Jogja - Solo Day 5 Gastronomic Adventure

Being the last day in Jogja we were not rushing to get around for last minute shopping or touring. Instead we spent the morning at leisure and enjoyed our very last moments at the hotel having our breakfast at the porch of our room. There were another Mat Salleh couple having breakfast nearby at the pool. The menu that morning on our last day at Jogja was the same as yesterday's only that the traditional kueh was different. Familar looking Curry Puff and Bingka Ubi was served.

Breakfast @ Rumah Mertua

Later in the afternoon, in Solo, we had lunch at Moen-moen Steak at Solo Grand Mall. We both had the Hot Plate Chicken Chop served with potato and some steamed vege. It was ok, not that great though but since we were very hungry anything goes. I wanted to try the Fried Tempe and Fried Tofu from a next door stall but these were sold out. Sigh... I just could have enough of tempe while in Jogja... as a matter of fact even in Malaysia...yummy! With the Chicken Chop, we had a bowl of gigantic sized buffet-styled Es Buah at a nearby stall. An all you can take (not eat, stuff as as much as u can in that big bowl and don't come back for more unless you want to pay for another bowl buffet-style). It was also ok, not as great as our Ais Batu Campur or ABC.

From Top to Bottom: Steak Moen-moen (does it mean Main0-main ke?),
Hot Plate Chicken Chop and the Gigantic Es Buah.

Before going back for lunch we had some bread from BreadTalk (sorry by the time I remembered to snap pictures all the bread has gone into our tummy!)

The best meal of the day was from the candle-lit Nasi Padang stall a couple of blocks from our hotel in Solo. The stall, at a junction was quite packed with patrons when we arrived. From the picture below, you can see that what was left for us was egg , sambal hijo and some gravy from a chicken dish. We had 2 pieces of eggs each to compensate for the protein we did not get from chicken or beef that night. Muahahahahah! Believe me, this Nasi Padang was indeed the best Nasi Padang we've ever tasted. For a mere RM5.50 for two packets of yummy tasting meal, it was a real out of this world deal. Only the walk to the stall was not really pleasant as it was dark, eerie and the bechak operators were like owls staring at the two of us obvious foreigners.

KN's Nasi Padang (Without Sambal Hijo)

My Nasi Padang of Course with Lots of Sambal Hijoooo

Final Day Food Adventure Tomorrow...

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