Sheila Majid Zoom In - February 25, 2005

Yeap, that's how long i have been planning to post these pictures of Sheila Majid's Zoom In - dah 5 bulan baru ni la dapat post hehehe... so here are some pictures of Malaysia's very own artiste tapi macam biasa Sheila jugak yang paling best!!! Fulllll Stop! Thanks to Abang Khairil for the tickets.

Anuar Zain Concert @ SInggahsana PJ

Hmmmmm pergi konsert charity Anuar Zain kat Singgahsana Hotel in PJ ngan Autumn Junkie and my other half - a threesome affair that night heheheh.. excited gila... eventho the organisation of the concert were yucky tapi we enjoyed ourselves... Anuar Zain was great. Got to know about the concert at cafe when we were there for lunch and decided to go.

Tunggu pun punya la lama... semata2 sebab tak makan dinner tapi nak tengok dia nyanyi je... overall excellent to Anuar Zain but sorry to say, the organizer sucks... nasib baik tak makan!

Starlight Cinema - Mr & Mrs Smith

Heheheh semalam was an adventurous night... dah lama tak main ujan hahaha dengan pakai baju office terus ke Starlight Cinema... well, have planned this experience for the last three years tapi 2 tahun lepas tak jadi so, this year mesti jugak pergi! So there we were, tengok movie under the rain... at first cuaca cerah but come 7:30 dah start hujan and kilat sabung menyabung. Not wanting to miss entertainment under the stars (rain) we sat, well I sat kat padang tu for 4 hours straight hahaha sampai kebas la kaki nak jalan balik. The experience was good, unforgettable but i dragged the unexpected exercise walking from the car park to the 'oh sungguh jauhnya' starlight cinema... thank you to the organizer i think i've lost 2 kilos walking and entertaining myself in the cold rain. hahahah

Movie wise, splendid action packed movie. Nothing much to say except - go watch it lah!

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