My Book 500GB

Due to the recent Hard Disk crash, it was time to upgrade to a new set of external storage. So I decided to get the Western Digital's My Book 500GB (I would actually get a 1 TB if I really could choose as this was a present from KN).

The Packaging

As usual, KN would surprise me with things I even slightly mention an interest in but since that day my HD crashed beyond repair (but thank God I could salvage most of my important files using a recovery software I purchased on the Internet called ZAR - I had to kiss RM107 goodbye but it was worth it) KN went to Low Yat to get me the My Book 500GB.

The Old (40 GB) and The New (500 GB) - My HD has GROWN!

Until now, a week later, the HD is only 10% filled... just what am I going to store in there eh? Just imagine if I had the 1 TB! Whatever it is, thanks dear for the rescue.

Installing Included Software

What I like most with this new toy of mine is the software it comes with; Backup Software, Autosync Software, HD Diagnostic Software and the best thing is, it has a lighted knight-rider like indicator telling how much space you've used on the HD (Refer video below).

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