Jogja Day 2

We woke up late this morning as we felt very tired from the walk around town yesterday. I was furthermore down with a bad fever last night. Not wanting to waste anymore precious time we decided to have breakfast at the hotel cafĂ©. After breakfast, I still wasn’t feeling very well so we went to Malioboro Mall’s Hero supermarket to get some medications for the fever. Then, we headed back to the room. There, KN spent sometime surfing Dr. Shah's blog entry on his trip to Jogja to see how we could squeeze our itinerary to accommodate today's loss for spending most of the times indoor (thanks to me for spoiling it), while I was busy wrapping myself under the blankets until about 3pm.

KN Checking Out Dr Shah's Blog while I Slept

To the the Left... is Malioboro Street...
We went to the Right

Rumah Makan Bakso Ito

Later in the afternoon, after I was feeling a little better, we went out to find something for a late lunch. This time we adventurously and aimlessly walked into the lane on the right side of the hotel (Malioboro Street is on the left). We came across a Bakso restaurant a few meters from the hotel called Ito Bakso. The restaurant served many types of Bakso but only limited to Bakso dishes. We then walked further up along the street to find many VCD and DVD stalls selling them really cheap but quality wise, only God knows. KN bought some pirated Indonesian CDs and found out about the quality when we tried them out on the laptop at the hotel room. Among others, along the street were stalls selling cheap clothes (buy at Malioboro Street, they're cheaper there) and if we were to walk further we’d be at the junction where Malioboro Street and Jogja Railway Station meets.

DVD and Other Stalls by the Roadside

We did not do much on the second day as I was not feeling really well. After the Bakso lunch, we returned to our room and later that night after another nap, we went out again to Malioboro Street for more souvenir shopping. Mostly stuff for ourselves . I was eying a jacket at one of the shops on Malioboro Street but decided to pass. Hehehe don't ask me why (tak muat lah heheheh) We had McDonald's for dinner, went to Hero Supermarket again for some munchies and junkies before returning to the hotel room for more zzzzzz.......

Jogja Day 3 Entry Tomorrow...

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