Buka Puasa @ Grand Seasons

Getting a decent place to break fast recently isn't easy. Although buffet prices rocketed 100% compared to last year, still getting a non-fully booked hotel or restaurant wasn't easy for me yesterday. Perhaps because everyone had had their salary these couple of days and their pockets are still full that everyone wants a share of luxury eating.

I was trying to get a place for 2 at Rahsia Bistro yesterday - fully booked, then at Santini KLCC, also fully booked. Tried Corus Hotel and Felda D'Saji, also fully booked. Getting tired of eating at Cozy House Ampang Park and other fast food outlets, we wanted to try something new. Finally we got a place at Grand Seasons Hotel for 58++ per person.

The buffet was held at the Ballroom during the month of Ramadhan. 58++ can be considered one of the cheapest this year with other hotels selling at nothing below 69++ - can you imagine Nikko's buffet is 95++ per person. Wah Lau Wei!

So we arrived at the hotel at 6:30, was shown our seats and we managed to walk around the buffet line planning what to take first and next and the next and the next heheheh. What made us laugh was some people started taking food as early as 6:30! And continued to do so until the call for Azan. By the time it is to buka puasa, can you imagine the number of plates that are on their tables? I was wowed at how some people could just be so tamak (greedy) - are they that hungry? I just asked myself, could they really finish the food they took?

finish - they will definitely be topped up or perhaps they are just too lazy to get up and walk once they've started eating - to me that's what bIt's a buffet, food will never run away, nor will ituffet is all about - you take what you want in small portions and return to the buffet line many times to try out other things - it is better than taking all at once as though you're really that hungry. I rather reserve my comments.

Buffet at Grand Seasons is not at all that bad. They had over 70 types of local and international dishes. I didn't manage to try all as my storage compartment was full that I felt like a pregnant lady by the time we left the hotel. But indeed it was fun - after all what matters most is being able to spend time and moments like this with a love one.

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