Buka Puasa & Anniversary Dinner @ HRC

We went to Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. The last time we were here was to celebrate our 1st Anniversary in 2003. With intentions to order a la carte menu we were attracted to try the Ramadhan Buffet instead. Fairly priced at 45++ per person, the buffet line was modest with a choice of buttered rice, chicken satay, kong po chicken, potato wedges, calamari rings plus some other yummy entrees and delicious desserts. For the main course, we were given an all you can eat choices of 5 dishes (that we'd have to place an order every time) from a choice a beef, lamb, fish and prawn - interesting! We're also given 2 rounds of either mata kuching or sirap bandung - the mata kuching was surprisingly yummy!

Well, compared to the buffet we had at Rahsia Bistro - this was 100% better. The only thing I despise was the loud music - and my darling told me - that is why this place is called Hard Rock Cafe honey - they play hard rock music - well, oklah perhaps I'm just getting old.

So we ended up ordering every single main course on the menu and definitely enjoyed our food. The main courses were not the usual dish with potatoes and frills but just a good tasting bare dish i.e. if you ordered black pepper steak, that is what you're getting, and of course the portion was generous - who cares when the food tastes good? Overall, it was a memorable night as my other half is a great fan or HRC - wherever we travel, there has to be HRC somewhere in the destination and we'll be shopping for t-shirts like nobody's business. Heheheh. As a matter of fact that was what we did after dinner!

What I got for my anniversary gift this year?
A bouquet of a dozen white and red roses with 2 cute bears and an I LOVE YOU Balloon, a Superman toy, Smallville Season 5 Box Set and a Superman Documentary DVD... heheheh am I not loved? Thanks sayang.

What I gave my sayang for our anniversary this year?
A 4GB Memory Stick for some gadget my love has, a HRC KL T-shirt and The Dinner. Muahs!

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