Jogja Day 4 (Part 2)

We stopped for a while ar Borobudur Silver on our way to Kaliurang to witness the peak of Mount Merapi. Unfortunately (one unfortunate incident after another it seems) upon arrival, it rained real heavily so we turned back and headed for our final stop at Prambanan.

Borobudur Silver

Before Prambanan, we had lunch at a nearby Nasi Padang restaurant. Like Borobudur, the visit to Prambanan would require some walking before we could enjoy the view. Luckily this time the walk wasn’t uphill only that I needed to get help climbing up a few flight of stairs. At Prambanan, we witnessed the effects of the recent 2006 earthquake. Although restoration works was taking place, some forms of destruction were still clearly visible. Tourists were not allowed into the complex for safety reasons. Before the earthquake tourists were allowed to go into the temples. Thank God the tour guide we hired was really helpful and did a really good job explaining the details of the temples from their architecture to the story behind them. We then took a mini-train around the huge Prambanan Complex before the tour ended at 4:30pm. We had a stop at a nearby stall to enjoy a good supply of fresh young coconut before boarding the tour van. We however did not manage to go to the open air Ramayana show as it was closed in that particular month. Perhaps we'll come back some other time to watch this.

Prambanan Temple

We requested a drop-off at Malioboro Stret to look for a money changer but the recommended ones were closed so we had no choice but to use the service of a small money changer behind Malioboro Street. We then decided to get dinner from Malioboro Mall and a last stroll along Malioboro Street for a final round of last minute shopping before going to Solo tomorrow. We returned to Rumah Mertua after that feeling really tired but really satisfied (although I wasn’t really happy for not being able to climb Borobudur and in a way glad to have not taken the Sunrise tour – otherwise I would have to sit under that tree, alone, in the dark, waiting for the sunrise – all these because of this silly diabetes I’m having, thank you very much. By this time my face and feet was really swollen due to a bad case of water retention.)

Around Prambanan Complex

At the hotel after dinner, I couldn’t resist going through the photos KN took at Borobudur before falling into a really deep sleep. Luckily I didn’t have another episode of that weird and scary dream – perhaps I did but we were too exhausted to have realized it.

Jogja - Solo Day 5 Entry Tomorrow...

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