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When Chicken Hartz opened its doors at Sunway Pyramid somewhere in the 90s, I remember it to be such a hit, especially amongst my group of friends. We had to reserve places and the queue could be terrible on weekends. I was in college then and would take the trouble to go all the way to Sunway Pyramid to eat the all-I-can variety of chicken servings.

After ages not stepping foot at Sunway Pyramid and forgetting about Chicken Hartz's existence, KN reminded me that they now have Chicken Hartz at Summit USJ - we frequent Summit USJ for our DVD supply and to watch movies at GSC since our courting days six years ago. So we decided to head there one day for dinner.

The restaurant concept was nice, it's glass on all sides of the four walls and passers by can see what's happening inside. We were quite shocked to see the place empty because as far as I can remember, Chicken Hartz at Pyramid had never been empty before (I now wonder if the one at Pyramid is still in operation).

See la the Fried Chicken... They Look so Lonely and Sad...

The price was still cheap - the same as it was more than 10 years back, I think, but the food line-up wasn't as good. They had a salad bar, soup of the day, fried chicken, pizza, mojos, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, nasi goreng (!!!), mee goreng (!!!) and to my surprise, some other local dishes. For desserts they serve pudding, fresh fruits and ice cream.

The food was so miserably bad that we took less than half an hour (each guest is permitted a maximum of two hours in the restaurant and before tasting the food we actually said that we're going to make use of the full two hours tasting every single dish there). The salad was no doubt fresh, and the soup was good but the main dishes were cold and tasteless. The Mojos were cold and the fried chicken was, well, only God knows how pathetic they were. Now I know why they could sell the food there at the price it was more than 10 years ago. I don't understand why they had these local food served, especially those you can get at a mamak stall or cook yourself at home and taste soooo much better.

This was Really Good and Fresh... They Should Change Their Name to Salad hartz and Stick to Serving Salad...

I could still remember the delicious pineapple tart they served at Pyramid and was really disappointed to see some jelly-like pudding being served instead, what's worse was it was cut into really small puny pieces.

...and Perhaps Soup and Ice Cream too. Definitely Not the Others. Sorry...

However, we agreed the the free-flow carbonated drinks (not good for me but I wanted to make my money worth heheheh) and their delicious self-served sundae ice cream was the best. Will I come back? Nope, not even if it's for free. I was making all sorts of monkey faces to the passers by hoping they'll know how bad the food there was and how torturous the visit was. Or perhaps they're saying - hah now you know why we're not eating there!

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