Last Saturday pi a friend's wedding kat Sg Buloh. Both the bride and the groom are my friends. Seronok bila tgk kengkawan getting married, one by one. Yang lebih muda pun dah kawin. Some of my friends ada yang dah anak 2, yang anak 4 pun dah ada... ahahah aku ada 7 tapi 7 ekor la...

I want to have kids of my own. I want to send them to school, see them being successful, let them go when it's time for them to start their own families but a million reasons are stopping me from starting my own.

Achoi & Ctot, Selamat Pengantin Baru

Takpa la, aku tengok aja la kengkawan kawen, pray for their happiness. I'll be contented with what and whom I have now in my life. Walaupun marriage is not an option (It is actually, tell you later when I have the guts) but I'm really glad there is someone taking care of me. People will never understand what I'm saying here but let it be as long as I know I'm taken care off. All I could say is thank you to this one person who sacrifices for me and who is willing to do things not even my immediate family is willing to.

I will write more on this topic later.

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