Superman Sighted at BA...

SuperWolf's Double..

Somebody told me this is SuperWolf's double .. pelanduk dua serupa... ada sama ke? Part mana ek? Cuba cerita sket... tang mana yang sama tu?

So to my supposedly double - are you a Kryptonian too?

Superman oh Superman!

Here are some of Superman stuff i own hehehe, including a box of Hansaplast band-aid and KFC's CD Box and plastic container.

The other day I saw a 30 inch Superman figurine at Parkson Grand KLCC - been eyeing the guy since. Just getting myself ready to part with RM149.00. Hehehe anything for you my dear couz. There were some stationary i'd definitely like to own, also at Parkson.

My obsession...

Poke at your own risk

Cuba la... untuk lepas tensen... ekekek thanks Jiji for sending!
p/s click here to play

Perjalanan yang Memenatkan....

Lihatlah gambar tu..... Inilah yg kitorg tempuh setiap hari..setiap pagi....muka **** yg serius bawak kereta...huahuahuaa....khusyuknye! Superwolf is the co-driver ( agaknye tgh pk...arini nak buat apa kat opes tu?) and azah...duk kat belakang...ehhehe bukan as boss oke! penumpang tetap kete amirulsyah neh...memandangkan kita semua dah "TERCAMPAK" kat klang 4 ever....dat's y we all kene buat car pool... almaklum..rumah memasing jauh amat!... tuan empunya kereta kat bukit antarabangsa.....penumpangnye...sorang kat keramat..sorang kat selayang... cuba bygkan perjalanan seharian kitorg semua ni camne?

Duit...usah ditanya....kalo tolak campur bahagi darab...kirenye...blum tentu cukup nak beli seluar baru ..dah tentunya pegi keje ikut sesuka hati nak pakai apa... hujung bulan jek...dah tentu maggi tu bole jadi perkara wajib...paling jimat...makan roti canai kat kedai mamak!...

Hi....bilela sengasara hidup ini akan berakhir??...patutnye kite mintak duit dr MOMOK ngan WW tu sara hidup kitorg neh pegi balik keje ari2....dem!

MOMOK Dolu-dolu...

Inilah rupa momok ketika beliau kurus dahulu. Nak tau kenapa aku tau ini momok dolu-dolu? Oleh kerana perangainya macam beruk, dan kerana rambutnya yang masih berketak kini, aku positif beliau telah berjaya membadakkan dirinya dan telah berjaya menjalani wax treatment untuk menghilangkan keberukkannya.

WW a.k.a Monyet Dolu-dolu

Ini pula WW dolu-dolu. Kelembuannya terserlah hingga kini kerana masih suka memperbodohkan dirinya dan mengikut kata Momok walaupun selalu menyedari keberukkan Momok itu.

Walaubagaimanapun saiz badannya tidak dapat dipastikan kini kerana beliau sudah tidak lagi berpakaian seksi seksa seperti dalam gambar di atas.

Selamat Tinggal Jajad, Sepol & Ju

Istana Menanti ingin mengucapkan selamat maju jaya dan selamat menempuhi alam pekerjaan ditempat baru bagi tiga sahabat di CSSB - Jajad, Sepol dan Ju. Moga lebih berjaya dan lebih

bahagia hendaknya... Amin...

Superman Returns in 3D!!!

SUPERMAN RETURNS, directed by Bryan Singer, is the world's first live-action Hollywood feature to be converted from 2D to IMAX® 3D. IMAX is using its proprietary 2D to 3D conversion technology to convert approximately 20 minutes of the film into An IMAX 3D Experience®, the most immersive cinematic 3D in the world.

Following a mysterious absence of several years, the Man of Steel comes back to Earth in the epic action-adventure SUPERMAN RETURNS, a soaring new chapter in the saga of one of the world's most beloved superheroes.

SUPERMAN RETURNS: AN IMAX 3D EXPERIENCE will be distributed exclusively by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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Superman Returns Trailer

If you haven't seen the trailer... here it is.
Thanks to

SuperWolf, you're a Passionate Kisser!!

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75,000 BC
Earliest human altars, including evidence of prehistoric bear-cult.

10,000 BC
Domestication of dog

6,000 BC
Catal Huyuk cave-drawings depict leopard men hunting

2,000 BC
Epic of Gilamesh written down (first literary evidence of werewolves)

850 BC
Odyssey written down (includes many traces of werewolf beliefs)

500 BC
Scythians recorded as believing the Neuri to be werewolves.

400 BC
Damarchus, Arcadian werewolf, said to have won boxing medal at Olympics

100 - 75 BC
Virgil's eighth ecologue (first voluntary transformation of werewolf)

150 AD
Apuleius, Metamorphosis composed

170 AD
Pausanias visits Arcadia and hears of Lykanian werewolf rites

600 AD
Saint Albeus (Irish) said to have been suckled by wolves

617 AD
Wolves said to have attacked heretical monks

650 AD
Paulus Aegineta describes "melancholic lycanthropia"

900 AD
Hrafnsmal mentions "wolf coats" among the Norwegian Army
Canon Episcopi condems the belief in reality of witches as heretical

First use of the word "werewulf" recorded in English

Death of Prince Vseslav of Polock, alleged Ukrainian werewolf

1182 - 1183
Giraldus claims to have discovered Irish werewolf couple

1194 - 1197
Guillaume de Palerne composed

Marie de France composes Bisclavret

Lai de Melion composed

1275 - 1300
Volsungasaga, Germanic werewolf saga, written down

Wolf child of Hesse discovered

1347 - 1351
First major outbreak of the Black Death

Werewolves mentioned during witchcraft trial at Basel

Else of Meerburg accused of riding a wolf

Malleus Maleficarum published

Swiss woman tried for riding a wolf

Woman tried for riding a wolf at Lucerne

Werewolves of Poligny burnt

Paduan werewolf dies after having arms and legs cut off

Witekind interviews self-confessed werewolf at Riga Johann Weyer
takes up post of doctor at Cleve

Modern French version of Guillaume published at Lyon

Olaus Magnus records strange behavior of Baltic werewolves

First publication of Della Porta, Magiae naturalis

First publication of Weyer, De praestigus daemonum

St. Bartholomew's Day of Massacre, intensification of French civil war

Gilles Garnier burnt as werewolf

Trials of the benandanti begin in the Friuili (and will continue for a century)

Rebellion at Romans with cannibalistic overtones

Reginald Scot's Discoverie of Witchcraft published

Alleged date of Auvergne female werewolf (Boguet)

Peter Stubb executed as werewolf at Cologne

Roulet tried as werewolf, his sentence commuted
"Werewolf of Chalons" executed at Paris
Gandillon family burnt as werewolves in the Jura

2nd edition of Bouget, Discours des sorciers

Jean Grenier tried as werewolf and is sentenced to life imprisonment

Two women condemned as werewolves at Liege Jean Grenier dies

Webster's Duchess of Malfi published

Famine in Franche-Comte: cannibalism reported

Cromwellian law forbids export of Irish wolfhounds

The Livonian werewolf Theiss interrogated

Perrault's Contes includes "Little Red Riding Hood"

De Tournefort sees vampire exhumation

Bete de Gevaudon starts werewolf scare in Auvergne

1796 - 1799
Widespread fear of wolves reported in France

Victor of Aveyron first seen

French population falls below 2000

Grimm Brothers publish their version of "Little Red Riding Hood"

Antoine Leger tried for werewolf crimes and sentenced to lunatic asylum

Death of Victor of Averyon

Souix warriors reported hunting in wolfskins

Accusation of being "wolf leader" ends in court in St. Gervais
G. W. M. Reynolds, Wagner the Wehr-Wolf published

Folklorist collects werewolf tale in Picardy

Johann Weyer's book reprinted at Paris

Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde published

Freud lists Weyer's book as among ten most significant ever published

The Werewolf (film) using real wolf in transformation scene

Freud publishes "wolf man" paper

Kamala and Amala, the Orissa wolf children, discovered
Right-wing terror group "Operation Werewolf" established in Germany

Jekyll & Hyde (film) starring Frederic March

Werewolf of London (film)

Wolf Man (film) starring Lon Chaney Jr.

1943 - 1944
Childhood autism first described LSD discovered

House of Frankenstein (film) includes mention of silver bullet

Outbreak of ergotism at Pont-Saint-Esprit

Ogburn & Bose, On the trail of the Wolf-Children published

I Was a Teenage Werewolf (film)

Shamdeo discovered living among wolves in India

Surawicz & Banta publish first two modern cases of lycanthopy

"An American Werewolf in London" (film) includes first four-footed werewolf

"Death of Shamdeo"
"Teen Wolf" (film)

Monsieur X arrested
"McLean Hospital" survey published

"Werewolf rapist" jailed
McLean Case 8 full report published

"The Wolfman" escapes from Broadmoor

New breed of werewolf discoverd in Malaysia. A cross breed between Krypton's superpowers and the lycans called SuperWolf.

He Returns...


Sheila Majid Zoom In @ RTM May 3rd, 2006

We got passes for Sheila Majid's Zoom In at RTM once again. So this is the second time we've got free entrance to a Sheila so called concert - boleh la. After so long not having any huge concerts like she used to, kecil-kecilan pun kira syukur...

The usual people went, KN and I, Shaz, Roy, Shahrina and two of Shahrina's friends came with us. We got to hold a Sheila Majid banner and yep you guessed right, kuar TV punya la muka masing-masing yang berminyak-minyak baru balik dari office.
Overall, as usual, a world class entertainer deserves world class supporters. Memang full house and happening! Macam la tak tau kan Sheila's fans!

Here are some video of the Zoom In. The show will be on air 6 months from now - after raya. - The following video added after Zoom In was aired after raya 2006.

Sheila Sings Warna

Sheila Sings Sinaran

Sheila Sings Malam Ku Bermimpi

Sheila Sings Datanglah Ke Dalam Mimpiku/Kasih/Hasrat Cinta Medley

Sheila Sings Inikah Cinta

Sheila Sings Pengemis Muda

Thanks 5band for these amazing foootage in You Tube


Alo-alo... lama sudah ku membisu... ropa2nya aku terlupa password bah! Dalam sebulan lebih tak berbicara, banyak betul perkara yang berlaku. Antaranya:

1. Momok dilanda masalah 'child custody' - ahahah dah tak reti-reti jaga anak, kan ex-hubby dah mintak balik anak tu... so white witch kata.. kesian kat dia... macam-macam masalah, ye lah dah hati busuk suka menzalimi orang - tuhan tu maha kaya.... tapi padan muka!

2. Aku kene tuduh ngan white witch mengsabotaj projek CD Tutorial untuk ICT

3. Ingat kisah kereta momok kene pecah? Laptop ilang kan? hah... tak kene ganti pun.. sebabnya white witch tu kesian kat dia... kesian lagi... kesian je la... orang tu buat taik depan ko pun kesian la...

4. Duit mileage kitorang ke klang ni kene slash - not the first time tho.. dulu duit meal claim, ni mileage claim plak... aku tak halalkan... aku tak halalkan dan aku tak halalkan...

5. Disebabkan dorang ni tanak bayar duit mileage, kitorang di suruh transfer ke klang ni... ingat abis cerita tu dan kitorang kene tutup mulut ke? Duh... dont ever underestimate us, the labor power.

Ok lah... itu je lah... ahahahah malas dah nak cakap.

Tikus of tikus!

Kesian la hai adik-adik ku kat Klang ni.... patut la ada yang sora ilang, dumam, batuk-batuk tak berenti... ropa-ropanya mereka telah meminum air melo tikus!

Tengok betul-betul...siap ada ulat lagi... kalau diperati dalam-dalam lagi ada yang tinggal tulang dan ada juga tikus yang baru berkecimpung dalam bidang terjun tiruk ni.. kira fresh lagi...

Wahhh memang sedap ahahahaha. Nasib baik aku tak pernah minum air kat sini - minum air mineral aja. Cuma buat cuci toot je la... ahahahah jangan berulat toot tu dah ler...

Kat sini pun bau memang semerbak ngan bau tikus - ye la, dah la takde students... pekerja pun boleh kira ngan jari... bau tempat ni sebusuk hati pemilik-pemiliknya jugak... kembang loya tekak aku cerita...

Pada mereka yang telah meminum air campuran tikus itu... berhati-hati lah... nanti tumbuh bulu... dah 3 orang kat klang ni yang muka dah berbulu.. muahahaha u know who u are!

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