Birthday Presents

This year's 32nd birthday was a pleasant one with many surprises from loved ones and an expensive gift from myself !

I got a bottle of Activist Eu De Toilette from my other half, yep that's one of my favorite perfume since I was in college but back then I used the perfume oil, now with the EDT, it is even better but not as long lasting as the oil. I got a pack of Brands chicken essence and a Spongebob's Patrick Stuff Toy from my brother dearest (heheheh so cute kan?) and mind you my brother is 21 this year ahahahah, a kitty alarm clock from my sis and nephew, a RM100 from my beloved auntie and a surprise makan-makan at Mak's place in Shah Alam together with a birthday cake from the family there.

What did I get for myself? It costs me RM2,390 and it is something I've wanted for a very long time. See the picture below, that's what it is:

Yes, a zitron set Nokia N95. I was actually contemplating between a Canon 400D/Nikon D40x DSLR or the N95 - after much thinking, I decided that I needed a phone more than I needed a camera. Well, the N95 comes with a good camera (of course I can't compare a 5 Mega pixel with a 10 Mega pixel but 5 is better than the 3.0 that I currently have). I guess the camera would have to wait, maybe for my birthday present next year (I've decided to give myself something expensive every year for my birthday starting this year as a token for my working hard throughout the year heheheh) Owning a DSLR is an expensive hobby, so I guess it'll have to wait. When buying the N95, I was attracted to HTC Touch PDA phone but lucky for it's lacking of a good camera and no flash, N95 won my heart. Furthermore, I've never used phones other than Nokia, my 5th set now since 1994 - Talk about brand loyalty (I don't change phone that often. Usually I'll use the phone until it is obsolete - Talk about being stingy.)

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