Happy Birthday Ka'ngah!

Hari ni hari jadi ka'ngah yang ke 72! Well, unik sebenarnya kenapa mak ngah (mummy's sister) is called Kak Ngah instead. She has taken care of me for a seriously long time -since 1975 (nearly 31 years now) she's like a dear mother to me. My late mom is her younger sister so mummy calls her kak ngah... hahaha dari situ la semua pun mengikut panggil kak ngah.

A photo of Mummy and Ka'ngah (seated) in 1990 @ Kluang Rest House in Johore

To celebrate Ka'ngah's birthday i took my family out to Laksa Shack in Wangsa Maju. Happy Birthday Ka'ngah!

Apapun, moga hidup ka'ngah diberkati Allah, sihat dan ceria selalu.

Day 9 - Phuket - Kuala Lumpur - 3 Feb 06

Didn't do much this morning except for packing our things and have our last breakfast in Phuket. The hotel called for our airport transfer and we arrived at Phuket International about noon.

Thanks to Air Asia we were deprived of having a good half day upon arrival 3 days ago - the flight from Bangkok was delayed for almost 3 hours and we arrived in Phuket after night fall.

Whatever it is we had a really good time in beautiful Phuket and we really hope to come back real soon.

Good bye Phuket!

Day 8 - Phuket - 2 Feb 06

Started early - waited for the pick up and he was late - some German toursits were missing in action. Luckily we managed to arrive on time and saw that the jetty was very crowded.

Had a picturesque journey to Phi Phi Island on top of the deck of the boat. Took many pictures although got really wet but it was worth it. Spent an hour in the waters snorkeling. Had to pay some fees for the snorkel gear. The waters were deep and the snorkel was not that great compared to some places i've been to but still the experience was wonderful.

Headed back to Phuket Island in the evening and headed straight to the beach for some more water experince. In the late evening, walked along Patong Road and we had dinner at the same seafood restaurant we went to on the fist night in Phuket.

Tomorrow will be a sad day as we're leaving Phuket for home... :-(

Day 7 - Phuket - 1 Feb 06

Went to the beach first thing in the morning. Took us about 10 minutes walk to reach the beach. Saw traces of mother nature running amok in the Tsunami incident in 2004 - some resorts we just built, some still in states of damage. There were warning signages erected pointing to the safe direction if and when Tsunami hits again.

Took the tuk-tuk to Phuket town - bought some clothes and visited the gem showroom as well as the bird's nest restaurant before returning to Patong for another beach visit. Had subway sandwhich for lunch.

At night we had dinner at the same place as last's but a restaurant next door. We ate the very same things we had the night before. Decided to go snorkle the next morning so we purchased a snorkle tour from a Muslim vendor on Patong Road. Stroll along Patong Road as there were stalls all night long - however did not shop much in Phuket as we've gotten most of the stuf we need in Bangkok.

Sat at one of the bars before returning to the hotel. Early day tomorrow!

Day 6 - Bangkok - Phuket - 31 Jan 06

Woke up real early on our final day in Bangkok. Really looking forward to leave the busy city and head to a beach vacation in Phuket.

Didn;t do much after breakfast. Pack and headed to the Bangkok Domestic Terminal via Ambassador Hotel's Airport transfer in a volvo 940. Arrived at Bangkok Airport around 1pm and the flight was delayed for 2 and a half hours. Wasted alot of time waiting for Air Asia Thailand domestic flight to Phuket. Instead of the opportunity to spend half a day in sunny Phuket, we arived after night falls... :-(

Goodnye Bangkok!

Day 6 - Phuket - 31 Jan 06

After the flight delay in Bangkok we finally arrived in Phuket at 7:30pm - sun was down and nothing much to see. The journey fom the airport to our all men hotel in patong complex takes about 45 minutes.

We were greeted by friednly Aquariuos hotel (highly recommended - they're nice, clean and very civilised people). Since we're Asians, I especially look like a local - there were some gazes from tourists and locals alike.

Upon arrival, we checked into out James Deam suite and immediately went out to look for dinner. Of course, we went just accros patong main road to the famous seafood place.

I bought corn on the cob - a gigantic one. And foresee eating it for the next 3 nights and i knew i'm going to miss it after leaving Phuket. At the seafood outlet I tried BBQ cockles, tom yum kung, kerabu mango and som tham - all very delicious and fiery!

Went to the patong complex before returning to the hotel - this coming weekend would be the Gay Parade therefore there are many baby dolls around.

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