HQ Aidilfitri Open House

Never in my life have i ever gone to the office wearing a complete baju melayu and samping but today. What makes it more awkward was it was a Monday. Coming down from the condo, people were looking at me like I was a freak (perasan je kot) but one mamat was really obvious - is this guy for real? Wearing baju Melayu on a Monday? Helloo... it's Raya lah!

So there we were a group of employees looking like Pegawai Pencegah Maksiat wearing baju melayu and baju kurung parading in the middle of the city on the a bright sunny day. Well, to test us, we had a meeting in another block in the morning (I think I've mentioned that our office occupies 3 out 4 blocks in the vicinity, so block hopping is a regular thing to do - but well, not while wearing baju melayu with samping!) and had to walk to another block for th feast. Alah ok lah... makan free punya pasal.

The jamuan raya started an hour late - so we waited and cramped around the office trying to mingle while some of us are busy preparing and some others busy snapping photos. The food was as bad as during the buka puasa we had earlier in the month. I guess the same caterer was hired. Well, nothing much to brag about the food but it was indeed fun having to humiliate ourself looking like pengantins in the middle of the city on a monday morning - if they were to make us wear baju melayu on a friday then it wouldn't be as awkward.

I however think that such practice of wearing traditional costumes to work is indeed commendable as it promotes our culture. We shouldn't feel embarrassed or out of place but proud wearing our own traditional costumes.

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