The Secrets Behind our Solo & Jogja Trip...

This trip took place five months ago hehehehe…the power of procrastination eh?

It was nearly a year with no trip for the two of us. With no part time job coming in for me, it means no extra money to ‘invest’ in a week-long trip like we usually do every year. It was Bangkok – Phuket 2 years back, Bali last year and this year perhaps we could only afford a visit Malaysia trip like we did in the first few years of us being together; Genting, Port Dickson, Langkawi, Kuantan, Genting and Genting and Genting again…

I was devastated as we have agreed to save some money for at least ONE overseas trip per year, and since I was also at fault for not putting aside the money that was not there to save for a trip, I just had to accept the fact that we’re not going anywhere far this year. Well, considering the earlier plan (after coming back from Bali last year) was to go to Gold Coast or Hong Kong this year, we have to kiss that idea good bye. Well, perhaps 2009.

The idea to go Jogja came in a jiff, a “hey love, let’s go to Jogja, but what the hell are we gong to find there?” idea. It came when we read a blogger friend’s entry – thanks Shah's Ramblings for an inviting write-up of your trip to Jogja last year.

I don’t usually go to places where ‘shopping’ is the main attraction, KN does. Hence the trip to Bangkok for shopping and to Phuket for my kind of vacation. Bali was indeed a different case where it’s a place that caters both mine and KN’s kinda ideal vacation. There was shopping and there was beautiful post-card-worthy shots.

The decision to go Jogja this year was indeed truly for shopping, ironically as when we decided to book for the flight, we have barely enough to book the Air Asia seats during their free seats giveaway – we paid a good RM360 for roundtrip ticket for two. So Jogja, here we come.

The seats were booked in September, the hotel rooms in December and as for spending money, ah ha you wouldn’t want to know how we managed.

More updates on Jogja & Solo tomorrow...

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