Solo - KL Day 6 Gastronomic Adventure

We had a very filling breakfast at the hotel's cafe. I had many servings of the very delicious Tempe Goreng with Sambal Kicap and Cili Padi. Yummy! We also had the omelette which was not bad at all.

Our Breakfast from the Buffet Line... Tempe and Endless Tempe... Heavenly!

In the afternoon, also at the Baron Indah Hotel's Cafe, I ordered Beef Rawon Rice served with tempe and century egg and sambal. KN on the other hand ordered the Baron Indah Fried Rice (just like the name, Indah (means Beautiful) the Nasi Goreng was so much better tasting than my Rawon Beef Rice. As for drinks, I had the ever favourite Avocado Chocolate (especially love it when in Indonesia) while KN had Coke. KN didn't really like the taste of Indonesia's Famous, Jasmine-like Teh Botol so ended up ordering Coke nearly every day while in Indonesia)

Beef Rawon Rice with Century Egg, Fried Tempe and Sambal

Baron Idah Fried Rice - Nice!

Coke and Avocado Chocolate

The Baron Indah Hotel Cafe

We had Srabi (a traditional Solo dish) bought from it's factory. We even witnessed the Srabi making process from the glass walled factory kitchen. Srabi tasted very coconuty, very rich and considerably sweet. We bought 2 boxes of Srabi to be given to our family back home and some other traditional tidbits as souvenirs before going home.

Srabi Making. Types of Srabi from Wikimedia

-The End-

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