Sambal Belacan - My Style

I have always complained that the sambal belacan at the places i've been to are not up to my liking... not my style, especially those served with Laksa Johor at Laksa Shack, AJ Restoran Masakan Melayu Johor ke or Restoran Mak Tim Warisan Asli Johor. So Ka'Ngah was kind enough (again) to prepare me some of my favorite-styled sambal belacan. Ahahaha nak buat sendiri tak reti... Malu je! Komplen pandai!

So I bought Laksa Johor from Laksa Shack with the usual white laksa noodle (the kind served with Assam Laksa) and hentam ate it with lots and lots of my favorite-styled sambal belacan... Huhuhuhu one little secret though (I bought two packets of Laksa Johor and finished both at one go... now tell me why am i complaining about high blood sugar again? - Hope my doctor doesn't read this heheheh)

Ahahhaah Tengok pun Boleh Terliur...

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