A Poem I Wrote

I wrote this down back in the year 2000. Venue: Hotel Capitol, Kuala Lumpur.


When I die,

If I could come back as anything

it would be as your tears.
How could I want more
than to be conceived in your heart,
born in your eyes,

live on your cheeks

and die on your lips.

Wouldn't that be grand to feel that way?

I found this written on a piece of paper in between a book I was reading when clearing my study room the other weekend but I can't remember who I wrote it for. Perhaps this one person I was so deeply in love with. Unfortunately our relationship wasn't long for me to be reborn as the person's tears.

But fortunate for me, now I have met someone who is far more superior in terms of sharing love and life with me for the past 5 years. I dedicate the poem above to this one person who will remain always in my heart, now and forever.

I love YOU.

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