Sheila Majid Zoom In - February 25, 2005

Yeap, that's how long i have been planning to post these pictures of Sheila Majid's Zoom In - dah 5 bulan baru ni la dapat post hehehe... so here are some pictures of Malaysia's very own artiste tapi macam biasa Sheila jugak yang paling best!!! Fulllll Stop! Thanks to Abang Khairil for the tickets.

Anuar Zain Concert @ SInggahsana PJ

Hmmmmm pergi konsert charity Anuar Zain kat Singgahsana Hotel in PJ ngan Autumn Junkie and my other half - a threesome affair that night heheheh.. excited gila... eventho the organisation of the concert were yucky tapi we enjoyed ourselves... Anuar Zain was great. Got to know about the concert at cafe when we were there for lunch and decided to go.

Tunggu pun punya la lama... semata2 sebab tak makan dinner tapi nak tengok dia nyanyi je... overall excellent to Anuar Zain but sorry to say, the organizer sucks... nasib baik tak makan!

Starlight Cinema - Mr & Mrs Smith

Heheheh semalam was an adventurous night... dah lama tak main ujan hahaha dengan pakai baju office terus ke Starlight Cinema... well, have planned this experience for the last three years tapi 2 tahun lepas tak jadi so, this year mesti jugak pergi! So there we were, tengok movie under the rain... at first cuaca cerah but come 7:30 dah start hujan and kilat sabung menyabung. Not wanting to miss entertainment under the stars (rain) we sat, well I sat kat padang tu for 4 hours straight hahaha sampai kebas la kaki nak jalan balik. The experience was good, unforgettable but i dragged the unexpected exercise walking from the car park to the 'oh sungguh jauhnya' starlight cinema... thank you to the organizer i think i've lost 2 kilos walking and entertaining myself in the cold rain. hahahah

Movie wise, splendid action packed movie. Nothing much to say except - go watch it lah!

Ex ICT Gathering @ Coca KL Plaza

Finally, the longest serving staff of ICT left the company. Now Chelmen knows how it feels to be free from HELL. Heheheheheh happy... gila-gila happy and muka pun macam baru buat facelift! Ceria saja... (every ex-ICT will definitely agree on this)

This time, the farewell was held kat COCA Steamboat Restaurant in KL Plaza... enjoyed the food... makan punya banyak sampai lasted until dinner! And this time also, we were all introduced to Mike's Girl friend and wife-to-be, Wen Loo - welcome to the happy Ex-ICT family girl!

Congratulations to Chelmen who joined IBM and thank you to Wendy, Mike, Wen Loo, Amir, Shahrina, Leong, Nikky, Agnes, Rowena, Jon & Wife, Saiful, Syamsul & Lee Yean for making this gathering cum farewell lunch a, enjoy the pics guy.

The celebrated girl is in the middle.
The ones on the left and right are two happy people who left the company much earlier.

Day 2 - Janda Baik - 28 May 2005

Di sebabkan malam tadi hampir semua orang tido lambat, maka ramailah yang terlepas semayang subuh ekekekek... Kuar-kuar tengok sungai (konon nak melayan perasaan tepi sungai) terserempak dengan 2 ikan duyung (S ngan H) tengah celup-celup kaki dalam air... aku apa lagik... terus ler pi join diorang sekali.. kerja-kerja menambak sungai untuk buat empangan bermula 7 pagi dan berakhir 11:30 pagi. Makanan pagi tu was nasi lemak and puding castard.. sayangnya sambal nasi lemak tu sikit... sedap woooo... pekat!

Puan A came by and everbody, hahahaha kene plak amik IQ TEST!!! Nasib baik IQ ku betul2 at the first point dalam kategori GOOD. Hahahah saspen gak kalau2 IQ rendah kan? After IQ test, we played Gestures, aku tak main sebab perutku kembung (as it is memang sentiasa kembung pun!) So, jadik photographer ler... lepas tu main Statue Dance aka Mikey dopey dance game ekekeke. Memang seronok tengok Mike menari... macam ulat.. menguit-nguit hahahaha. Souvenirs were handed to everyone and then semua start packing... nak balik dah... uwaaaaa! Lepas ni dah takde dengar bunyik sungai masa tido.. best woooo hehehehe... ok la, lain kali bleh datang lagi ke Janda Baik... walaupun takde pun jumpa janda di ada janda la... tapi biarlah rahsia kuang...kuang...kuang... janda jahat se Malaysia tau...

Day 1 - Janda Baik - 27 May 2005

This is the first time CS staff goes out on a company retreat. Our destination - Janda Baik @ "Taman Hana, Wadi Hussein".

Everyone gathered at Projet Gombak before moving in convoy to Janda Baik. Arrived at Janda Baik slightly after 1pm - hahahah terlepas junction to Janda Baik sebenarnya.... heheheheh.samapi-sampai terus kemas-kemas and ada yang tak sabar2 nak mandi. Puan N brought pulut kuning, nasi impit, rendang and kentang goreng berlada... wahhhh sedap wooo and someone brought nasi lemak.. makan sama-sama and then Tuan Syed Hussein Alattas spent about 2 hourswith CS staff bercerita tentang sejarah Taman Hana, Wadi Hussein dan falsafah-falsafah hidupnya yang ingin dikongsi bersama 'adik-adik' dari CS.

That night we had BBQ - Ya Allah makanan punya la banyak... yang gemuk makin gemuk... yang kurus tetap kurus jugak sebab yang gemuk dah perabih makanan depa. Candles and pelita were lighted around the BBQ area creating a very cosy ambience. Ada sesi nyanyi menyanyi sambil gitar dimainkan oleh TL maka terserlahla bakat-bakat penyanyi yang terpendam di kalangan staf CS... muahahahahahah!

Lepas penat melalak, ramai yang pi jalan-jalan keliling taman Pak Habib yang dipenuhi kolam dan pokok-pokok dari lebih 30 negara. Ada jugak yang main JENGA... ahahahaha aku antara yang terlibat dalam perlawanan penuh emosi JENGA. Tapi ada jugak yang dah duk dalam hutan tepi sungai... masih nak bermesyuarat hahahahah jangan marah ye!

Last-last semua terbongkang kat tengah hall tido.... tak sabar tunggu esok! Nak berenang beb!

Day 3 - Brunei - KL 20 May 2005

Leaving for KL today. After breakfast headed for the airport via the hotel shutle. The driver was a Malaysian, from Miri, Sarawak. Seems there are many Malaysian working in Brunei, especially those from Sarawak.

I've had had no chance to explore Brunei when I was here but the visit was short and pleasant. What was special was the people, the culture, which i thought was similar but somewhat different to those practiced in Malaysia. One obvious thing is Bruneians are very soft spoken and gentle. Even the language, even though the same one spoken in Malaysia, has a slight difference in it - 'anda' in Malaysia means 'you' but in Brunei means 'Us'.

Took a direct Brunei Airlines to KLIA. I love Brunei Airlines because they make ir a practice to recite the prayers before departure - something different from other airlines in the world.

Day 2 - Brunei Darussalam 19 May 2005

After breakfast, took the hotel shuttle to another hotel about 25km off town where it was nearer to the meeting venue. Went to the meeting with an acquantance's car. The meting ended after lunch time and returned to the hotel.

Took the opportunity to walk around town - well there were nothing else to do. So i took pictures of bandar Seri Begawan, went to the same shopping complex and bought some souvenirs for family and friends.

Returned to the hotel at night via cab (Cabs here are costly - about RM25 per trip) Used the hotel Internet to send report for today's meeting to the big boss and went to bed after that.

Day 1 - KL - KK - Bdr Seri Begawan 18 May 2005

Since this is a business trip, had to go to the office first. From the office at about 11am, took the PUTRA LRT to Kuala Lumpur Sentral and checked in at the KL Terminal. The check in staff was busy yackity yacking with his friend and spelled trouble for me later on.

Took the ERL to KLIA and the MAS flight to Kota Kinabalu was delayed for about an hour. Arrived KK International Airport and had to rush to the check in counter for Brunei Airlines to Bandar Seri Begawan.

Earlier at KL Sentral I was told that my baggage would go striaght to Brunei and I need not check them in at KK. Arriving Bandar Seri Begawan i realised that my baggage did not arrive - delayed until the next morning because i was suppose to check in to Brunei Airlines. Thank you to the yackity yacking KL Sentral airport staff.

Since there is going to be a business meeting early tomorrow, I decided to go shopping for clothes and toiletries. Walked to the nearest and only shopping complex in Bandar Seri Begawan (there is another shopping complex but not within walking distance) and shop for the necessities.

Took a cab back to the hotel (very friendly staff but was rather empty) and rested. Early day tommorow!

Happy Mother's Day 2005

When i was writing this entry, I couldn't help but let tears flow down my cheek. The past week when mother's day advertisements were played all week long over proved a mental and emotional torture for me. Many times, I cried while driving to work. The sadness of losing a dear mother and the memories of her is unbearable. I just wish i could have another chance to see my mother and hear her voice one last time. This year's mother's day, we celebrated ka'ngah (mummy's sister) and mak mah, our eldest cousin's mother-in-law at Putrajaya Lake Club. The scenery that night was beautiful and the food was excellent. I am sure mummy would appreciate a gathering like that but of course, we were there with mummy in mind.

I miss you mummy. Hanya hadiah doa dan bunga-bungaan kesukaan mummy yang dapat berikan tahun ini...

Also to my late atok, Happy Mother's Day...

Day 3 - Cherating - 3 May 2005

Today is our last day here. Time to leave and go back to the city. I've never been to Kuantan so we drove there after checking out and took the longer way home.

It turned out Kuantan is a small town with low rise buildings and nothing much to see. But good enough, I could tell people i've been to Kuantan after all. Heheheh.

We engraved our names on the wall of the chalet, hoping to come back to the same chalet the next time we're here.

Day 2 - Cherating - 2 May 2005

Ahahah so both of us bangun lambat and we missed the sunrise. By the time we woke up the sun has risen far too late. We decided on this second day in Cherating to drive to Kemaman and started looking for keropok souvenirs - bought some RM100 bucks worth of keropok for giveaways and drove around Kemaman town after that.

The chalet was ok, cheap and comfortable. Spent time at the beach again in the evening and at night we went to look for a stall with astro; to have dinner as well as watch Man United's game that night.

I guess this vacation to Cherating is meant for us to have a good, pleasant rest and that was what we did. The air was cool, didn't rain that heavily, just drizzles and we spent alot of time at the village by the beach.

Day 1 - Cherating - 1 May 2005

At last! A long 'overdue' vacation - ni kira desperate la.. the last we went was to Genting last year, and after that takde pergi memana until la this one. A short, sweet and cheap vacation hehehehe. Bertolak dari BA pukul 9:30 pagi and went to Alliance to pay the house loan, singgah Dharbar kat Melawati for breakfast then singgah my father's house. By the time kitorang masuk highway was about 11:30am. The tol charges were RM4 at gombak, another RM2.50 near Karak and RM19.00 on the new Lebuhraya Pantai Timur. Arrived Kuantan at about 3pm.

The actual planning started a couple of weeks before; bookings etc. although we have talked about going since as early as February! We managed to get a place kat Seberang Balok since most of the chalets refuse to take advance booking (eventhough i offered to pay in advance) and all the large 3 - 4 star resorts were fully booked. So, we had no choice but to book at Kabana Resort. Upon arrival (that is after terlajak ke near Kemaman - didn't expect this Kabana was like 30 minutes drive to Cherating) we were greeted with an unpleasant news of paip pecah dekat Kabana. Bilik pun boleh tahan tak best - the place was deserted and macam a ghost motel je la.. hehehe ada swimming pool but didn't look inviting at all. So we decided to go back to Kampung Cherating to see whether we could get a last minute room at a decent chalet there. Lucky enough we got a place for RM74 at Cherating Mini Motel (it's a bungalow style chalet with TV, Aircond, 1 double bed, a single bed and an attached bathroom) Ok ler.. happy hehehehe. So we had to go back to Kabana and return their keys and hopefully get some refund from our booking (kat situ price was RM80 per room per night).

At Kabana it was hard to convince the owner that we do not want the room due to 'takda air' lucky us that the water supply was still not on at 5:30pm. So gunalah alasan tu and i negotiated with the resort owner and offered a half day payment for his room. Kira win-win situation and got la my RM100 back.

After taking a short nap, I was eager to see the sun set. Hahahah that's the reason for going to the beach at 7pm! Disspointed by no sun set view (Blocked by some pine trees) we hopped for a drink kat Duyong Seafood Restaurant.. balik to our 'bungalows' and prepare for dinner. (Dari lunch tak makan!) and drove to Kemaman. Had nasi goreng ayam and my dear had favourite tom yam campur (which was tak sedap at all) hahaha and headed back to Kg Cherating after a short drive along Kuala Kemaman beach. We watched Cerekarama on TV3 and tido after that.. tak sabarnya nak tengok sunrise the next morning!

Red Box Ex-ICT Gathering/Farewell

Kelly Chen Singing

Leaving my previous workplace for good has always been a grand event. kah kah kah... yeah, like in February when five of us left we had a grand hi-tea gathering at Eastin Hotel.... photos later! This time, 4 of them (Mike, Vincent, Azah and Afni) left, so giving an excuse for another big gathering lor! Hehehehe ya la... celebrating their freedom kan. Eventhough only Mike was present we had so much fun. Also celebrated Chelmen's, Mike's and Amir's birthday (cake inclusive in the package), ate plenty of buffet food and sang alot of Chinese songs wakakakakaka. This time the gathering was at Red Box The Curve.

Millions thanks to those who attended: Mike, Chelmen, Rowena, Amir, Jon & Wife, Chin Yee, Lee Yean, Agnes, Nikky, Darren and Adrian... jumpa lagi!

Sheila Majid's Secretary's Week Luncheon

A mother of three, yet so beautiful! Petit but so powerful - that's my Sheila Majid.

Yup, ponteng kerja just to see this beautiful lady's performance (Hahaha and Quality Hotel's big boss's daughter pun ponteng sekolah to see her, hehehe) . Well, I've never missed her local shows (so far), i'll do whatever i have to, to be with her other loyal fans cherishing her and encouraging her to keep singing!

Sheila, of course sang very well but the crowd was rather dissapointing, maybe because the fans segan silu with their bosses around or maybe it was the atmosphere (well, ini bukan her show at Dewan Phillharmonic Petronas a few years back, tapi kat DPP dulu tu understood ler, because Tun Dr. Mahathir and former Queen Aisyah was there, and the formality of that place, kinda expected). But even @ the Ku Mohon Concert, former Queen Aisyah was also present but the fans were cooperative and WE had fun!)

Apart from wanting to watch Sheila, today is to also celebrate my love's Birthday. Happy Birthday sayang... kira ni birthday present dia la... Hope you like it my darling.

Well, i suppose it was the seating at @ Sogo Conference hall tu...hahaha kalau tak i bet some of us... or at least I, will stand up and boogie! Ekekekek that's what i like about Sheila's fans, they're as cool and as fun as the singer herself...

Ala... that reminds me of Sheils's RTM Zoom In photos... belum update. Will do tapi masa tu hahah tak dapat jumpa Sheila pun... but met with Acis, Dayang Nurfaizah etc.. etc... nanti ek!

White Noise @ Time Square

Ni masa pi tengok citer White Noise... harammmmm tak best. buat rugi masa tido je.. hehehe my laling pun tido gak half way... entah apa-apa makin lama cerita dia makin merepek.. not up to my expectations le... gazzette je boleh harap best! ekekeke... tensen...tensen... so that is all I can write pasal citer ni. Don't watch!

Tapi best la jalan-jalan kat time square, walaupun nothing much to see or buy there.. janji next week nak tengok wayang lagik! Lepas jalan-jalan pi makan kat Chicken Rice Shop .. huhuhu buleh la.... janji the time spent with my loved one is meaningful.

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