ steak heheheh. As usual, the food was superb, steak was tender and juicy and like last year we were served with a glass of bandung cincau, a plate of kurma and buah melaka as well as a place of lengkong (jelly). And whenever there, I wouldn't miss their Indonesian Oxtail soup. Yummy!

Thank you sayang - ahahah free food...

Insupro Forte

Found this on

6 People DIE from Diabetes Every Minute

Diabetics are up to 2.5 times more likely to go blind compared against the general population. The risk of amputation is even more pronounced, the risk is estimated to be up to 20 times higher than average. Diabetics are 2-3 times more likely to develop cardiovascular problems, and the risk of kidney failure is 17 times higher.

How devastating to be reminded of something you're already aware off. Bad news...!

Truly Saviour of Diabetics

Insupro Forte is made with plant derived insulin antibody. The insulin used is extracted from 100% natural bitter gourd by advanced bio-technological methods. Each Insupro Forte contains at least 200 □ IU of botanical insulin. Insupro Forte is a molecular plant protein, and is more readily absorbed into our system when compared to animal insulin. Insupro Forte not only helps to bring down the blood sugar level, it also helps repair physically altered □ cells. Insupro Forte not only protects the □ cells, in fact it promotes the production of more □ cells. This increase in healthy □ cells restores the function of pancreas. This property of Insupro Forte differs greatly from the insulin replacement property of conventional medication. On top of that, clinical trials have proven that an overdose on Insupro Forte does not induce hypoglycemia or other side effects.

Choose Insupro Forte, the trusted and effective product
  1. Insupro Forte is a high tech product that can improve the blood sugar level in 7-10 days of consumption.

  2. Medically proven in more than 600 case studies in 20 hospitals to be effective in lowering the blood sugar level.

  3. It had been proven by a research done by University Malaya to have similar effects to medicines used in diabetes treatment.

  4. It can replace medicine in the treatment of diabetes (a clinical trial had verified that it has the same properties as Metformin, and is effective up to 86.68%)

  5. Plant derived insulin - each capsule contains 200 □ IU insulin

  6. Naturally derived - safe and without side-effects

Clinically proven, acknowledged by medical professionals
Insupro Forte regulates blood sugar level through the following mechanisms:
  1. The orally taken capsule is directly absorbed by the mucous membrane, and helps replenish the external source of insulin.
  2. Activate ß cells, resulting in the production of more insulin.
  3. Promote the receptiveness of the cells to insulin, and reverse the resistance to insulin. It promotes the synthesis of glycogen, thus lowering blood sugar levels.
  4. Increase the number of receptors on the red blood cells; improve the delivery of insulin, resulting in the more effective lowering of blood sugar levels.
This thing costs RM105 per bottle of 60 capsules - about RM30 more expensive than my insulin (per vile). Well, this calls for a try, who knows it could really help. I have been told that bitter gourd is a good 'remedy?' for diabetes. Taking capsules is sooo much better than having to eat the vege raw or as I was previously made to drink the juice (didn't taste that bad but preparing the juice was much of a hassle). Ok, I'll write my review after I've tried Insupro Forte.

First Week of Ramadhan

While my blood sugar isn't doing me a favor, I am still fasting and looking forward to buka puasa treats for me and my loved one. The first week of Ramadhan we went to several nice places, nothing posh, nothing extravagant but decent enough to cater for our hungry tummies.

The first day of Ramadhan we went to Puteri Bongsu Restaurant - my favourite Nasi Padang Restaurant at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng - we had our usual; rendang daging, bergedel, sambal hijau and chicken plus my favourite Avocado chocolate nad my other half's Durian Belanda for our drinks. Yummy!

We also went to Cozy Corner at Ampang Park twice where I had, what else, my favourite Chicken Chop with gravy and on our second visit we had fried chicken with dried chilli, tom yam, kailan in oyster sauce plus sharks fin soup and banana split. Yummy!

We had not much choice as Ampang Park seems to be the easiest to access at the nearest time for berbuka. I finish work at 4:30 but my love here at 5:30 - so by the time I am chauffeured from the office, it will be somewhere after 6pm. So one of our break fast treat was Pizza Hut where our pizza was accidentally upgraded to a LARGE instead of what we ordered, a REGULAR. Well, we didn't know as it was our first time ordering the diplicious pizza (the one with sausage stuffing and a cheese dip) as the pizza looks regular size but it was put on a large pan because of the sausages - huh rezeki la orang kata... rezeki bulan ramadhan and the waitress didn't say anything until we've eaten half of the pizza. Hehehehe thank you there.

But the best buka puasa treat in the first week of Ramadhan was at Hill Side Restaurant in Bukit Antarabangsa - it was a buffet for RM29+ per person where they server BBQ on Mondays - it is RM25 net for other days where they serve different menu everyday. Considering it is a small family restaurant and a not so big serving of food lineup, we enjoyed our meal there as much as the warm staff of the restaurant. We'll definitely come back to try the rest of the buffet.

I'm worried

Looking back at entries on my traveling the past couple of years, I began to worry if my travel plan to Jogja would not be as planned. In Bangkok in early 2006, I have started having difficulties walking but it was really obvious when were were in Bali in early 2007. I couldn't climb the stairs at Tanah Lot and was panting like a mad dog when I exerted myself doing it.

I could feel my health deteriorating day after day, year after year. Things I could do only a year ago is near impossible now. When I was in Langkawi a few months back I had so much difficulties climbing up Air Asia. I was alone and nobody was there to help. I just hope this time to Jogja I would be able to do things that I planned. I want to climb up the rocks to see and snap pictures of the sunrise. I want to be able to walk around the city and shop as I like.

I really miss those time when walking and climbing stairs weren't troublesome for me. I regret that I didn't go traveling when I was a lot healthier - but at that time I haven't found my love who looks very well after me. I have become so dependable on this one person whom I won't be able to live without. Just hope we'll be together for as long as In live.

Thanks my dear for taking good care of me. I owe you my life, my happiness. Thank you.

So Far So Good lah...

Thank God, Alhamdulillah I manage to go through fasting today feeling weak and groggy but it;s just a matter of another half an hour before breaking fast. Distracted myself with work, yes again work - my never ending office work and yes, managed to fo through today without much hassle.

It is not the fasting that is worrying me. It is fasting while in hyper mode (read my previous entry - my sugar read HI this morning) - hi sugar means that i have extra energy to burn - ahahah no dumb ass I'm a diabetic - and fasting while being hyperglycemia can lead to serious dehydration that may lead to coma.

But again thank goodness I'm alright and there's only another 30 minutes to go. Feeling sick really makes me feel uncomfortable. Easily irritated and mostly tired. Perhaps because my body hasn't adjusted to waking up early in the morning for sahur but again, being a diabetic I would have to eat something, otherwise it's the opposite of hyper, hypoglycemia.

Wish me luck please.

A Poem I Wrote

I wrote this down back in the year 2000. Venue: Hotel Capitol, Kuala Lumpur.


When I die,

If I could come back as anything

it would be as your tears.
How could I want more
than to be conceived in your heart,
born in your eyes,

live on your cheeks

and die on your lips.

Wouldn't that be grand to feel that way?

I found this written on a piece of paper in between a book I was reading when clearing my study room the other weekend but I can't remember who I wrote it for. Perhaps this one person I was so deeply in love with. Unfortunately our relationship wasn't long for me to be reborn as the person's tears.

But fortunate for me, now I have met someone who is far more superior in terms of sharing love and life with me for the past 5 years. I dedicate the poem above to this one person who will remain always in my heart, now and forever.

I love YOU.

HI Again...

The glucometer says HI again this morning but I am not feeling as tired as yesterday. We had sahur earlier so that our sleep won't get interrupted. Fortunate for me I am not feeling drowsy, so far, hehehe today.

My concern is my blood sugar reading - fulamak last night I thought after doubling my dosage of insulin I would be ok today. And the Hempedu Bumi pills prove not to be working as expected. Swallowed two after breaking fast apart from the double insulin dose and the 500mg metformin tablets i took. Before going to sleep my reading was 29.4 still very high but at least the glucometer could display a number and that I know how high is high. But this morning was disappointing and it went displaying HI again.

I hope things will go right tonight and the days to come. I can't keep worrying about my sugar reading as there are so many things still to be done at work, at home, in life and there isn't time for me to fall sick and weak.

Salam Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan. Today is the first day of puasa and I had a shock of my life this morning after not testing my blood sugar for nearly a month. No wonder I was feeling nauseous these past couple of days. I've felt weak but thought it was because I was tired from the renovation works done at home. Yes, I haven't been administering my insulin well too and the skyfruit I got from papa was not as effective as the one I got from Dr. Maznah.

I should've known better that this will definitely happen when I don't take care of myself. But with the prototyping in August then come the house renovation, I soon forget that I was sick - padan muka ya? The glucometer read 'HI' this morning, meaning that even the meter cannot read my very high sugar levels. I was suspecting low blood sugar when feeling nauseous and extreme hunger lately but never though the reading would be HI.

A secret, today I have sweets inside my pocket, just so if I couldn't stand fasting i have something sweet to suck. I just don't understand sometimes, I'm experiencing hyper but the symptoms are like hypo. Now I know why the extreme thirst yesterday. I drank 2 bottles of 1000ml bottle and two really huge glasses of coffee.

I am trying Habatus Sauda Coffee as well as Hempedu Bumi tablets, supposedly to reduce blood sugar but only started taking those on Sunday. Maybe it takes time. But really right now, I am feeling like I'm gonna drop dead soon. I feel so bloody tired and sleepy. So God help me please.

Jogya Here We Come!

Thanks to Dr Shah's entry on Yogyakarta @ Shah's Ramblings, now I have something to look forward to. This feeling usually comes at the end of the year, usually later but this time it came as early as September. I would usually start planning a long trip overseas (ahahah neighboring countries are more like it) somewhere late November till December. This is the time when on my computer screen at work, or at home has something on the interested country; tips, places of interest, forums etc.

I should say that I am very good at planning. My vacations are usually well planned. From the mode of transportation to the eateries i'd like to go to. Thanks to the Internet, all these are done in a jiff. Going to a place for the time has never been difficult for me as I have read and gone through about the place zillions of times before actually going there. I sometimes even become a travel guide for my travel partner.

The past couple of years, materialising the vacations had to be done at the very last minute. A main factor - money - as I am an addict on doing part time jobs, that is where I get money from to travel. It is usually waiting for the payments that puts off buying tickets earlier and we had to wait till the last minutes and booking hotel rooms a week before departing - usually when traveling via Air Asia, this means paying more for the tickets - but of course, so much cheaper than the normal airlines.

This year, we're on the verge of maybe not going anywhere next year. One, because the money for traveling had been spent on renovating the house. Two, because we're not working together now thus planning seems a little more difficult.

Yesterday, I came across Shah's Ramblings and his entry on Yogya... I got hooked and bah, we bought the ticket to Yogyakarta Indonesia for 31st of January to 5th of February 2008. Well, looks like we're going somewhere after all and I have about 5 months to save for the trip! Really looking forward for this trip as I love cultural vacations, beautiful sceneries and well, crazy shopping hehehehe..

Yogya, here we come!

Here I Am...Still Alive and Kicking!

Well, here I am. Still alive and thank God, still kicking. Have been very busy since my last post. With the new tasks pouring in like mad, the challenges of my uncertain health but I am glad that since the promotion I could handle my health better well, I guess I am so used to working hard and put under extreme stress that if I don't have much to do, I'd die faster.

Talk about working hard. It has been a year since my last well paying part time job - I did about RM50k worth of part time the last year and have enjoyed the money till the last cent. I have gone travelling to Bangkok and Phuket in early 2006 and to Bali in early 2007. The most recent spending was on my house - did some renovation works; installed laminated flooring for RM5k+, bought a new queen sized bed and mattress about RM2k, installed a shutter for the hall for RM2.5k, contributed RM1k to apply for a maid for my father and only yesterday bought a 32" Sony LCD TV and a new HDMI JVC DVD player - all in all about RM3.5k worth. Well, i won't live long, so I'd rather spend my money now and enjoy than having to pay hospital bills later on. Heheheh...

I am looking for more part time jobs now to be spent next year, I have saved a puny but still, better little than nothing at all. Right now I am starting to feel (like the previous years) that I need a break, I need to go travel far. Hmmm... just where the hell am I going to get the money this time? January is coming and that's when I usually take a long break to travel before embarking on the new year. Have some opportunities to do some part time but I don't I'll be paid soon enough to travel in January....

Ok lah. more updates soon to whomever is reading this blog; whether now or later after I'm gone. I love you guys no matter who you are. Really.

Fuh... Bwerita Baik Akhirnya...

Asik komplen je kan kali ni aku nak puji plak. Aahahahah dapat benda baik puji la ye tak? Takkan tanak puji plak.. lagipun sekali sekala... tak luak apa pun... Hint la tu oi. Kalau lagi banyak berita baik lagi lah banyak aku punji... takdenya nak kondem je.

Gini... dah masuk tahu ketiga aku keje sini... ok ler masa lepas 6 bulan probation dulu gaji aku naik la RM250... kira lucky la tu sebab aku berani tuntut janji CEO company ni dulu dia kata lepas confirm bleh naik gaji lagi (nampak sangat la aku terima keje sini bukan dengan gaji yang aki ndak). Lepas tu setahun... 2 tahun takde pun sesen naik... alhamdulillah dekat penghujung 2 tahun i.e. hujung tahun lepas aku dapat surat, ingat dapat increament... eh bukan... bukan surat kene berenti.. lahabau betul sapa yang ingat cenggitu... aku dapat surat dapat fixed allowence... tam bah la RM200 dalam slip gaji aku. Tapi ni tak masuk la epf kan... pandai dorang ni (ha tengok aku puji kompeni aku kan?)

But yang paling best bulan 7 hari tu dapat lagi satu surat... saspen tau kat sini kalau dapat surat dari kompeni... dorang buat salary review untuk ikut market katanya... perghhh ok la tu... tapi yang lagi best aku dapat promotion lagik... so dalam surat tu kata my probation is another 6 months and my fixed allowence ditarik balik tapi i got a RM580 increament... heheheh dan terms of service (mileage claims, medical etc) sume ikut my newly promoted position. Alhamdulillah... haaa macam ni la baru seronok keje kan... (puji lagi tu...) ok la. whatever it is, thanks so much la 'Istana Menanti' ni dengan ucapan.. buat la cenggini selalu kalau nak kene puji selalu ek...


Gwen Steffani Concert @ Bukit Jalil

We went to Gwen Steffani concert @ Bukit Jalil last night - I am not really a fan of her songs (apart from having one as my ringtone when family members call.) Nope, I did not buy the tickets but my other half got them from Hotlink, yes, for free. Otherwise I couldn't be bothered to go. Well, considering the price was RM125 per ticket and we got 2, pergi sajalah.

Another factor is because I am not well, you know concerts would require you to stand queuing to get into the stadium plus many other things that I worry would hinder me from enjoying myself - one of them is having to park far and walk to the venue.

Alhamdulillah everything went well yesterday, we got good parking and a good seat at the stadium too. Only that I had to drive through a massive jam and take the long way to Bukit Jalil because the SMART tunnel was closed for a week plus the queuing (as expected) to get in. There were many lines and the end of them couldn't be identified. We changed lines several times until in the end we got into the stadium safely.

I hadn't had anything to eat since morning, so lucky for me they were selling food just outside the seating area - affordable, and not too expensive as expected. The show went well, Gwen was great and God, I just love her legs.

Sheila Majid - Ratu

Sheila will always be the RATU of my heart...

Bak selembut sutera
Kerlingan mempesona
Tingkah laku dan melangkah susila

Bak selembut sutera
Gerak gaya budayanya dijaga
Dan belaiannya

Sopan berbicara, gemalai gemersik
Sehening bayu pagi...

Ayu... ayu...
Yang terpancar di wajahmu sentosa selalu

Ayu... ayu...
Anugerah yang diberi kekuatan kita sebenarnya

Syukur Alhamdulillah

Alhamdulillah syukur pada Allah for the promotion. The good news came in mid of July and was backdated to the 1st of of that month and since then I was booked up, busy attending meetings and taking over the workload from my boss.

This would be a new challenge in my life. Never have I felt appreciated as much at work and finally what I have been looking for the past few years came true. Being unwell and given a new and bigger responsibilities at work won't be easy. I have to take care of myself now and prove to those who have supported my career here that I was worth being promoted.

The past half month hasn't been easy. Of course the usual struggle being a diabetic. The difficulties of having to walk to and fro the HQ (well, my offices are located at three out of 4 blocks in this area and my office to the HQ is a good 300 meters from one another - a good end to end walk). the challenge of having to help at my dad's home - thanks to his maid who ran away and most recently (the good 1 month) of suffering from backache.

Visited the doctor and she said the backache is due to water retention in my upper abdomen and making it hard for me to sit and stand for very long. It may also be due to the acid buildup in my body affecting my spine - all because of the medicines i've been taking.

Well, I guess I have to live with it, like it or not. With the new pay, new job and new hope in life, I just hope I would have the support from my loved ones and those I care about. It was indeed a pleasure to be congratulated by papa although it was only through the phone. If it was mummy, like my last promotion in the previous company, she would have wanted to celebrate it with the rest of the family - how I miss her and her TLC.

I promise myself that I would strive my best to serve the company. Thanks Allah the Almight


Last Saturday pi a friend's wedding kat Sg Buloh. Both the bride and the groom are my friends. Seronok bila tgk kengkawan getting married, one by one. Yang lebih muda pun dah kawin. Some of my friends ada yang dah anak 2, yang anak 4 pun dah ada... ahahah aku ada 7 tapi 7 ekor la...

I want to have kids of my own. I want to send them to school, see them being successful, let them go when it's time for them to start their own families but a million reasons are stopping me from starting my own.

Achoi & Ctot, Selamat Pengantin Baru

Takpa la, aku tengok aja la kengkawan kawen, pray for their happiness. I'll be contented with what and whom I have now in my life. Walaupun marriage is not an option (It is actually, tell you later when I have the guts) but I'm really glad there is someone taking care of me. People will never understand what I'm saying here but let it be as long as I know I'm taken care off. All I could say is thank you to this one person who sacrifices for me and who is willing to do things not even my immediate family is willing to.

I will write more on this topic later.

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