Jogja Day 4 Gastronomic Adventure

The Breakfast Set @ Rumah Mertua

Our day started with a breakfast set at Rumah Mertua, the set included egg of choice, toast, fresh fruits, local kueh, fresh fruit juice and coffee or tea. We could actually have this set sent to the room but since we were going for a tour early today we decided to just have them at the cafe.

While at Borobudur Silver, I bought a cup of home-made Durian Ice Cream. It was creamy and definitely rich and really delicious and of course, bad for my health (ahahaahah am I complaining? Surely NO!)

Home-made Durian Ice Cream @ Borobudur Silver

For lunch, we had Nasi Padang at a Restaurant opposite of the Prambanan Complex. It was really cheap compared to the Nasi Padang in Malaysia. I of course had the usual; Rendang Daging, tempe (I was eating this everyday while in Jogja and Solo) sambal hijo and bergedil of course.

Nasi Padang Opposite Prambanan

For tea, at Malioboro Mall, we went to Anjana Cafe and Resto for a glass of cold chocolate drink and cake. They were really sweet but considering the amount of energy I'd lost walking and climbing up flight of stairs that day, I thought I deserved some pampering. Yeah right!

Anjana Cafe & Resto, Malioboro Mall

I had been wanting to try Church's Texas Chicken at Malioboro Mall since the first time seeing it on our 1st day in Jogja and finally got to try it for dinner today. Like McDonald's, everything here was served with rice. We ordered to go. KN tried the Black Pepper Chicken with rice while I ordered the Black Pepper Beef with rice and a piece of a bergedil like potato dish. I regretted not getting more of those as it was really tasty.

Church's Texas Fried Chicken, Malioboro Mall

Day 5 Gastronomic Adventure Tomorrow...

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