First Week of Ramadhan

While my blood sugar isn't doing me a favor, I am still fasting and looking forward to buka puasa treats for me and my loved one. The first week of Ramadhan we went to several nice places, nothing posh, nothing extravagant but decent enough to cater for our hungry tummies.

The first day of Ramadhan we went to Puteri Bongsu Restaurant - my favourite Nasi Padang Restaurant at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng - we had our usual; rendang daging, bergedel, sambal hijau and chicken plus my favourite Avocado chocolate nad my other half's Durian Belanda for our drinks. Yummy!

We also went to Cozy Corner at Ampang Park twice where I had, what else, my favourite Chicken Chop with gravy and on our second visit we had fried chicken with dried chilli, tom yam, kailan in oyster sauce plus sharks fin soup and banana split. Yummy!

We had not much choice as Ampang Park seems to be the easiest to access at the nearest time for berbuka. I finish work at 4:30 but my love here at 5:30 - so by the time I am chauffeured from the office, it will be somewhere after 6pm. So one of our break fast treat was Pizza Hut where our pizza was accidentally upgraded to a LARGE instead of what we ordered, a REGULAR. Well, we didn't know as it was our first time ordering the diplicious pizza (the one with sausage stuffing and a cheese dip) as the pizza looks regular size but it was put on a large pan because of the sausages - huh rezeki la orang kata... rezeki bulan ramadhan and the waitress didn't say anything until we've eaten half of the pizza. Hehehehe thank you there.

But the best buka puasa treat in the first week of Ramadhan was at Hill Side Restaurant in Bukit Antarabangsa - it was a buffet for RM29+ per person where they server BBQ on Mondays - it is RM25 net for other days where they serve different menu everyday. Considering it is a small family restaurant and a not so big serving of food lineup, we enjoyed our meal there as much as the warm staff of the restaurant. We'll definitely come back to try the rest of the buffet.

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