Sick Nurses - The Transsexual Ghost

Sick Nurses (สวยลากไส้) is perhaps worse than a Grade B Horror movie, with the sluttiest (excuse me) actresses I've ever seen acting. Named like a porn in the 80s (opps!) Sick Nurses surely disappointed me in many ways - this movie was recommended by a trusted pirated DVD seller in USJ - ahaha I could guess why he was recommending this movie lah.

However disappointing, the 2007 movie, directed by Todsapon Siriwiwat and Peerapan Laoyon with casts like Son Wajananon and Chitchan Rujipan had a rather interesting and quite an original ending. Sick Nurses is about a group of nurses and a doctor who trade corpses. The movie only made sense when towards the end the X-Men Mystique-like ghost turned out to be the young doctor's gay partner who underwent sexual change surgery in order to marry the doctor. At the same time the doctor was in love with one of the other nurses and got her pregnant. Like many other horror movies, Sick Nurses is about revenge. The doctor's gay partner who was a nurse in the same hospital was murdered by the pregnant nurse witnessed by the other nurses and whose body was sold to the black market. While waiting for the body to be collected, the transsexual ghost woke to revenge her death.

Well, I won't recommend this movie but if you have that free time and are bored to death, and need a different perspective to how ghosts may look like (surely unlike the usual Ju-on look-alike) do watch this movie - just for laughs!

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