Gwen Steffani Concert @ Bukit Jalil

We went to Gwen Steffani concert @ Bukit Jalil last night - I am not really a fan of her songs (apart from having one as my ringtone when family members call.) Nope, I did not buy the tickets but my other half got them from Hotlink, yes, for free. Otherwise I couldn't be bothered to go. Well, considering the price was RM125 per ticket and we got 2, pergi sajalah.

Another factor is because I am not well, you know concerts would require you to stand queuing to get into the stadium plus many other things that I worry would hinder me from enjoying myself - one of them is having to park far and walk to the venue.

Alhamdulillah everything went well yesterday, we got good parking and a good seat at the stadium too. Only that I had to drive through a massive jam and take the long way to Bukit Jalil because the SMART tunnel was closed for a week plus the queuing (as expected) to get in. There were many lines and the end of them couldn't be identified. We changed lines several times until in the end we got into the stadium safely.

I hadn't had anything to eat since morning, so lucky for me they were selling food just outside the seating area - affordable, and not too expensive as expected. The show went well, Gwen was great and God, I just love her legs.

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