Jogja Day 3 Gastronomic Adventure

After I fell sick the day before and missing the excitement of a vacation, we were up early on our 3rd day in Jogja to look for local food around Malioboro Street - well, I think our trip this time was all about shopping and eating... not much of touring hehehehe. There were many local delicatessens along Malioboro Street this early in the morning. There were Nasi Gudeg, Nasi Padang, Lumpia and most shockingly the Iced Drinks like Es Kelapa and Es Buah.

Lumpia Stall on Malioboro Stree

What caught our attention, not wanting to have rice in the morning, was the Lumpia. Lumpia is similar to Popiah in Malaysia and there were several choices; with normal (vegetable) or chicken stuffing as well as chicken and quail egg. The really tasty Lumpia is eaten with fresh onion and green chili and is deep fried.

Siomat Stall @ Malioboro Mall

To chow the Lumpia down, we ordered a bowl of Es Buah, A dessert like our local Air Batu Campur or Ais Kacang but here, the bowl is luxuriously filled with all sorts of local fruits. Later, we went to Maliobor Mall food court and tried the Batagor Siomay, a Yong Tau Foo like dish.

Es Buah/Es Campur and Bakso Stall on Malioboro Street

In the afternoon, we had the Rijstaffel at Rumah Mertua. We have been looking forward to try this set dish ever since we read about it. There was more than 10 dishes comprising of satay, mee goreng, tempe, serunding, fried tofu, vegetable, keropok, roast chicken, rojak, beef rendang and few other tasty dishes served with aromatic white rice. The Rijstaffel was really filling, believe me, one would be stuffed to near death after eating this really delicious mixture of local yummies. We both had Iced Lemon Tea for drinks.

The rijstaffel @ Rumah Mertua

Come night, it was the tasty Jogja Fried Rice at the Rumah Mertua eaten at the outdoor dining area accompanied by the cool breeze and a really wet night after a heavy downpour. This Fried Rice was similar to the one could get in Malaysia but what was really nice was its bumbu; spicy and really delicious. I ordered a serving of Fried Tempe with Sambal Kicap to accompany the Fried Rice.... Indonesia is definitely a heaven for Tempe lovers... yummy!

Naso Goreng Jogja, Acar and Tempe Goreng with Sambal Kicap

Jogja Day 4 Gastronomic Adventure Tomorrow...

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