Umrah Today

Dear friends, I will be away on my Umrah trip starting today. InsyaAllah the flight will be at 11:40 pm tonight. Kal El mohon berbanyak ampun dan maaf sekiranya atas keterlanjuran kata atau kerterlampauan perilaku. Harap doakan kesejahteraan dan kesihatan kami di sana.

With this, Death of Kal El will pause its posts until the writer comes back, InsyaAllah.


Congrats itique and Syahril

Announcing the arrival of Xaphyr Alden Azwin,
son to the proud parents; Itique (Zaiha) and Syahril Azwin. Congrats guys!

Di Mana Awie? Is He Forgotten Too?

This is the second entry on my 'Find a Missing Child' Campaign.

Asmawi or Awie is another unfortunate child gone missing from nearby his home in March 2008. If Sharlinie's news is becoming history and nearly forgotten, this 11 year old boy's disappearance has not been given enough coverage and attention even from day one of his disappearance.

Do not think about his parents negligence or failure to look after their child but be more concerned with the existence of a pervert proven by the late Nurin Jazlin's case - how could we let another child be tortured to her death?

Maybe because Awie is a boy therefore no one cares much about his missing but he is only 11 and he definitely needs protection regardless of his gender.

Just imagine if this is your child missing - or one of your family members. I couldn't bear the pain when one of darling cats disappeared (Alhamdulillah we found her) what more if the one missing is a human being?

From Allahyarhamah Nurin Jazlin's Tribute Blog:

"Muhamad Asmawi atau Awie dilaporkan hilang ketika dalam perjalanan pulang dari taman permainan berdekatan Flat Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Kerinchi di sini pada petang 9 Mac lalu."

Di Mana Sharlinie? Is She Forgotten?

Sharlinie (left) and the suspect (right)

It is nearly nine months since Sharlinie disappeared and lately we seldom see her posters around anymore and there aren't new updates reported on her investigations on TV or the newspaper. I can imagine how devastate her parents are. So please everyone, livened the search for Sharlinie, don't let her be forgotten. This is a better and worthy news to be reported rather than reporting on politicians who sodomizes someone from the public - what good does that do to anyone? The REAL Story is about this girl and many other missing children around the country. The true criminal is this culprit shown in the photo fit, find him and Karam Singh Walia, why not do a coverage on missing children for a change?

Taken from Utusan Malaysia

Sharlinie Mohd. Nashar, 5, dilaporkan hilang ketika bermain bersama kakaknya di padang permainan yang terletak kira-kira 200 meter dari rumahnya di No. 29, Jalan PJS2C/11N, Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya.

Ketua Polis Daerah Petaling Jaya, Asisten Komisioner Arjunaidi Mohamed berkata, mangsa diculik kira-kira pukul 11.30 pagi. Ketika itu mangsa sedang leka bermain bersama kakaknya, Sharliena yang berusia lapan tahun.

Menurut beliau, ketika hilang, mangsa yang mempunyai tiga adik-beradik memakai baju-T dan skirt berwarna biru muda serta selipar warna merah jambu.


I was contacted and invited by a rival company about a month ago to work with them. And yes, with the current working conditions and the unnecessary workload I am burdened with, I agreed to submit my application. They've called me again to express their interest and the possibility of issuing the letter when I come back from Umrah end of this month. I have also sat for the required test - for formality sake, according to them and would have to attend an informal interview when I come back end of August.

InsyaAllah they told me that the probability of me getting the salary I asked for may be high and if ever they need to negotiate it will still be near to what I applied for - they should give me what I want since they were the one who approached. If I were to work there, Alhamdulillah I'll be working with KN again in the same organisation - thus saving us petrol and toll money, yeay!

Whatever it is, we'll see when I come back from Umrah - I have to serve three months notice - here, mcm hampeh kononnya in the management level. So if I am really going, it'll be in December (ahahah cuti ku sudah ku habiskan untuk pi Umrah ni so cannot offset against leave la huhuhuhu, meaning another three miserable months here, If I were to leave lah kan.)

Funny Bowl

Be careful... jangan view kat opes nanti tergelak sorang-sorang tak jamin haaa...

Singapore Aug 4 - Aug 7, 2008

Will be off to Singapore tomorrow morning via Aerobus. This will be my first visit to Singapore after about 5 years - the last one was in 2003 with Mummy and my little bro for my cousin's wedding. The bus will depart KL at 0800hrs and will be arriving Singapore at about 1300hrs. Since this is a company trip, so there isn't much choice when it comes to transportation mode and accommodation. I'll be staying at Summer View Hotel near Bugis Street (looks ok to me on the Internet) and will be working at Suntec City for the International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology (ICTLT). Well, I don't really know what I'll be doing there for leisure these coming four days as I'll have to conserve energy for the Umrah trip on the 9th. meaning that I'll be coming back on the 7th, work for another day on the 8th, pack and then leave again on the 9th until 25th of August.

Writing about it pun sudah rasa penat wo...

Kanna Curry House Kepong Pulak...

We have been wanting to try the Nasi Daun Pisang @ Kanna Curry House's branch in Bandar Sri Menjalara in Kepong. Not that the taste would be different but this place is nearer to our home as compared to the one in PJ. Like its PJ branch, the Menjalara branch too occupies 2 shop lots at Wisma Menjalara.

A Cucumber Vege Dish with Indian Chicken Rendang

Food wise - Both branches serve equally good and very delicious Banana Leaf Rice.

Kangkung (I think... hehehe)

Service wise - I think the one at PJ has better and faster service. Here, we had to wait for nearly 10 minutes before one very friendly waiter came to take our order even though the place was quite empty as it was not peak hour. The portion here too is smaller compared to in PJ where they'll just put in everything on your banana leaf until you tell them to stop.

Verdict: I prefer the PJ branch especially for their 'bawah pokok' eating place - a nice atmosphere for eating banana leaf rice definitely. However, we'll surely come back to Menjalara for convenience sake.

Putu Mayam


Apart from Nasi Daun Pisang we had curry puff (real tasty!), putu mayam and vadeh - Curry puffa nd vadeh were served hot - delicious!

For the record -Kanna Curry House PJ

Friday vs Monday

How very TRUE!

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