Mother's Day @ Hillside Corner Restaurant

For mother's day this year we initially planned to go for Nasi Padang Puteri Bongsu Batam at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng for lunch but papa had to go back to Johore as his twin sister was really sick with Cancer. So we decided to go somewhere near and since Ka'Ngah wanted to go to the Hillside Corner Restaurant @ Bukit Antarabanga, the five of us decided to go there for lunch.

The Hillside Corner Restaurant @ Bukit Antarabangsa

Mother's Day started early in the morning with a visit to Mummy's grave. I didn't get anything for Ka'ngah since the lunch treat was on me. Sapit bought Ka'ngah three pots of her facourite plants; 2 pots of roses and a pot of Bunga Zaleha. It was supposedly something different this year since if he was going to give her a bouquet of flowers, it will not last long - ahahah good idea indeed.

The Two Pots of Roses and a Pot of Bunga Zaleha - Ka'Ngah's Favourite Flowers

For my mother in law KN and I gave her a bouquet of flowers and I could only call her in the morning to wish her happy mother's day since KN had a photography class at Sony Style KLCC. KN didn't even join us for lunch.

Perhaps the Best Chicken Pie in KL - Tender Chicken Filling, Moist and Extraordinarily Yummy!

Crispy Garlic Bread - a Must When We Dine Here

We had the very delicious chicken pie only available on weekends and the crispy garlic bread. We wanted to take home a few pieces of chicken pie but the ones we had was the last of the batch for that day.

Grilled Steak with Terriyaki Sauce and Baked Potato

Japanese Style Spaghetti

I had the Grilled Terriyaki Steak prepared medium with baked potato and Cucumber juice for drinks. Along also had the same Grilled Terriyaki steak but prepared well done with fries and Pink Guava juice. Ka'ngah had the grilled chicken chop with Kiwi Juice while Sapit had the Japanese Style Spaghetti with Sarsi float. Arif on the other hand ordered Spaghetti Bolognese with Coke.

Grilled Chicken Chop with Fries

Kid's Menu - Spaghetti Bolognese

From Left: Sarsi Float, Kiwi Juice, Cucumber Juice and Pink Guava Juice

We had a good time dining together as we seldom have the chance to get together like this, but too bad papa wasn't able to join us. It would be merrier if both papa and mummy were there to celebrate Mother's Day. I miss you mummy. Miss you very much

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