Buka Puasa @ Victoria Station

Last night was a special treat from someone who just got Raya bonus, hehehe I'm jealous dear! So I was given three choices; Victoria Station, Roadhouse Grill or Chilli's - I would prefer Chilli's for their generous portions and refillable drinks but knowing it was Sunday and Chilli's doesn't take reservations, I chose Victoria Station - I can say we're regulars here; we've had Valentine's Dinner here and a couple more visits where one of them was during Ramadhan last year.

Well, since I wasn't the one paying, I would usually wait for the paymaster to order, I wouldn't want to order something more expensive than the paymaster's. Ended up ordering one of the RM48+ steak heheheh. As usual, the food was superb, steak was tender and juicy and like last year we were served with a glass of bandung cincau, a plate of kurma and buah melaka as well as a place of lengkong (jelly). And whenever there, I wouldn't miss their Indonesian Oxtail soup. Yummy!

Thank you sayang - ahahah free food...

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