Salam Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan. Today is the first day of puasa and I had a shock of my life this morning after not testing my blood sugar for nearly a month. No wonder I was feeling nauseous these past couple of days. I've felt weak but thought it was because I was tired from the renovation works done at home. Yes, I haven't been administering my insulin well too and the skyfruit I got from papa was not as effective as the one I got from Dr. Maznah.

I should've known better that this will definitely happen when I don't take care of myself. But with the prototyping in August then come the house renovation, I soon forget that I was sick - padan muka ya? The glucometer read 'HI' this morning, meaning that even the meter cannot read my very high sugar levels. I was suspecting low blood sugar when feeling nauseous and extreme hunger lately but never though the reading would be HI.

A secret, today I have sweets inside my pocket, just so if I couldn't stand fasting i have something sweet to suck. I just don't understand sometimes, I'm experiencing hyper but the symptoms are like hypo. Now I know why the extreme thirst yesterday. I drank 2 bottles of 1000ml bottle and two really huge glasses of coffee.

I am trying Habatus Sauda Coffee as well as Hempedu Bumi tablets, supposedly to reduce blood sugar but only started taking those on Sunday. Maybe it takes time. But really right now, I am feeling like I'm gonna drop dead soon. I feel so bloody tired and sleepy. So God help me please.

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