Buka Puasa @ Old Town White Coffee

This was actually our first time trying out this famous kopitiam. We were at Jusco Wangsa Maju recently to get something for a friend's new born and ended up here by accident. We wanted to break fast at Secret Recipe but most of the restaurants were full house that day, including Old Town White Coffee, but lucky us (and pity this guy on wheelchair hehehe) a Chinese elderly couple who had just finished their meal hurriedly gave us their seats. Thank you folks for your kindess. May God bless you.

Nothing extravagant in their list of menu except for some tempting looking buns and toasts (what Kopitiams are famous for) and a variety of coffee and tea. Since we haven't eaten the whole day, we decided to just order the main dish and see it our tummies could accomodate some toast after that - we couldn't!

The Free Fruit Juice for Buka Puasa

Patrons for buka puasa are served with a free glass of fruit juice. Both KN and I ordered the Chicken Rendang Nasi Lemak. I had the Xi Mut Milk Tea and KN as usual ordered the Iced Cham.

Xui Mut Tea (Above) and Iced Cham (Below)

We were impressed with the food as the Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak was fantastically delicious. I especially loved the Sambal with tonnes of largely cut onions. The Chicken Rendang too were tasty we both agreed. Unfortunately there were no eggs in this dish like a normal Nasi Lemak would usually have.

Rendang Chicken Nasi Lemak

I loved the Xi Mut Tea and when I come back (which I am sure I will real soon, I'll be trying their Nan Yang Memorably and Old Town Hazelnut White Coffee that look really inviting) Well done Old Town White Coffee, you've got yourself a happy customer here!

New Template for Hari Raya

Haaa... I was sooooo lazy to do anything at work today, bukannya sebab mood Raya dah tiba tapi sebab there's no one (only the two of us in this office yang rajin sangat tak amik cuti) hari ni dan esok. So, no point la for me to pulun working like mad (as if selalu tu Kal El pulun la kan) But whatever it is, I will usually ensure that deadlines are met so that people waiting for my work would never have to wait.

The New Comer

Come to think of it, I've never in my whole life took more than 2 days leave for raya (unless its forced like this coming Friday, or masa sekolah/belajar dulu la). So, dah nak raya ni, since Kal El takde la nak bersiap-siap beli baju raya or decorate the house with new furniture ke, I decided to decorate this blog innstead sempena Aidilfitri yang mulia ini... muahahaha! 

In Memory

So here it is, I hope it is better than the previous one. I kinda like the old one but it's too crowded/cluttered la rasanya, so back to 2 column-blog lah. Make up sana, make up sini jadik la rupa yang cenggini. Nothing extravagant but I think you would know that I love the colour orange.

p/s KN baru call ajak balik awal hehehehe... today buka puasa kat in-law's house in Shah Alam.

Long Khong 2

I saw many movies while at home sick sampai nak muntah-muntah rasanya. Since my room has every single thing I need to call a house (cuma fridge je takde); complete TV, DVD player, hard disk player, ASTRO, phone, Internet I couldn't complaint much as everything was just at the click of the remote control.

One of the movies I watched and definitely loved was the prequel to Long Khong. This is indeed my kind of movie - gory, cruel, visual, scary, disgusting dan yang sewaktu dengannya. I loved the first movie and just loved this one more. My favourtie part? Of course lah yang part kene torture-torture tu huhuhuhu, so am I sick or what?

Long Khong 2 or Art of Devil 3 (the first instalment of Art of the Devil 1 was so, so). Even while watching the trailer had my puasa-ing stomach turned inside out but I just loved it. My heart beat frantically throughout the movie. It has indeed answered some questions that arose from the earlier sequel. I love the endiong when the sequal continues from there, creating the flow as if someone were to conmtinue watching the Art of the Devil 2, they may just continue from Part 3, hebat kan?

I just think more sincere movies like this should be made - it's real, about real life, nothing pretentious and it could happen to just anyone of us and what's best, ada nilai-nilai murni (good values to be learnt) - jangan main Bomoh!

Reunited After 21 Years

Just imagine not meeting bukan seorang but a group of people for the last 21 years. Thank you to Facebook technology I was able to gather some really old friends from Primary School whom most I haven't met since Standard Six in 1987. Perhaps it's impossible to gather everyone but at least some very prominent people in the batch could be found; those yang memand takkan dilupakan, yang stood out among the crowd for being the creme and of course those same people who made it successfully in their lives and careers.

I didn't go to a popular town school, indeed the school was near town but students there were mostly children of Army Officers (like myself) and Police Personnel - Yep Jalan Padang Tembak or known as Jalan Semarak now. Since I left the school after Standard Six I had lost touch with most of them. Some went to RMC, some went to MRSM, other daily schools even my ex girl moved to Kuantan (and have not met her till now tsk!)

This alumni was set up at FB a couple of months before Ramadhan and the number grew from day to day until very recently we decided to meet after 21 years. Everybody was excited (pity those who are overseas) Of course there were unfamiliar faces, A fat one came in macho and married with a kid, a tomboy then now a mother of 2 and many other interesting people turned out for the buka puasa get together. Unfortunately I, the initiator of the alumni couldn't make it to the get together for my current health condition. Tapi yiu know, these old friends memang true friends as the moment they got to know I was unwell, they decided to come give me a visit at home.

So a couple of nights back kecoh la my house with unexpected guests - my old friends from Primary school. I felt so happy and honored to have people who cared and would go to the extend of coming to me when I couldn't go to them. These are real friends that everyone deserves. To these people, yes you've made my day and I felt alive that night to have you over at my place. There are too much to catch up but God's willing, InsyaAllah we'll meet again soon when I feel better.

The beauty of friendship touches only those who appreciate their friends.

Buka Puasa @ Puti Bungsu Batam, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

We were at Puti Bungsu Batam once again for buka puasa this year - it was on a rainy day and the road was heavily jammed so we decided to stop at this fabulous nasi padang eatery for buka puasa. Unlike last year, this years buka puasa at this restaurant witnessed dozn more people - it was fullhouse. Perhaps last year they had just opened their doors and not many people know the place tapi tahun ni siap ada satu bas lagi datang, I suppose it was an office buka puasa get together. a long table was occupied by children which I suppose was an orphanage buka puasa treat - well not bad a crowd - syabas Puti Bungsu!

Bergedil - WAJIB!

Ayam Goreng Rempah - WAJIB!

Daging Rendang - WAJIB!

As usual, the food, memang out of this world and price wise, maintain below RM40 for 2 persons - kalau compared to other Nasi Padang place around KL you won't get this price and considering this place is in the middle of KL City, fulamak lagi la kan terasa murahnya!

Sambal Hijo - SANGAT WAJIB!

Kuah Gulai - Juga WAJIB!

Tempe Goreng Sambal dengan Kentang

This year they did not serve the Nasi Padang buffet, at least on that evening we were there - rasanya siapa je la yang nak makan Nasi bebanyak kan. Macam hilang konsep ke nasi padangan tu kalau buat buffet style. Huhu lapar la pulak tengok gambar Daging Rendang dan Sambal Hijo tu... A new dish we ordered was Tempe and Kentang  Goreng Sambal, sedap! Other lauk, our usual with Watermelon and Orange juice for drinks.

When NOT to Clean your Glasses

Especially for those wearing glasses.

Buka Puasa @ Tony Roma's Cineleisure

Again, before I fell sick hari tu sempat la KN and I pi this place we've never tried before. It was indeed the last buka puasa we had at a restaurant before I had to have my food served in the room. It was actually a surprise from KN (for no apparent occassion, just for the sake of surprising me - remember when I had that sudden crave for Bubba Gump's Mama's Southern Fried Chicken? It was that same day and as we were heading to the Ikea/Curve/Cineleisure area KN told me we were trying Tony Roma's) As a matter of factly a reservation was made earlier for the two of us. We had our buka puasa outdoors, in the cold showers of the dusk.

Potato Skin
Our first visit to Tony Roma's was not at all a dissapointment. Yes they had similar Country Fried Steak or Mama's Southern Fried Chicken as they called it at Bubba Gump but I was more interested in their Ribs - Boneless! Cheating huh?

The Ribs, The Four Sauces and Cranberry Juice

I had the Boneless Ribs with Mashed Potatoes and Corn on the Cob with Cranberry Juice (I love this drink!)  The Ribs was fantastic, really tasty, juicy and tender served with four types of sauces; Smokey, Hot, Original and Honey. I of course loved the Hot sauce. Although the ribs may look small in the picture they are indeed very filling. Perhaps because I had 4 servings of those Cranberry Juice - now why am I suffering from water retention problem again?

Country Fried Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Corn on Cob

KN on the other hand had the Country Fried Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Corn on the Cob and Lite Coke. KN's Country Fried Steak was a large serving and we were served with kurma as the drinks arrived, dah namanya puasa kan.

The Kurma

Apart from the main dishes, we ordered potato skin (served with cheese) and it was wonderful. The service was friendly and I would classify them as superb.

Of Politics and Dog Food

I hope I won't be caught under ISA for this piece of opinion.

Someone claimed some food served somewhere tasted SIMILAR to DOG FOOD. I just wonder - this person pernah ke rasa dog food since dia tau rasa makanan tu SIMILAR to DOG FOOD. Being an animal lover, having 7 cats of my own, their food isn't at all cheap - if they are not cheap they musn't be tasting that bad.

My cats eat food that are more expensive than what I eat on a daily basis. These are cats - dog food are far more expensive. Go get any dog food brochures for that matter, they are made mostly of fine and healthy ingredients consisting of vegetables, meat and more (Tengok aja iklan Whiskas on TV lately ni, even I don't eat that complete diet in my meals!) I wonder lah what this person is serving  her dog lah, that is if she has one at home kan? If that's the case, pity the dog.

Sapa Kata Makanan Anjing Tak Sedap? 
Hanya Dia Sahaja yang Kata Begitu...Mungkin Sebab dia DAH Rasa...

My point? Don't simply say things because you have to say or point out something is bad. Think before you open your mouth. Then having the guts to make a statement denying what you have said to the reporters earlier (soon after the media immediately aired the statement she made using the word SIMILAR to DOG FOOD - come on they are the media, have you heard of video and voice recorder before?) This proves your credibility as a leader. Even if you're angry you should not to create a stir on such trivial matter. You are not put in a 5 Star hotel, so accept the fact. It's good enough there were no maggots in your meals and what's so bad about eating two boiled eggs, some kuah and rice? Our forefathers ate ubi during the Japanese occupation - they lived!

My opinion, those people in those kind of places deserve that kind of food they are served perhaps as a punishment for their wromgdoings - sapa suruh buat jahat kan? Dah buat jahat then you expect to be served tasty food kah? I don't want the money I pay for tax being fed to those people - call me indiscriminate or cruel - as long as they are not served DOG FOOD - or perhaps that lady was really served DOG FOOD ke? That makes my cereballar stroke affected brain thinking suddenly.

Cukup-cukup la tu. Bosan tau with Malaysian politics!

Dah Bayar Zakat Fitrah?

Just a friendly reminder to all my Muslim friends, jangan lupa tunaikan kewajipan membayar Zakat Fitrah. Setahun sekali dan hanya RM5.20 bagi penduduk Selangor. Untuk negeri-negeri lain boleh la refer to the rates in Cahya's latest Blog Post on the same.

For those yang teramat-amatlah sibuk, tak sempat pi Terawih dan bayar zakat kat mesjid (mana la tau kan aa orang cenggini), Pusat Zakat Selangor is open 7 days a week dan kalau tak leh jugak u can pay your zakat via Maybank2U.com ataupun through the MEPS FPX service at Lembaga Zakat Selangor website. It's easy nowadays sume pun can perform online c
uma hati tu je la mahu ke tidak buatnya kan. Kalau la tak bleh gak bayo ikut Internet ni, kalau pi sopping beli baju raya boleh kat shopping complexes tu, singgah-singgah la bayar zakat fitrah anda di amil yang setia menunggu di sana. I'm sure ada booths like previous years - I wouldn't know this year sebab tak sihat maka tak pi sopping pun raya ni.

Website LZS for e-zakat

Ni je la peringatan yang dapat Kal El berikan pada semua. Kalau bulan-bulan zakat pndapatan liat nak bayar, zakat fitrah setahun sekali ni langsaikan lah... untuk badan sendiri juga ya, InsyaAllah.

Buka Puasa @ Chili's KLCC

Before falling sick hari tu, on the 3rd day of Ramadhan, we managed to visit our favourite dining place - Chili's! Actually masa kat Jeddah lagi on the way back to KL dah teringat Chili's just because we saw an outlet there. So, dengan nafsu bulan posa ni, we went to Chili's untuk memuaskannya... (huhuhu).

As usual, we would order their classic Nachos (a must, never missed so far) as starters. KN had the Country Fried Chicken (again, I feel they should re introduce their Country Fried Steak) but this time the Country Fried Chicken was served with Fried instead of with Mashed Potatoes. Hmmm I prefer with Mashed Potatoes... I had the lamb shoulder - server with black pepper sauce but I of course asked for Mint Sauce.

Something was a miss this time Ramadhan at Chili's as they did not have a Ramadhan set menu like they usually do but fortunately they did not forget to serve Kurma with our dish. For drinks we ordered Ice Lemon Tea from the fountain maka banyak la Kal El telan air, thus worsen my water retention problem... padan muka kan?


First of all please accept my apologies for suddenly disappearing for over 2 weeks. Like Kembara Musafir said in his earlier comment - penat celebrity Chef Zaidah senyum kat last entry tu, nasib baik senyumnya manis, maka manis la wajah blog ni hehehehe (mengampu tu sebenarnya Chef!)

Yes, I still owe those who are interested, basically for my own reflection and reference, entries on my recent umrah trip to the Holy land. Will continue writing on that soon while trying to catch up with things at the office and generally a mundane Ramadhan this year.

Ever since I came back I haven't been in the pinkiest of health and was forced to continue resting sampai la hari ni (Sept 22, and now it's Sept 24 - dah 3 hari compose ni, dragging my fingers to tap on the keyboad) I feel a little better to switch on the laptop and say Hi to everyone. A lot has been going on in my mind lately, to my health especially and this Ramadhan isn't so far like last year's where KN and I enjoyed our break fasting trying this restaurant and that. Tapi sempat la jugak kami berbuka di satu dua tempat sebelum Kal El betul-betul hilang selera dan terbaring for over two weeks. Inilah dugaan Allah, mungkin sebagai penghapus dosa dan penbersihan diri (ahahah terkejut agaknya badan ni pergi ke Mekah dan Madinah... tu la jahat sangat kan, dosa bertimbun) kerana sakit itu adalah cara Allah menghapus dosa-dosa kita, InsyaAllah... dan MasyaAllah bayangkan lah betapa banyaknye dosa Kal El sampai sakit begini lama. But I believe, this happened because Allah loves me very much.

If you've been following this blog, i've mentioned several times in my previous entries, or if you know me in person, you'd know that I am 'blessed' with a list of chronic illnesses and now a year after the cerebellar stroke attack last Syawal, my kidney has failed me big time. 

I am suppose to start dialysis but I am trying some other ways before I surrender to the machine for life (Unless ada someone nak sedekah buah pinggang dia lah kan...). So, itulah yang terjadi these past three weeks with me getting bloated macam puffer fish, my weight suddenly mendadak naik (ahahah seluar dan baju semua dah tak muat - am glad I could still laugh at myself for being so fat) and dengan hadiah bronchitis dari tanah suci menyukarkan Kal El bernafas, dengan kata lain sesak nafas. Just imagine dengan perut membuncit, feeling heavy and bloated, all I could do was lie down and sleep. Jalan pi toilet pun rasa macam nak merangkak.

So puasa kali ni memang sesimple boleh (alhamdulillah masih berupaya puasa) Nasib baik ada KN yang sentiasa di sisi, banyak membantu. Dialah yang membeli makanan, mengemas rumah, membasuh baju, sehinggakan tayar kereta pancit dan bateri kereta habis hari tu pun dia juga yang uruskan sorang-sorang, now am I lucky or what?

Whatever it is, please pray for me wherever you are. I just read from a fellow blogger friend's blog that he is also not well. Dr. Shah, hope you'll get well soon.

Buka Puasa @ Djeumpa, Bukit Antarabangsa

KN and I were invited to the opening of Celebrity Chef Zaidah's (the chef with the sweetest looking mole on her face) new eatery at Oakleaf Club Bukit Antarabangsa on the 4th day of Ramadhan. The restaurant called Djeumpa has just opened its doors after the lot was vacant for quite sometime. InsyaAllah staying just opposite the club, we'll be going there again - fabulous food (of course lah what do you expect when it's chef owned?) plus the usual airy Bukit Antarabangsa surrounding greets you while you dine in at this nice place.

Among others served for bebuka (which will usually cost patrons RM38++ per head during Ramadhan - free last night heheheh) were Nasi Minyak and Nasi Putih with lauk pauk like Paceri Nenas, Dalcha Sayur, Daging, Ayam Kerutub, Ikan Bakar as well as other dishes like Mee Rebus, Sup Tulang, delicious line up of sweet desserts, fruits and choices of cold and hot drinks. The menu would change daily and we were told they're serving seafood on Friday 5th Ramadhan.

It was a short and sweet event with celebrities like Jaafar Onn and a couple others present. Jaafar Onn presented guests with three traditional songs and there were also traditional music being played live as guests enjoyed their meal.

Nasi Minyak, Ayam Kerutub, Paceri Nenas and Dalcha Sayur

Mee Rebus

Kal El would like to congratulate Chef Zaidah and her family on the opening of Djeumpa Restaurant and wishing the business a success. Thank you for having us on your memorable day. Pepatah Melayu berkata 'Orang Berbudi, Kita Berbahasa, Orang Memberi, Kita Merasa" - chewah, 'Terima Kasih Daun Keladi, ahahaha Future Event Nanti Jemputlah Lagi" - tu pepatah Kal El punya ek.

Here's a the map and contact number to DJEUMPA RESTAURANT. Djeumpa Di sana!

Click the Map to Enlarge (c) Learn2Swim

Penyucian Jiwa di Tanah Suci - Tour Tambahan di Madinah

Coaster yang Kami Naiki untuk Tour Tambahan

Jemaah Andalusia diberi pilihan samada untuk menyertai tour tambahan di Madinah dengan bayaran extra yang mampu. Tour pilihan ini akan dirancang oleh mutawif di sana dan jemaah akan diberitahu tarikh dan masa keberangkatan. Antara tempat-tenpat lawatan bagi tour extra ini adalah ke Lapangan Magnet dan juga ke Gua Uhud.

Di persekitaran Lapangan Magnet -
We were so lost tiba-tiba berenti ditengah-tengah Dunia, so Amik Gambar je la.

Dilapangan magnet jemaah akan didemonstrasikan dengan keupayaan bas atau kenderaan yang dinaiki bergerak sendiri tanpa pemandu di dalamnya atas kuasa tarikan magnet, katanya. Yang pasti jalannya rata tapi yang menghairankan mengapa tarikan itu hanya ke satu arah (dan bukan ke satu arah tertentu) sedangkan tarikan magnet sepatutnya dari berbagai arah. Entah la since penerangan tour guide tak begitu komprehensive kami hanya mampu membuat kesimpulan sendiri dan meyakinkan diri itu adalah kuasa Tuhan yang Esa.

Sesi Makan Eskrim kat Lapangan Magnet - so ni la rupanya sebab drebar tu berenti bas kat sini, patut la dia hon bukan main tadi, rupanya nak panggil kawan dia sipenjual eskrim huhuhu... sedap gak eskrim dia

Tour ke Gua Uhud lebih menarik (bagi yang kuat kaki mereka la) sebab perlu mendaki. Jemaah yang tua dan berpenyakit macam aku ni tunggu je la dalam bas tapi KN sempat naik bersama jemaah lain dan snap-snap gambar di gua tersebut. Gua ini hanya muat untuk tiga orang dewasa duduk dan yang pasti kalau aku berjaya naik pun ahahahah hanya sampai kat pintu gua je la sebab huhuhu nipis amat nak mencelah masuk dalam gua tu (paham-paham je la ek, kalau tak fpaham buat-buat paham, hanya yang mengalami maha mengetahui).

Lu Pikir La Sendirik kenapa Kal El Takkan Muat Masuk dalam Gua Uhud tu...

Tour ke Lapangan Magnet dan Gua Uhud ni dilakukan selepas solat Asar dan akan berlanjutan sehingga selepas Maghrib. Maka jemaah yang mengikut tour ni akan terlepas la satu solat fardhu di Masjid Nabawi tapi seperti kata Mutawif kami, pahala ganjaran bukan hanya dengan bersolat di dalam Masjid Nabawi sahaja tapi termaksuklah dengan melawat kesan-kesan peninggalan Rasulullah di sekitar kota Madinah. Wallahualam. InsyaAllah.

Sudden Crave for Bubba Gump

Mama's Southern Fried Chicken

The Peach, Love and Rock n 'Roll

Di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini, I am suddenly craving for Bubba Gump's Mama's Southern Fried Chicken from browsing my old photos and entry on the same and the Peach, Love and Rock n 'Roll drink I saw on Lucy Diamond's blog.

KN, jom piiiiiii Bubbbbbaaaaa Gummmppppppppp! Gulp!!!

Penyucian Jiwa di Tanah Suci - Madinah Al Munawarah

Kami tiba di Madinah pada jam satu pagi dan menginap di hotel Jawharat Fayrouz yang terletak 75m dari Masjid Nabawi. Dari jauh lagi setibanya di kota Madinah yang suci sudah kelihatan minaret Masjid Nabawi yang tersergam indah. Madinah adalah sebuah kota besar yang pesat membangun. Dari pandangan Kal El, masyarakat Arab di Madinah adalah lebih lemah lembut peribadi mereka jika dibandingkan dengan masyarakat Arab di Mekah yang agak kasar. Mengikut Mutawif kami, ini adalah kerana latarbelakang dan sejarah keturunan mereka. Mungkin begitulah kelembutan peribadi Baginda Rasulullah semasa hayatnya yang kini jasadnya di makamkan di Masjid Nabawi di Madinah yang berkat ini.

Bilik Quad Sharing di Jawharat Hotel -
Katil Disusun seperti Kisah Goldilocks tapi Selesa

Setelah kami check in ke bilik yang dikongsi bersama 3 orang lain (seorang guru agama dari Cheras dalam awal 40an, seorang remaja berumur 16 tahun dan seorang lagi dalam lingkungan umur Kal El) kami terus melelapkan mata kerana tak sabar menanti Subuh dan mendirikan Solat di Masjid Baginda Rasuullah SAW. Memang sepanjang dibawah jagaan Andalusia kebajikan kami terjaga, makan minum kami cukup enak dan sentiasa membangkitkan selera. Macam rasa masakan kat Malaysia ni ditambah dengan sambal belacan wajib yang disediakan semangkuk terak untuk para jemaah.

Ladang Kurma

Hidangan Teh Pudina di Ladang Kurma

Kawasan hotel kami di Madinah adalah dalam lingkungan segi tiga emas Madinah - commercial district; shopping, fast food dan sebagainya. Maka mudahlah bagi kami setelah selesai menunaikan solat singgah dibazar-bazar berdekatan. Terdapat KFC dan Hardees (Carl's Jr.) dibawah hotel Hilton yang terletak betul-betul dihadapan Masjid Nabawi dan bersebelahan dengan hotel kami. Setiap kali lepas solat juga akan terdapat banyak gerai-gerai tepi jalan menjual pelbagai barangan seperti kayu sugi, jubah, tasbih, kurma dan buah-buahan. Yang pastinya buah-buahan di Tanah Suci ini semuanya besar-besar dan manis-manis belaka.

Bazaar Kurma

Selalunya jemaah akan membeli kurma dan pelbagai barangan lain di Madinah. (Kalau di Mekah kurmanya agak limited dan lebih mahal). Kurma di Madinah juga lebih segar kerana dipetik terus dari pokoknya. Kami juga tuut dibawa ke ladang kurma bagi memberi peluang jemaah membeli seberapa banyak kurma yang diinginkan (tapi kalau berat sangat excess baggage, bayar sendiri la) disamping turut disajikan dengan kurma dan teh arab yang ada dicampur pudina. memang menyegarkan. Jemaah juga akan dibawa melawat ke kawasan bersejarah seperti Bukit Uhud dan Masjid Kiblatain (Dua Kiblat) semasa di Madinah.

Kawasan Sekitar Bukit Uhud

Bagi yang merancang ke Tanah Suci Kal El ingin mencadangkan agar membuka akaun dengan Al Rajihi Bank yang banyak beroperasi di Saudi bagi kemudahan pengeluaran wang. Tak perlu bawa cash banyak-banyak kerana transaksi dia ATM AlRajihi adalah percuma dan tak perlu membayar apa-apa kos tambahan berbanding menggunakan ATM dengan Visa atau Cirrus card (Which may cost you up to RM25 per transaction at certain overseas bank) Lagipun kad ATM Al Rajihi ni berfungsi juga sebagai debit card. Lebih mudah di Mekah sebab ada satu Al Rajihi betul-betul di pintu masuk ke Masjidi Haram.

Masjid Dua Kiblat

Berbalik pada Kota Madinah, kalau anda ke sana dalam bulan Sya'ban bersedialah untuk cuaca yang amat panas (Begitu juga dengan di Mekah). Semasa Kal El di sana cuaca mencecah 40 darjah - terik dan menyakitkan kulit. Tapi jangan bimbang, jarang kita berpeluh di sana kerana cuacanya yang kering. Bagi yang bercadang hendak berpuasa di sana, bulan Ramadhan akan lebih panas cuacanya. Waktu subuh pun begitu terasa bahang dan suhunya seumpama tengahari di Kuala Lumpur ni. Jangan lupa bawa sunglasses kalau mata tak tahan silau sebab lantai Masjid Nabawi dan Masjidil Haram berwarna putih maka faham-faham sajalah bila dah panas terik memancar tu kan.

To be continued...

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