On our pre-anniversary night we watched Stephen King's 1408 on dvd - ahahah a way a 5 year old couple waits for the clock to strike 12 - heheheh well, after a very disappointing pre-anniversary ramadhan buffet at Rahsia Bistro, a movie would definitely calm us down.

As usual, my choice would be horror, if not comedy. Having read Stephen King's novels, the complicated storyline was well anticipated. The movie was fine at the beginning, about a horror novelist (ahahah very common in Stephen King's novels/movies) who is searching for materials to write and came in an invitation to stay at the Dolphin Hotel in New York to experience their haunted room where 56 people died there, in room 1408 - quite scary at first but the movie turns out to be about the author's past (acted by John Cusack) and his being insistent to stay in room 1408 even after Samuel L Jackson tried to stop him. I think the movie should instead be named after the author or his dead daughter heheheh.

One event after another, some scary happenings in the supposedly haunted room, I began to realize the haunting is actually of Cusack's past - about his daughter and wife and sadly, like many other Stephen King's stories, the story ended up very illogically. But what the heck, it is just a movie and I enjoyed 3/4 of it anyway - I would prefer Dean Koontz's but his novels never go to the silver screen except for 1. Sad.

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