Hostel Part II

Another DVD purchased - and yes I am a horror and gory movie lover - the scarier the better. The more blood the better.

A sequel to Hostel Part I (of course) this movie is a little more daring to be showing the male genitalia quite clearly now ahahaha - that is the most obvious difference and enhancement I could comment on.

All in all I would say the first Hostel is so much better as the sequel uses pretty much the same plot and pretty much the same storyline. Perhaps if the story is about another country than Slovakia but with similar storyline, the sequel would be more interesting. Watching Hostel is like watching the SAW but too much emphasis is given on showing the goriness of the killings but neglecting the need for a good storyline.

Well, there is of course no harm if you'd still want to watch this movie as I'm sure there are fans throughout the world who would disagree to my comments.

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