KL-Solo-Jogja Day 1 (Part 2)

After Malioboro Mall (which we agreed we'll be visiting most often while staying at IBIS) we went to Ambarrukmo. It was a new mall, perhaps similar to BB Plaza/Lot 10 in Kuala Lumpur. We had our lunch there, at a place called Hot Meal (Waroeng Bakar) located at the lower ground floor of Ambarrukmo. the food was really nice and special.

Ambarrukmo Plaza, the Latest Shopping Mall

After wandering around Ambarrukmo, we had ice blended coffee at Starbucks before visiting another mall, Galeria as I saw Wendy’s sign there – I had mistaken Wendy’s for Arby’s actually (Arby’s was in Malaysia in the early 80s). We bought some music CDs and some DVDs. (A tip though, if you're planning to get music CDs and DVDs buy the original from the shops at the Mall - they're cheaper than in Malaysia. Don't ever buy from street sides, they're much cheaper but not worth getting for their very low quality. Believe me, KN bought a couple of music CDs for about RM1 a piece but regretted the purchase.) Galeria is somewhat like Ampang Park in KL. Exhausted on our very first day in Jogja, we went back to the hotel. We decided not to visit other malls as we’ve seen them on the way and thought it wouldn’t be worth the time. At the hotel I had a really relaxing foot massage costing Rp75K for 35 minutes. Wish I would've tried the spa too hehehehe.

We went out to check Malioboro Street at 7:30pm. The stretch of road was full with people selling t-shirts, belts, batik, frames and all sorts of other souvenirs. The price was really cheap especially if you master the art of bargaining. Speaking a little Indonesian (wouldn’t be difficult for Malaysians I guess) would really help. The trick is to offer a real low price and increasing it little by little until agreed by both parties. Rule of thumb is, don't ever bargain for something if you don’t intend to buy it in the first place as that pisses them off. Beware of the annoying Becak (trishaw) people who will not stop from approaching you and inviting you to take a ride in their trishaws. Again, if you intend to try the ride, go ahead. They'll even follow you as you walk along the street. Simply say no and walk away without paying attention to them. Don’t even smile if you can hehehehe. I’m bad aren’t I? We'll, we managed to, on our first night at Malioboro Street to grab some souvenirs.

Malioboro Street at Night

For dinner we headed to a nearby Lesehan (Stalls ). A visit to this part of the world would be incomplete if you do not join the locals at the Lesehan. Just be careful or get ready to part with small change as there would be uninvited peddlers and street singers serenading you. If you ever choose not to give them money, they'll throw all sorts of tantrum and say nasty words to you but let them, it is perhaps their culture to act like that. Just enjoy your meal and pay only for the services you asked for. Yeah right, enjoy, by this time I'd lost my appetite and wished I was in my hotel room sleeping. Sigh... or better still having another foot massage...

Jogja Day 2 Entry Tomorrow...

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