To Go or Not To Go?

To Go or Not to Go? That is THE Question.

i have been recently recommended for a position at a newly established university that operates in 30 countries. The thing is the word recommended, not the least bothering me but it comes with an expectation. Seems i was 'highly recommended' but for what reason and by whom, I don't know.

I went for an interview with the GM on the last day of Perhimpunan Umno at PWTC. It went well but I was not accepter nor did I accepted the just yet. The company that I am suppose to be in hasn't been set up yet while the groundworks have already started, I was suppose to join them in a once a week meeting to speed things up for a major presentation to the President.

Well, it's like you're here nor there. I am not willing to commit yet but I am willing to join in the meetings and throw in some ideas where it is worth sharing (and of course grasp some ideas from them for my personal benefit at the current workplace = evil eh?) Yeah, going to the metings involve costs; money and time - and I want to gain something right now and not wait till the offer comes in.

I am looking at a 1 - 2K rise from my current salary, otherwise it is not going to be worth it at all as this new job requires me to drive a further distance from now and go through some Samy Vellu's toll to get there. Whatever it is, my driving force would be the money then my passion for what I do - as it is now, my current work place, as bad as it is, I could things getting better and improving (I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's the truth) I was promoted recently and adjustment to the salary was made. In order words, I could see a promising stability there. Furthermore I am in a Senior position where my words count.

In another way, accepting the new job will be a row of new challenges. I am confident I could do it even though my health isn't as promising as my career's future at the current place. There are a lot of things to be thought of and a lot of things to consider before I sign the offer and before saying goodbye to this old darn place.

To Go or Not to Go? That is THE Question.

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