Ex ICT Gathering @ Coca KL Plaza

Finally, the longest serving staff of ICT left the company. Now Chelmen knows how it feels to be free from HELL. Heheheheheh happy... gila-gila happy and muka pun macam baru buat facelift! Ceria saja... (every ex-ICT will definitely agree on this)

This time, the farewell was held kat COCA Steamboat Restaurant in KL Plaza... enjoyed the food... makan punya banyak sampai lasted until dinner! And this time also, we were all introduced to Mike's Girl friend and wife-to-be, Wen Loo - welcome to the happy Ex-ICT family girl!

Congratulations to Chelmen who joined IBM and thank you to Wendy, Mike, Wen Loo, Amir, Shahrina, Leong, Nikky, Agnes, Rowena, Jon & Wife, Saiful, Syamsul & Lee Yean for making this gathering cum farewell lunch a success...now, enjoy the pics guy.

The celebrated girl is in the middle.
The ones on the left and right are two happy people who left the company much earlier.

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