Bali Day 7 - 23 Jan 07

Since our flight is later at night, after checking out of the Sanur hotel, we were allowed to hang around the place and use their facilities. So i took the chance to swim at the beach and finally get a tan - and use their swimming pool. There are three pools at this hotel. We went to the airport and spent the time there until time for boarding. Ahahah we had ample time to do last minute shopping at the airport. When we arrived at the airport we witnessed our first accident in Bali - right in front of our eyes - A BMW and a 4WD. So until it was time to board the plane we spent our last Rupiah shopping ahahahah. We arrived AT LCCT KLIA around midnite - there my brother wasalready waiting to take us home. Well, we had a great time in Bali and plan to visit again. We'll miss you Bali!

Bali Day 6 - 22 Jan 07

Woke up very early and waited for the ride to Tulambem. Met Minnie from Crystal Divers on board a van on a two hour ride to Tulambem (north east of Bali). Ahahah what else, apart from enjoying the scenery along the way, we slept at any possible intervals (when there's nothing much to see) This will be a snorkeling trip - much anticipated as we told the ship wreck is beautiful - only if we could go on the diving trip but we had not the license nor we had the budget take the lessons - perhaps next time. At Tulemben we were at Matahari Resort - there we had breakfast together with about 8 other divers (also from Malaysia) and Minnie's staff. We went on two snorkeling trips - believe me the corals and fishes are extremely beautiful and breath taking - just imagine if we had gone diving instead. On the first trip we were nearly swept away by strong currents near the ship wreck but lucky for us our guide was a very experienced one. On the second trip I was exhausted and had to be towed (ahahahah so embarrassing) but we really enjoyed the trip and swore that we'd learn diving the next time we're in Bali. Returned to Sanur in time for dinner - snapped some photos with Crystal Divers' Staff and was sent back to the hotel. Had dinner at the hotel and dozed off to sleep after that - exhausted!

Bali Day 5 - 21 Jan 07

Pak Made couldn't make it again as promised. We came to the conclusion that he didn't want to take us because we refuse to go to places he wanted to take us on the first day (those places he gets commission bringing tourists to). So we chartered another guide - Mas Made - the driver who sent us to Kuta from peninsular Beach resort in Nusa dua the day before. See the similarity in the name 'Made'? Made means - first child. So there are many Mades in Bali - beware! We pay Mas made Rp358K for the 1 day trip - meals excluded - thank God he was available in such a short notice - otherwise our plans are ruined! We first checked out Wina after breakfast adn went to Tanah Lot Temple on board a white Kijang (Indonesian National Car) - Spectecular scenery along the way and definitely breathtaking at the temple - we took dozens of pictures and saw people surfing - this time really surfing with bigger waves unlike in Kuta. We next visited the Taman Ayun temple of Mengwi. There we saw the Mengwi clan having a meeting in progress. Had buffet lunch later at the Mentari Restaurant nearby Lake Bratan - a mountainous lake-view - mountain with 4 spikes and 3 lakes. Passed by a vegetable market on the way and because of the low visibility (fog) we didn't visit the other two lakes. Later we head to Sanur to check in Paneeda View Resort for the next two night. Stopped by at Crystal Divers to choose our equipment for our anticipated snorkeling trip to Tulambem tomorrow - we we greet my very friendly staff at Crystal Divers and they surely made us feel like they've known us for ages. After cheking in - we unpacked and Mas made joined us for a swim at the Resort's pool. Later that night we went to watch the Kecak Dance. Went back to the hotel for dinner and slept early for tomorrow's snorkeling trip.

Bali Day 4 - 20 Jan 07

Woke up at 7:45 and was ready by 8am. Received a phone call from Pak Made at 8:15 canceling our tour - we were supposed to go to the west coast of Bali today. He had to postpone the tour to tomorrow due to some reasons. Had breakfast at hotel - well after a couple of days having the same things for breakfast - we did not have much this morning. Decided to take a cab (we got the same driver who took us to HRC on the first night - ahahah guess Bali is so small that you could bump into the same person twice) to Sindhu beach to look for the famous tootsie stall - this place was highly recommended for the fair price and variety in the internet - but do not go here!

There's practically nothing and no bargaining allowed - things weren't that cheap and definitely no variety. We then went to Sukawati market - yes this is definitely a better place to shop but you'll have to be a hard bargainer here. We then decided taht we'd still like to shop at the Hard Rock Hotel Megastore and asked the cab drivr to take us there. The fare was Rp264K for a half day ride. In front of HRC we were approached by a local man from Peninsular Beach Resort in Nusa Dua - He claimed we won 2 t-shirts and a possibility to win USD1K - excited, we followed him to Peninslar Beach Resort and met the manager - yes we did wil the t-shirts and we had to do a lucky draw for the USD1K instead we won a USD250 booklet work of vouchers. Ahahaha not that we can use them as we have the whole trip already planned - perhaps next visit then. We were sent back to the place we were picked up by the hotel (phew! didn't cross our mind that we could actually get kidnapped when we agreed to follow the man to the hotel earlier on) - So we continued shopping at the Megastore and toured Hard Rock Hotel. Planned to stay there when we visit Bali next time. We had a late lunch - more to tea at Planet Hollywood in galleria - a duty free shop - Meal at Planet Hollywood is so much cheaper and taster compared to at HRC. Shopped again at the Planet's Boutique and went around the duty free - expensive, sold in USD. At night we stroll along Poppies again, taking the back-lane once more and tried the avocade+chocolate drink recommended by our friend back in Malaysia. Had dinner at Munching Inn Bar & Restaurant (Owned by an Australian) - we had local dishes; soto ayam and chicken satay - not bad!

Bali Day 3 - 19 Jan 07

Woke up at 8:30am as we were very excited to explore Kuta and do more shopping! had breakfast at Wina and it was raining. Later when the rain stopped took a shortcut behind Wina to get to Legian. It was quite scarry walking in the backlanes with people trying to lure you into buying their stuff - sometimes there are guys on motorbikes trying to take you to their shops and believe me you need to be very firm with them, and if you are not interested, do not maintain eye contact and just say you don't want it and walk away. We did not buy much around legian as most of the stores are selling basically the same things.

Took a cab to Kuta square to matahari departmental store and shopped for souvenir - well, things are a little more expensive here but you can surely shop with a peace of mind. Later we had root beer at the Matahari A&W and later continued shopping at Jungle Surf Boutique. Took a cab back to Wina and had a late lunch (Nasi Padang) at a stall along the short cut to legain behind Wina. very cheap - only Rp30K for 2 After the late lunch we walked to Kuta beach and walked along Poppies lane 2 and again had to go through people trying to sell you things. Poppies is indeed an interesting and happening place to live in if you're on a tight budget and dont mind an unair-condirtioned room - a nice tourist flocked place. We were quite disappointed with the waves at Kuta - rather small to what we expected. We sat and waited for the sunset - not bad and later on discovered Hard Rock Hotel Megastore (we did not see this place yesterday) and ended up shopping like nobody's business. We took a cab back to Wina for Rp20K - expensive as the driver did not use the meter. Spent the rest of the night resting at the hotel - had steak sandwich for dinner and Amir had Ayam kecap... not bad.

Bali Day 2 - 18 Jan 07

Awaken by our driver Pak made at 8am. We had thought Bali time was like Jakarta, which was an hour late compared to Malaysian time but we were wrong. Lucky Pak Made called us early so we had time to shower and have a quick breakfast. We met Pak Made at the lobby - Pak made will take us around in his Daihatsu Xenja (seems like everybody is driving this car here) for Rp350K per day. Pak Made is a middle aged man and speaks English rather well. being from Malaysia we did not have much trouble communicating in Bahasa Indonesia with him. We were taken to Art gallery and wood carving factory in Ubud, Cahaya Market to shop and saw the barong dance for Rp500 per person. Later went to Kintamani to see Mt Agung and had a buffet lunch there for Rp169 for 2 pax. Very cheap! in the evening we went shopping again at a place where everything is at 50% discount. The place had a very nice Bali style architecture. Lastly we visited the monkey forest in Ubud. Later Pak Made sent us to Kartika Plaza and there we bought some DVD. Had A&W for dinner then took a cab to Wina. We witnessed beautiful bali scenery along the way on our road trip around Bali today. For supper at Wina we had nasi goreng istimewa served with satay - very delicious and claimed our welcome drinks. Slept early as tomorrow will be a long Kuta excursion day for the both of us. Yeay!

Bali Day 1 - 17 Jan 07

We drove to Uniten in Bangi to pick my brother up since he is the one sending us to the airport. Arrived at the airport 12:30pm but had to wait as our Air Asia flight AK904 was at 4:40pm. My brother had a class at the Uni at 2pm so we had no0 choice but to be at the airport early. The Air Asia flight was on time and we arrived Bali at approximately 7+pm. Took the airport taxi for Rp45k. Checked in Wina Hotel and was upgraded to a suite - thanks Wina Hotek for the generous upgrade. The Suite was near the restaurant and had a beautiful Bali style door. It was huge, comfortable and very traditional despite the hotel being a little 'seasoned'. Had our first night in Bali dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Took a cab to HRC for Rp25K and walked back along Kuta beach to Wina Hotel. Went to the boutique but couldn't decide what to get and planned to come back the next day. Tired walking and after unpacking we slept at midnite. Tomorrow will be our first day tour with Pak Made (booked at Wina).

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