KL-Solo-Jogja Day 1 Gastronomic Adventure

Our first meal in Indonesia was at Waroeng Bakar in Ambarrukmo Plaza. Located on the lower ground level of the Mall, it sure was special and very appetizing. The food was nice here. I had the Lemon Chicken while KN had the Smokey Twins (a dish with chicken in black pepper sauce). Both dishes were served with very aromatic rice. For drinks, KN had the Berrymore Iced Coffee (Blueberry Coffee - out of this world) while I had a very colourful drink with jelly (it was practically rainbow coloured but I like KN's drink much more)

Hot Meal @ Waroeng Bakar

Black Pepper Chicken with Rice

Lemon Chicken with Rice

Berrymore Iced Coffee and the Rainbow Drink
(Something like Soda Gembira@Bandung Ice CreamSoda in Malaysia)

The Starbucks we had at Ambarrukmo had similar menu to its Malaysian counterpart that is not worth mentioning but do enjoy the picture... really cooling.

Needs NO Introduction - Great on a Hot Sunny Day

For dinner we went to the Lesehan about 50 metres from Ibis and Malioboro Mall (alomg Malioboro Street). We had Nasi Gedeg and Bebek Panggang (Roasted Duck) We thought, from the description given by the taxi driver from Solo to Jogja, Bebek was Indonesian for Goose but we learn that it actually means Duck. Some misunderstanding there...

Lesehan Indah Rasa, Bebek Panggang, Sambal and Nasi Gede

Taste wise (Nasi Gedeg) - one time was enough for me. I was glad it was served with some sort of sambal that it hid away the really weired taste of something in the rice dishl. We gobbled the food down with the famous Indonesian Teh Botol and Jus Jeruk Purut (Lime Juice) - really refreshing.

Jogja Day 2 Gastronomic Adventure Tomorrow

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Pinangso Loro said...

Kalel... abang kan dinasihat oleh teman2 di sana bahawa lesehan (duduk bersila) di jalan Malioboro ni sebenarnya mahal dan mereka sengaja menaikkan harga disebabkan ini tumpuan wisatawan (pelancong)... kami akan ke sini nanti dan akan mencuba makan utk tengok harga nya... sebenarnya Jogja bandar yg murah... tidak begitu mahal sebenarnya

Syahr-El said...

Boleh tahan la harga lesehan kat sini kalau nak dibandingkan dengan di muara-muara jogja (heheheh muara.... mcm sungai lak) Tapi a matter of convenience lah kot sebab dekat ngan hotel. Wah Abg Bear ngan Dr Shah nak pi sana lagi ke? Sonoknye....

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