Breakfast @ Dunkin' Donuts Bukit Antarabangsa

There are many interesting places in and around the place I stay, Bukit Antarabangsa. Among others, the most happening place would be the Petronas Petrol Station where Giant Supermarket, Guardian Pharmacy, Burger King and Dunkin' Donuts are situated. This place is just opposite a row of shop houses where 7 Eleven and the Hillside Corner Restaurant are.

Not wanting to have the usual breakfast at Mak Jah restaurant in Ampang or McDonald's we decided to go to Dunkin' Donuts nearby for a sandwich and donut breakfast. Here's what we had that morning; Iced Coffee (nice but a little sweet), Double Choc Donut (KN's Favourite) and Chocolate Peanut. While for the sandwiches I had the Egg Mayo in Croissant and KN had the Chicken Ham with Cheese in Croissant.

Egg Mayo in Croissant

Chicken Ham with Cheese in Croissant

Double Choc Donut and Chocolate Peanut

Iced Coffee

We had lots of fun there cuci mata looking at people coming in and out of Petronas while enjoying the free WiFi on out kononnya canggih handphones hehehehe.

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Kembara Musafir said...

haiyaaa.... after all the wonderful stuffs that you have eaten in Jogja, balik Mesia gi makan Dunkin Donut balik... back to junks... hmmmm.... buat porabeh boreh den yo...!! nasib baik the jogja entry was a delayed telecast....

Syahr-El said...

Ahahahah due to some technical issues (my portable hard disk crashed)I couldn't countine with Day 5 & 6 of the Jogja visit just yet but will do so in a couple of days time.

Dunkin's sandwich considered ok ler (minus the donut la kan)... but really I love the Chicken Mayo very much. Real tasty!

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