Unit Trust Investment

Yes, even though life may be short for me, I still plan for my future and those I will leave behind. I've been looking for a good unit trust company (basically all are the same but it's a matter of who you can trust with your money - the agent especially) and finally found one and decided to invest right away. Not that I have that much to spare but Alhamdulillah, Allah's rezeki from the part time jobs i've been doing. If in previous years I would spend the money buying stuff and going for vacations this year I have promised myself that I would put aside a little amount (yes, believe me, little) especially for someone's future - the love of my life.

I have heard from a friend that a former colleague who was the HR manager in my current company (she left about 3 years ago to work with MARA) has quit her job and concentrating full time on unit trust management. She must be doing very well. So knowing her personality and knowing that I can indeed trust her with my money I decided to give her a ring on February 28, 2008 and agreed to meet her at Ampang Point McD the coming weekend.

She explained about unit trust and where would my money be put to work. I have actually decided to invest before calling her and filled in the necessary forms. After signing the forms I promised to bank in the cash later that day for my initial investment. I also decided to put in some money from the EPF - so there are basically two accounts, one for EPF investment, the other for cash.

The reason for the two accounts?

The EPF investment, EPF savings and my condo unit at BA would be for my family; my beloved sister and brother, my dad and ka'ngah. The cash investment is meant for KN to start over when I am no longer around. It's a gift for helping me throughout the last years of my life.

What Are You 'Sinking' About?


Selamat Pengantin Baru Erin

Selamat Pengantin Baru to my colleague Erin. My the both of you be blessed with a happy marriage and a happy family. Amin.

Restoran AJ - Masakan Melayu Johor

The Entrance

Another eatery we tried recently was the AJ Masakan Melayu Johor located just beside Vistana Hotel near the Pekeliling Bus Station in KL, and thank you to Dr Shah and Beruang Madu (I read their blogs everyday) for their recent review - hmmmm they're such an influence, donno why but I think they lead an interesting life (makan-makan, jalan-jalan all the time hehehehe).

Tempe and Tauhu Goreng with Sambal Kicap

So, we went there after work and as I was badly craving for Laksa Johor - that was what I ordered and yes, a few pieces of Tempe and Tauhu Goreng (ahaha kalau dah ada darah jawa tu kan....) KN on the other hand had the Mee Rebus (looks yummy!)

Well, I definitely can't compare the Laksa Johor, nor the sambal kicap for the tempe and tauhu goreng with Ka'ngah's version but I'll compare the laksa to the one at Laksa Shack. In terms of the condiments I'd say AJ's is better but the gravy at
Laksa Shack is tastier as it is thicker. Sambal belacan wise, I don't favor both as they're a little watery and too stingy on the belacan. However, I would say that the Laksa Johor at AJ tastes so much better overall and much closer to the one my taste buds are used to - Ka'ngah's version, that is.

The Laksa Johor

Something is missing in both AJ's and Laksa Shack's Laksa Johor though, and that, I believe would make the taste yummier if not for the absence of the 'chaipo' or the lobak masin. Like I always say when asked whether the food was OK or otherwise - boleh la.... selagi boleh makan and hilang kejap rasa rindu nak makan something tu... makan je la kan.

The Mee Rebus

The sambal kicap was a little watery, cair as I believe they had used the blender instead of the batu lesung - it would taste much better kalau tumbuk guna batu lesung - but of course, I suppose cooking for a business is different from cooking for the family at home. Sigh...

I don't know about KN's Mee Rebus but see for yourself, it does look yummy, right? (huhu kalau banyak lagi cili hijau tu lagi besh...)

Selamat Pengantin Baru Jiji

Selamat Pengantin Baru to my colleague Jij. May the both of you be happy till the end of your lives. Amin.

MALAYSIA Votes Today!

To all Malaysians, happy voting - do vote for our beloved Malaysia. Make the right choice...

Cozy Corner Ampang Park

This would be the zillionth time I've eaten at this restaurant popular for its delicious cooking. I've been eating here since I was a kid with mummy especially loving the chicken chop with gravy, fried bee hoon with dried chilli, nasi goreng and their special Hainanese Chicken Rice (usually would be sold out during lunch hour).

While the prices have escalated from the first time I ate there perhaps in the late 80s or early 90s they are still affordable and as delicious. One of my facourite meals that i've been ordering there since my childhood is the Cozy Chicken Chop with gravy.

KN and I had dinner at Cozy again (the second time this month) but this time we both ordered something other than our usual. I had the medium rare NZ Sirloin Steak and KN had the NZ Tenderloin Black Pepper Steak. For drinks, the usual kelapa muda for me and Coke for KN. The food was superb as always but the gravy on mine was a bit salty, tolerable however. The meal consist of a bowl of salad, a bun and the main dish.

Bowl of Salad with Thousand Island Dressing

Bun and Butter

The Medium-rare New Zealand Sirloin Steak

The New Zealand Tenderloin Black Pepper Steak

My Favourite Young Coconut Drink

Cozy I think has 3 outlets now. One in Ampang Park, one in Great Eastern Mall and the latest in PJ. However, the one in Great Eastern Mall is of different management (but the food tastes identically delicious) - from stories I heard, both owners are siblings but decided to go separate ways (with the Ampang Park branch being the first) and decided to open another restaurant in Great Eastern Mall with the same name and the same line of menu. When I was in the Uni they had another outlet in Cheras, I wonder if its still there? Whatever it is, they're Cozy and both serve good food. They deserve an 'A' all the way.

I Swallow THESE Every Morning

These are what I have to swallow every morning. Those, plus 4 shots of insulin every single day of my life. Only Allah knows how that feels but I thank Him for this great life He's given me and a great someone to look after me.

Alhamdulillah, syukur.

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