To Go or Not To Go?

To Go or Not to Go? That is THE Question.

i have been recently recommended for a position at a newly established university that operates in 30 countries. The thing is the word recommended, not the least bothering me but it comes with an expectation. Seems i was 'highly recommended' but for what reason and by whom, I don't know.

I went for an interview with the GM on the last day of Perhimpunan Umno at PWTC. It went well but I was not accepter nor did I accepted the just yet. The company that I am suppose to be in hasn't been set up yet while the groundworks have already started, I was suppose to join them in a once a week meeting to speed things up for a major presentation to the President.

Well, it's like you're here nor there. I am not willing to commit yet but I am willing to join in the meetings and throw in some ideas where it is worth sharing (and of course grasp some ideas from them for my personal benefit at the current workplace = evil eh?) Yeah, going to the metings involve costs; money and time - and I want to gain something right now and not wait till the offer comes in.

I am looking at a 1 - 2K rise from my current salary, otherwise it is not going to be worth it at all as this new job requires me to drive a further distance from now and go through some Samy Vellu's toll to get there. Whatever it is, my driving force would be the money then my passion for what I do - as it is now, my current work place, as bad as it is, I could things getting better and improving (I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's the truth) I was promoted recently and adjustment to the salary was made. In order words, I could see a promising stability there. Furthermore I am in a Senior position where my words count.

In another way, accepting the new job will be a row of new challenges. I am confident I could do it even though my health isn't as promising as my career's future at the current place. There are a lot of things to be thought of and a lot of things to consider before I sign the offer and before saying goodbye to this old darn place.

To Go or Not to Go? That is THE Question.

Selamat Pengantin Baru Fazlie

To a colleague Fazlie, Selamat pengantin baru. May the both of you be blessed with happiness till the end of your lives. Amin.

Kembali Ceria

This is a song written by Azlan Abu Hassan and a very old friend Azalea a.k.a Intan Nazrahayu. I hope I'm correct. At school Intan was girl whose voice matches Mariah Carey's. Wish I could hear her sing a Mariah's number once more. I suppose this was the demo song before Azlan sang it with Misha Omar, if I'm not wrong-lah! But I can recognise Intan's voice in an instance - as I got this from her blog hehehehe.

I understand Intan has written many songs. One of them is Keabadian Cinta by Anuar Zain.

Kembali Ceria

Sungguh indahnya senyumanmu
tak mungkin ku lupakan
katamu bergema di kalbu

Hanya dikaulah yang ku sayang
di dalam bintang seribu
hanya itulah yang ku pinta
oh cinta yang satu
tak rela terpisah sayangku
tak rela dijauhi
ku rindukan belaian kasihmu
hadirlah di sisi

Izinkan cintaku bertakhta
di hatimu selamanya
kau telah menyinari hidupku
kembali ceria

Ku doakan cinta kita
yang diabadikan
tak perlu lagi kau meragui
kesucian hati

Song/Lyrics/Copyright: Azlan Abu Hassan/Grooveworks Studio

Birthday Presents

This year's 32nd birthday was a pleasant one with many surprises from loved ones and an expensive gift from myself !

I got a bottle of Activist Eu De Toilette from my other half, yep that's one of my favorite perfume since I was in college but back then I used the perfume oil, now with the EDT, it is even better but not as long lasting as the oil. I got a pack of Brands chicken essence and a Spongebob's Patrick Stuff Toy from my brother dearest (heheheh so cute kan?) and mind you my brother is 21 this year ahahahah, a kitty alarm clock from my sis and nephew, a RM100 from my beloved auntie and a surprise makan-makan at Mak's place in Shah Alam together with a birthday cake from the family there.

What did I get for myself? It costs me RM2,390 and it is something I've wanted for a very long time. See the picture below, that's what it is:

Yes, a zitron set Nokia N95. I was actually contemplating between a Canon 400D/Nikon D40x DSLR or the N95 - after much thinking, I decided that I needed a phone more than I needed a camera. Well, the N95 comes with a good camera (of course I can't compare a 5 Mega pixel with a 10 Mega pixel but 5 is better than the 3.0 that I currently have). I guess the camera would have to wait, maybe for my birthday present next year (I've decided to give myself something expensive every year for my birthday starting this year as a token for my working hard throughout the year heheheh) Owning a DSLR is an expensive hobby, so I guess it'll have to wait. When buying the N95, I was attracted to HTC Touch PDA phone but lucky for it's lacking of a good camera and no flash, N95 won my heart. Furthermore, I've never used phones other than Nokia, my 5th set now since 1994 - Talk about brand loyalty (I don't change phone that often. Usually I'll use the phone until it is obsolete - Talk about being stingy.)

Happy Deepavali 2007

Wishing a very Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians, Hindus or not....

And a very Happy Birthday to ME! Muahahahahahah!

Happy Birthday Mummy Dearest

Yes, today would have been my late mom's 61st Birthday and yes when she was alive we usually celebrate our Birthdays together (mine's tomorrow). The story was when mummy was having me she wanted my birthday to be on the 7th as well but I came out a little late. But that doesn't hinder us from being close to each other. We're both Scorpions and we understand each other well. Well, not everything though but I did understand what she wanted was to be close to me. Unfortunately I was trying to run away, not from her but from my father I guess. I hated it when our birthday came because this particular day would be papa's favorite to hurt mummy's feelings. However, I'll just let bygones be bygones.

Happy Birthday Mummy. I love you very much.

Farewell My Friend - Al-Fathihah

I have just received a news that one of my batch mates from the uni was in a car accident on Raub - Lipis Road in Pahang and had passed away yesterday 5th November 2007 @5:30 pm. May his soul be blessed.

I am, well, uncertain of my feelings. Perhaps a little sad and mostly relieved as the deceased wasn't really a close acquaintance and he wasn't a favorite friend of mine. He was, when we were in the Center for Preparatory Studies (PPP) in Shah Alam, my roommate for about a semester or less. It's a long story where roommates turn out to be the greatest enemies. Since he is no longer around I better not say why.

After 14 years of grudge, hatred and not communicating with him, the news of his passing has somewhat soften my heart and maybe my ego. What he did was really wrong but Mat (as what we called him), even though you never apologized, I FORGIVE YOU deep from my heart hoping that you will rest in peace. I think I could now forget the things you did and totally erase that bad experience from my memory.

Rest in peace dear friend.

Here's a news clipping from Utusan Malaysia about the accident. Picture is taken from Sinar Harian Newspaper. Al-Fathihah.

Empat maut dalam dua kemalangan berasingan

RAUB 6 Nov. - Empat termasuk seorang wanita maut manakala dua lagi cedera parah dalam dua kemalangan jalan raya di sini semalam.

Ketua Polis Daerah Raub, Supritendan Wan Mohd Samsudin Wan Osman berkata, kemalangan pertama yang berlaku pukul 5.30 petang di KM126.8, Jalan Raub-Lipis, satu kilometer dari Pondok Polis Sega menyebabkan tiga kematian.

Kemalangan berlaku pukul 5.30 petang.

Kemalangan melibatkan sebuah kereta Toyota Avanza dan bas ekspres itu meragut nyawa pemandu kereta berkenaan, Mohammad Nur Ikhwan Omar, 21, berasal dari Cheras, Kuala Lumpur dan seorang penumpang, Ahmad Nizarudin Abdullah, 33, seorang guru di Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) Lipis.

‘‘Mohammad Nur Ikhwan dan Ahmad Nizarudin dipercayai mati di tempat kejadian kerana kecederaan teruk di kepala dan badan,” katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini.

Sementara itu kata beliau, pemilik kereta berkenaan, seorang lelaki Cina yang duduk di sebelah Mohammad Nur Ikhwan hanya mengalami kecederaan ringan dan dirawat sebagai pesakit luar di Hospital Raub.

Menurut Wan Mohd. Samsudin, Bomba mengambil masa lebih kurang 45 minit untuk mengumpil kereta tersebut bagi mengeluarkan mayat kedua-dua mangsa yang tersepit kerana kereta tersebut remuk teruk terutamanya di sebelah bahagian pemandu.

‘‘Siasatan awal mendapati kereta mangsa dari arah Benta menuju ke Raub dipandu laju dan tidak terkawal sehingga terbabas di lorong sebelah kanan dan hampir bertembung dengan sebuah kereta yang datang dari arah bertentangan,” katanya.

Bagaimanapun, katanya pemandu kereta tersebut sempat mengelak dan menyebabkan kereta mangsa merempuh bas ekspres yang berada di belakang kereta berkenaan.

Katanya, kenderaan pelbagai guna tersebut melanggar bahagian hadapan sebelah kanan bas berkenaan.

Bagaimanapun kesemua 20 penumpang termasuk pemandu bas ekspres berkenan tidak mengalami sebarang kecederaan tetapi pemandu bas ekspres itu ditahan untuk siasatan lanjut.

Sementara itu, seorang wanita maut apabila kereta Proton Wira yang dinaikinya bertembung dengan sebuah kenderaan pacuan empat roda dalam satu kemalangan yang berlaku di KM145.3, Batu Tiga, Jalan Raub-Lipis.

Wan Mohd Samsudin berkata dalam kejadian pukul 6.30 petang itu, Warimutuh Balakrisnan, 26, mati di tempat kejadian manakala dua lelaki lain yang turut berada dalam kereta itu mengalami kecederaan serius dan dikejarkan ke Hospital Daerah Raub.

‘‘Pemandu pacuan empat roda itu bagaimanapun tidak mengalami sebarang kecederaan,’’ katanya.

Resident Evil - Extinction

Here's one more DVD in my collection - Resident Evil: Extinction. I have yes the whole Resident Evil series in my collection and has been looking forward to this sequel.

Like many other movies with sequels, the story seems to get crappier each time. One of course, the element of logic is totally gone. Two, it gets boring as the number of sequel grows and three you tend to be able to predict what will happen in the end due to the same old storyline used.

What I like about Resident Evil: Extinction is the scene where zombie crows attack the convoy and when the zombies barged out of a trailer in Las Vegas. Baru lah ada action!

The way the villain died pun is old story as I can remember in the sequel before Extinction someone already died that similar way.

Entah kenapa lately ni I feel the movies I watched sumenye getting either boring or crappier - referring to horror, thriller, fantasy or action packed - yang ok are all the comedies. Agree?

Hilarious Sing Along Music Video.

No offence but I laughed my head out watching this video - DO TRY THE SING ALONG FEATURE! Hilarious!!!

** This video was taken from YouTube from user Baffalax.

Sheila Majid - Kerinduan

Enjoy the music video KERINDUAN by Sheila Majid.


dulu pernah aku bersumpah
slalu setia jika ku mencinta
masih melekat rasa itu
saat cintamu datang padaku

semua terwujud saat kau singgah
panasi cinta untuk setia merindu

kerinduan ...
tak akan menghilang
kan selalu kurasa
tak mampu ku menghindar

kau berikan apa yang ku pinta
kau mengikat ku dalam cinta
temaniku dalam setia

aku tak pernah mengharapkan
cinta lain datang membelaiku
aku dapat slalu bertahan
menahan cintamu di sukmaku

kehadiranmu basuh jiwaku
engkau sulutkan api cinta diriku

kerinduan ...
tak akan menghilang
kan selalu kurasa
tak mampu ku menghindar

kau berikan apa yang ku pinta
kau mengikat ku dalam cinta
temaniku dalam jalani hidup ini

Hostel Part II

Another DVD purchased - and yes I am a horror and gory movie lover - the scarier the better. The more blood the better.

A sequel to Hostel Part I (of course) this movie is a little more daring to be showing the male genitalia quite clearly now ahahaha - that is the most obvious difference and enhancement I could comment on.

All in all I would say the first Hostel is so much better as the sequel uses pretty much the same plot and pretty much the same storyline. Perhaps if the story is about another country than Slovakia but with similar storyline, the sequel would be more interesting. Watching Hostel is like watching the SAW but too much emphasis is given on showing the goriness of the killings but neglecting the need for a good storyline.

Well, there is of course no harm if you'd still want to watch this movie as I'm sure there are fans throughout the world who would disagree to my comments.

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