Finally Out to See the World

After spending about three months in the jail of my own home, recupertating from the recent cerebral stroke attack I had on the 4th day of Aidilfitri, I finally went somewhere yesterday. Well ot that I wasn't really at home all the time but apart from going to work, going out for meals. some little visits to the supermarket for necessities, I was home most of the time these past three months.

We haven't gone out for a movie since Ramadhan until last week that I couldn't take it any longer that I told my significant other that I want to watch a movie. We either watched movies at home (downloaded) or from the DVDs KN bought for me. Finally and very ironically we went to KLCC that is just a couple of hundred meters from my workplace. (Ahahah out to see the world lah konon kan?) Of course that would be the easiest to go to for a movie although we never really favor TGV for the seats are small and we feel cramped for the whole duration of the movie.

So we went to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks, really fun movie to watch. Full of nice and catchy music that makes me hum all the way to the car afterwards. And guess what, we downloaded (hehehe...) the soundtrack a few nights after the movie - nice! I could relate well to Alvin and the Chipmunks because they've been around longer than I have been on this earth, 35 years perhaps? Maybe more. Ahaha I laughed my heads out throughout the movie. However I think the introductory part of the movie was most ilarious and the anticlimax hit after the chipmunks have hit their glory but yeah we had so much fun and laughter and the movie surely made us feel good thereafter.

Before the movie we window shop for a while, took some pictures of the Christmas decorations (When I was a lot younger Mummy used to bring me hotel and shopping complex hopping during this season to snap photos and see the Christmas decorations) I had a shock of my life to see a Nautica jacket sold at Parkson for RM2.6k - that is just horrendous as that piece of clothing costs RM200 more than my Nokia N95! Crazy! So before I have another stroke attack, or maybe a heart attack this time, I better cool down, forget it and just leave it to the rich to mind the price (but of course the jacket would look handsome on me - that was why I looked at the price tag in the first place ahahaha)

We had dinner at the Signature food court - I tried the meatball spaghetti bolognese from Cafe Milano and it was fantastic. They serve all sorts of spaghetti plus yummy looking waffles - a no no for me as they look really sweet but really tempting! KN had McDonald's, the usual quarter pounder meal. The spaghetti was out of this world, cheaply priced and really tasty!

For supper we bought the bagels in front of TGV and didn't really liked it except for the JalapeƱos flavored bagel. We bought three other flavors, chocolate mint, chocolate parmeson and Italian bagel - all we quite hard, not as soft as they claimed to be. For us that was the last time there.

Otherwise I really had a wonderful time.

Season's Greetings!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008.

Happy 21st Birthday Dearest Brother

Happy Birthday dear brother. 21 years ago we were anxiously waiting for your cesarean birth, how I remember you were so blue the first time I saw you. I had really wanted a brother after being the younger out of two for eleven years, God granted my wish. Even though we're eleven years apart, and I really didn't know how to be a playmate to you due to the age difference, I'm still glad you're my brother.

Now that you've grown up, you have proven yourself to be a really good man, some body whom mummy would be proud of and of course, the pride of the family. I wish you all the best in the things you do. Study hard and make us proud. May the years to come be a healthy and successful one for you. Happy birthday dear bro.

p/s My brother celebrated his 21st birthday on November 29th, 2007.


Since I was not able to get myself a DSLR for my birthday and since the trip to Jogja is coming up real soon, I am desperate for a camera. Even though my N95 could give me good quality photos but I would like a real camera (preferably a DSLR) to capture clear, memorable images but decided to get a digital camera to replace our old Swivel Nikon that we bought 4 years ago.

So we went to Ampang park and looked for the best bargain. The initial intention was just to recce the place for the best bargain and decide later, perhaps come back some other day to purchase it but guess we couldn't wait a day longer and purchased the camera on that same day from the first shop we visited.

It was indeed a good bargain, we bought a Kodak 7.0 High Definition Digital Camera with 3x optical zoom, image stabilizer and 2GB memory card, plus some other exciting gifts. All for RM660. having tried the camera for more than a week now, yes I personally like it and good enough for the time being until I can afford a DSLR. Coming soon!

Here are two photo of the Kodak High Definition digital camera.

A Decision NOT Made Together

Well, there are some things even married couples are not meant to make decisions together (although I personally think everything should be of the two's consensus) but whatever it is I'm happy for my other half's decision to purchase an apartment in Shah Alam. Not that I'm against KN (that's what I call the love of my life if I haven't told you guys so) buying a property, and not that I am not aware of KN's intention to buy a property but this is the second time a purchase was made and I was not brought to the know.

The first was the car and now the apartment. I'm not expecting KN to get my permission but at least I would appreciate if I am somehow 'involved' in KN's decision to go ahead with the purchase. The saddest thing is I gotta know about this on the way home from work just now when the transaction was made yesterday afternoon. It took KN 24 hours to tell me. I know somehow that KN is worried about the uncertain future especially when I am not around. I know that KN is buying a shelter for a a reason only the two of us know. KN deserves this and I vow to give my love my full undivided support. Well, it's just a matter of heart. At least when I write it down here, I am letting things go.

Yes, I am bit kecik hati because whatever I want to get these past five years, no matter how much it costs, I will usually ask for KN's opinion. I treasure KN's points of view because I treasure our relationship very much. Well, it's KN's money, I shall not interfere but it brought the word 'marriage' to a new level - ground zero, meaningless I guess. Somehow sometimes I feel that we're two individuals having different views about marriage. KN asked me not to be angry and I'm not, why should I be angry? For being left out in the decision making process? I don't think so, like I said, it's not even my earnings that KN is spending on.

I'm writing this entry to express my feelings as I have no one to tell this to. If I were to tell KN how I truly feel, I'm sure this love of mine would soon jump into negative conclusions and merajuk worse than I am right now and I would have to pujuk KN like I was the one at fault. So be it. I am happy that KN's finally ready for more financial commitment and I hope the loan will be approved soon. KN's achievements in life is a winning point for me - I am proud to have been able to guide KN all these while and I hope KN will continue making the correct decisions. Especially when I am no longer around. Believe me, I love you.

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