Joga - Solo Day 5

Note: Due to a recent hard disk crash I couldn't continue the post on our final couple of days in Joga and Solo as planned.

View from out Room Porch @ Rumah Mertua

After a really exhausting whole day tour of Borobudur, Prambanan and Kaliurang yesterday, we woke up a little late this morning and decided to have our breakfast sent to the room to be enjoyed at our room’s porch nearby the pool. We had the same set as yesterday and had a good chat about our amazing experience so far. We even laughed at the experience we had with the peddlers at Borobudur – their persuasion power was fantastic. Sellers at Prambanan were more civilized, perhaps because their stalls have some sort of grills separating them from the tourists.

More Photos of Rumah Mertua

We were dreading the idea of having to check out today and go to Solo. One, because it means that we are about to go home tomorrow evening thus ending our holiday and two, after seeing Solo on our first day we were not really looking forward and convinced to be there. KN mentioned that the people didn’t look friendly and I couldn’t agree more.

More Rumah Mertua Before we Left for Good.

After the luxurious breakfast nearby the pool, we started packing our stuff and called a cab to leave the happy memories at Jogja and to go to Baron Indah Hotel in Solo. The journey took about 2 hours. In Solo two hours later, we saw two huge malls on our way to the hotel. One was Solo Square and the other Grand Solo. Grand Solo was actually on the same street as Baron Indah only that it was at the end of the long stretch of road. We decided after checking in to go to Grand Solo for a late lunch.

Baron Indah is a 4-star hotel undergoing reservation and expansion when we were there in February. The rooms are nice and clean. It was with a really spacious bathroom with a bath tub. It has a café serving real nice food, I especially like the tempe goreng served in the morning.

Our Room @ Baron Indah (Room 103)

Although we could really walk to Grand Solo we took a cab instead as it was starting to rain. We went to the food court and later hopped into Bread Talk. Before going home, we bought more local DVDs and music CDs. Grand Solo wasn't really as grand as the name suggests. It was more like Pertama Complex in the inside although it may look huge and tempting from the outside. We now wonder how would that worn looking Solo Square would really look like in the inside? Maybe like the Shah Alam PKNS Complex kot?

Grand Solo Mall from the Outside

We returned to the hotel in a cab (again) as it was still raining. Took a nap and later was time for another meal hehehe. I saw a Nasi Padang restaurant nearby the hotel on the way to Grand Solo and wanted to try the place but KN was a little worried to walk in the dark streets so we asked the reception whether we can get Nasi Padang nearby. Lucky us, we were told that there was a Nasi Padang place a couple of blocks away. Even so, we had to walk in the dark and the streets in Baron are creepy! We had becak operators staring at us as though we were a couple of aliens.

Hotel Baron Indah

We were surprised to see the Nasi Padang place was actually a really small stall, lit by candles, but the place was quite packed with people. Since we were really hungry we decided to go ahead with the much looked forward meal (anything goes for Nasi Padang!) We decided to have the food to go and unfortunate for us there was only egg, sambal hijo (thank god) and gravy from a chicken dish.

Hotel Baron Indah Cafe

We walked back and had the Nasi Padang in the room. We spend the rest of the evening watching local stuff on TV and did not go to Wayang Orang as planned for it was raining real heavily and furthermore we were not convinced with the people there.

Going Home Tomorrow...

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