Buka Puasa @ Puti Bongsu Batam

For nasi padang lovers, search no more - this place beats Sari Ratu, Sari Bonda and many other Saris nasi padang places in terms of taste and pricing. Of course the best in taste and price would still be in Indoensia!) This is actually our second time breaking fast here apart from many other dinner visits before. Since this restaurant is nearby my workplace, it has always been an option whenever traffic was bad and whenever I need a dose of my daging rendang, bergedel and sambal hijo.

My craze for nasi padang started after my family's vacation to Jakarta and Bandung way back in 1983. Our week's stay there was torturous as we had to eat nasi padang and indomie every single day but when coming back my mother and I began to crave for what at that time was scarce in Kuala Lumpur. I am sure if my mother was still around she would frequent this place as well.

Nasi Padang Puti Bungsu Batam is a family owned restaurant from Batam, Indonesia. We had a chance to meet the very friendly owner, a young chap who was here to help his brother set up their Kuala Lumpur branch. Eating here (our usual meal, rendang, berdegel, sambal hijo and avocado chocolate for myself and chicken, berdegel and sour sop) would costs us around RM35 per visit while at Sari Bunda in Cheras, for the same meal would usually costs us more than RM50.

Suring Ramadahan they offer a range of buffet variety for RM30 per pax but we chose to eat ala carte - that's the magic of eating nasi padang - a la carte. So, this place is definitely a would come back for us as the food is delicious and the ambiance is definitely great.

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