So Far So Good lah...

Thank God, Alhamdulillah I manage to go through fasting today feeling weak and groggy but it;s just a matter of another half an hour before breaking fast. Distracted myself with work, yes again work - my never ending office work and yes, managed to fo through today without much hassle.

It is not the fasting that is worrying me. It is fasting while in hyper mode (read my previous entry - my sugar read HI this morning) - hi sugar means that i have extra energy to burn - ahahah no dumb ass I'm a diabetic - and fasting while being hyperglycemia can lead to serious dehydration that may lead to coma.

But again thank goodness I'm alright and there's only another 30 minutes to go. Feeling sick really makes me feel uncomfortable. Easily irritated and mostly tired. Perhaps because my body hasn't adjusted to waking up early in the morning for sahur but again, being a diabetic I would have to eat something, otherwise it's the opposite of hyper, hypoglycemia.

Wish me luck please.

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