I'm worried

Looking back at entries on my traveling the past couple of years, I began to worry if my travel plan to Jogja would not be as planned. In Bangkok in early 2006, I have started having difficulties walking but it was really obvious when were were in Bali in early 2007. I couldn't climb the stairs at Tanah Lot and was panting like a mad dog when I exerted myself doing it.

I could feel my health deteriorating day after day, year after year. Things I could do only a year ago is near impossible now. When I was in Langkawi a few months back I had so much difficulties climbing up Air Asia. I was alone and nobody was there to help. I just hope this time to Jogja I would be able to do things that I planned. I want to climb up the rocks to see and snap pictures of the sunrise. I want to be able to walk around the city and shop as I like.

I really miss those time when walking and climbing stairs weren't troublesome for me. I regret that I didn't go traveling when I was a lot healthier - but at that time I haven't found my love who looks very well after me. I have become so dependable on this one person whom I won't be able to live without. Just hope we'll be together for as long as In live.

Thanks my dear for taking good care of me. I owe you my life, my happiness. Thank you.

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