Jogya Here We Come!

Thanks to Dr Shah's entry on Yogyakarta @ Shah's Ramblings, now I have something to look forward to. This feeling usually comes at the end of the year, usually later but this time it came as early as September. I would usually start planning a long trip overseas (ahahah neighboring countries are more like it) somewhere late November till December. This is the time when on my computer screen at work, or at home has something on the interested country; tips, places of interest, forums etc.

I should say that I am very good at planning. My vacations are usually well planned. From the mode of transportation to the eateries i'd like to go to. Thanks to the Internet, all these are done in a jiff. Going to a place for the time has never been difficult for me as I have read and gone through about the place zillions of times before actually going there. I sometimes even become a travel guide for my travel partner.

The past couple of years, materialising the vacations had to be done at the very last minute. A main factor - money - as I am an addict on doing part time jobs, that is where I get money from to travel. It is usually waiting for the payments that puts off buying tickets earlier and we had to wait till the last minutes and booking hotel rooms a week before departing - usually when traveling via Air Asia, this means paying more for the tickets - but of course, so much cheaper than the normal airlines.

This year, we're on the verge of maybe not going anywhere next year. One, because the money for traveling had been spent on renovating the house. Two, because we're not working together now thus planning seems a little more difficult.

Yesterday, I came across Shah's Ramblings and his entry on Yogya... I got hooked and bah, we bought the ticket to Yogyakarta Indonesia for 31st of January to 5th of February 2008. Well, looks like we're going somewhere after all and I have about 5 months to save for the trip! Really looking forward for this trip as I love cultural vacations, beautiful sceneries and well, crazy shopping hehehehe..

Yogya, here we come!

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