Happy Birthday Papa!

It's Papa's Birthday today. Seems June is a month full of important dates for my family. We'll be going out for lunch on Saturday (tomorrow) to celebrate Papa's Birthday today, Along's Birthday and Father's day - all in one. Wanted to take the family to Puti Bungsu Batam Nasi Padang but Papa didn't want to go all the way into KL (ahahah bukan jauh pun dari Melawati kan... but it's his birthday so kene la ikut cakap... he wants to eat Satay Samuri, he'll get Satay Samuri heheheh) Whatever it is, Papa, thank you for being a wonderful father. Although there were ups and downs in our relationship before, I am happy things have turned out the way it is now. Thanks for understanding your son. I love you very much.

BTW, KN won't be joining us for this family makan-makan again - KN's best/childhood friend is getting married next week and dia plak yang terlebih sibuk ekekekeke. Nevermind... I'll eat the Satay on your behalf ek dear?

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