Resident Evil - Extinction

Here's one more DVD in my collection - Resident Evil: Extinction. I have yes the whole Resident Evil series in my collection and has been looking forward to this sequel.

Like many other movies with sequels, the story seems to get crappier each time. One of course, the element of logic is totally gone. Two, it gets boring as the number of sequel grows and three you tend to be able to predict what will happen in the end due to the same old storyline used.

What I like about Resident Evil: Extinction is the scene where zombie crows attack the convoy and when the zombies barged out of a trailer in Las Vegas. Baru lah ada action!

The way the villain died pun is old story as I can remember in the sequel before Extinction someone already died that similar way.

Entah kenapa lately ni I feel the movies I watched sumenye getting either boring or crappier - referring to horror, thriller, fantasy or action packed - yang ok are all the comedies. Agree?

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