Happy Thaipusam

Wishing all Hindu devotees a Happy Thaipusam 2008

The Deaths of Ian Stone

Like many other Fridays, ahahah to tell the truth like many other weekdays even, over favourite pastime is watching movies, either downloaded from the Internet or from pirated DVD we bought (heheheh... naughty eh) Well, sometimes we do go out for movies at the local cinema.

As usual, our own cinema is either the 34 inches projection TV or the 32 inches LCD TV in the bedroom, like people usually say, if you have it flaunt it, if you'e spent that much on gadgets, use it right?

Ok, the movie we watched last night was The Deaths of Ian Stone. This is one of the AFter Dark's 8 movies featured in their 2007 After Dark Horror Fest. We didn't have a clue what teh movie was about at first but knew it was horror, since i'm so much into Horror movies, tak kisah lah, bantai saja...

The Deaths of Ian Stone (yes, deaths - not a typo) is about the Harvester community that live and feed out of human fear and pain. Ian Stone as it turned out to be, is one of the Harvester (only made known somewhere towards the end of the movie) who fell in love with a human being named Jenny. Since Harvesters are immortals, the gang (lead by a female character - I don't know until now whether the female Harvester was Ian's Harvester girlfriend maybe?) is trying to find out the reason why Ian refuses to feed himself and kill the mortals.

So, Ian was reincarnated (not a really suitable word to be used to describe Ian's return into multiple lives) Actually, he was reborn into different lives every day of his life and being killed by the harvester over and over again so that he would finally admit to the reason for refusing to feed on human fear and pain.

Overall, since this is a horror movie and has a gret storyline, I rate it a 9/10 - especially for the gory scene deaths of Ian Stone - am I twisted or what?

Salam Maal Hijrah 1429

Salam Maal Hijrah to all Muslims around the world.

This new year in the Muslim calender is a significant one for me. Earlier in 2008 I promised myself that I would perform my first Umrah hopefully by end of this year after the Haj 2008 season or latest early next year 2009. I feel that the time has come and since time is what I do not have (since there's no way I can get better, health wise). No, I'm not giving up but reality check tells me that even if I am able to control the damages, and even though I am the Superman I think I am, I still can't turn back time. What's done is done. I really want to go visit the House of Allah, to witness the Ka'abah and aim to perform the Haj, with God's willing, by 2012.

The moment I told myself that I wanted to go for Umrah, two part time job offers came in out of nowhere after a year not having such opportunity . I guess that's help from God to me for really wanting and hoping to go visit His place. Alhamdulillah, with this money I'm getting from the part time job (although I'd have to burn the midnight oil working my brains out) I hope to be able to go to Mekah with KN as planned.

Crystal Divers of Bali

It was indeed a pleasant surprise to have received a Merry Christmas and New Year email from Minnie and Gang at Crystal Divers in Bali. A year had nearly passed and they still remember us. There are definitely many new faces in the team but Minnie was a great host and we're definitely using her service on our next trip to Bali. Hopefully soon!

Here's a photo of Minnie and gang @ Crystal Divers. We miss you guys.

Minnie is the one in white, squatting in the middle

Code Name: The Cleaner

"In what is clearly one of the lamest, dopiest and most ill-conceived spy comedies in movie history, Cedric plays an amnesia victim who wakes up in a hotel room next to a dead FBI agent and a suitcase stuffed with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unsure of who he is - the possibilities range all the way from an undercover spy to a local janitor - or how he managed to get himself into such a predicament, the mystery man, Jake, is soon on the run from unknown forces out to nab him and the valuable computer chip it is believed he has in his possession.

This is such a perfectly ridiculous piece of celluloid-wasting cinema that it is scarcely worth the time it takes to watch, let alone comment on, the movie. Suffice it to say that Cedric needs to start looking into getting himself a better agent, while his co-stars - like Lucy Liu, whose career is clearly in as much trouble as Cedric's - should begin deleting this film from their professional resumes as quickly as is humanly possible."

Well, that review was taken from one of the movie review sites on the net - obviously I agree with the critique, hence the review appearing on my blog. Not worth writing about.

What was worth the time spent was being able to go out with my loved one on this New Years Day at Suria KLCC. We had my favourite Spaghetti at the Picnic Food Court (have been eating here since last few visits to KLCC - love their spaghetti very much!) and guess what when I said I wasn't going to eat the bagel's in front of TGV ever again, I lied. Hehehe KN bought these and we ate them there n then, not to say they're delicious but just to fill in time after tired walking around aimlessly waiting for the movie to start.

Wishing everyone and KN especially a very Happy New Year - may all your dreams come true...

My Best Friend's Wedding

Eno's wedding was held on December 29th 2007. A simple street wedding held at Subang Jaya, was attended by relatives and friends, old and new. I wouldn't miss this particular wedding as yes, she is my best friend.

We have been friends since 1993 and hell yes, she knows most of my secrets, even the darkest ones hehehe. I am just so pleased that this buddy of mine has finally tied the knot. Well, it is never to late to start a family and I hope the newly weds will be blessed with one soon.

I met a number of old friends from college at Eno's wedding, all came with their family except for Shaz (another best buddy of mine) but being a happy go lucky person he is, having a family of his own is indeed not even in his vocabulary for now. I'm sure, but I know sooner or later his mom would pester him to find a wife or perhaps she already has. Hopefully soon ya Shaz. My prayers for you.

It has been 10 years since we left college and by that, it means, we've known each other for a good 16 years. Well, most of them doesn't look like how they used to 16 years ago, a bunch of 17 year olds - now a bunch of 33 year olds with kids, mind you, KIDS. Well, I'm happy to see my friends happy and enjoying life. Many said they couldn't recognise me for I have slimmed down and not wearing spectacles anymore (thanks to my cataract operation in 2004) Just imagine a 120Kgs teenage boy shrinking down to a 80+Kgs man. But if only they knew why I have lost so much weight throughout these years. If only they knew...

To Eno and hubby Is, have a wonderful married life. May the both of you be blessed with a very happy family. Amin.

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