Sunday at the Curve/Ikea/Ikano Power Centre

It was a whole day event at the Curve Damansara last Sunday. We're there for our routine cat supply shopping at Pet Safari Ikano Power Centre. Biasa la, buying cat food and supplies would mean money flowing out like water, mana tidak every month I would've to spend between RM400 to RM500 for them - hehehe not complaining though but just sharing.

Apam Gula Hangus, Yam Cake and Kueh Kasui

So we left our home sweet home at about 10... near 11am actually and decided to have breakfast at Ikano Power Centre. So we went to MAMA NYONYA at the basement level of the shopping complex - I've tried the Mata Kucing and some other Chinese dessert drinks here before but not the food. Since it was nearly lunchtime and we had been wanting to go to Bubba Gump @ the Curve later, we had something that according to us, light (ahahah NOT!) I had the Yam Cake while KN took the Apam Gula Hangus and Kueh Kasui (I think that's what it's called) - packed in a package of 6. We both had the yummy air Mata Kucing for drinks.

After brunch we headed to Ikea as I wanted to get some scented candles for the house, and yes you've guessed right, I didn't just buy candles but some other small things that amounted to nearly a hundred bucks... sigh macam tu je duit keluar... should ban myself from going to Ikea lah.
After Ikea it was the time we've been looking forward to since after reading about the restaurant the week before. The Forest Gump eatery called Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co has just opened it doors @ the Curve. Well, since I don't eat seafood, i was skeptical to what I am going to be able to order tapi redah je lah... We chose an outdoor seat along the sidewalks and ordered these: Mama's Garlic Bread as appetizer, Mama's Southern Fried Chicken with Speckled Lemonade Blueberry flavor for me and the Bourbon Street Barramundi (hehehe scary looking I tell you - I don't eat these makanan yang berenang-berenang ni, that's why) and Mango Sparkler for KN.

The food was good - the Mama's Southern Fried Chicken tasted like Chilli's Country Fried Steak but better, served with corn on the cob (tasteless) and coleslaw. KN's food had shrimps apart from the Barramundi. There was the Gump Store selling novelties and the movie is aired on the LCD TV throughout the restaurant! Even the friendly restaurant manager took his time to go from table to table (hopefully this becomes a practice, bukan sebab they just opened last week) to ask us how we're doing and to test us with some Forrest Gump trivia... ahahah macamana lah nak ingat the movie when it was screened maaaaannnnyyyy years back... masa muda-muda dulu gamaknya.

Mama's Garlic Bread

Mama's Southern Fried Chicken

Bourdon Street Barramundi

All in all the eatery was superb with good food and good service, The only set back I think, is the table setting - it's small to fit whatsoever condiments filled in a really huge metal bucket plus a really huge Stop and Run License Plate diners use to call for table service. And one more thing, the waiter who served us was so pleasantly sissy that he became really annoying with his Thai-like greeting gesture each time he comes to the table... come on la you're a man, act macho la sikit. KN told me he's paid to do that but I didn't see the other waiters or waitresses doing the same - dah la he swallows his words and I don't think he was local - Macam Filipino aja...sighhh...

Thirst quenchers... Speckled Lemonade Blueberry Flavor and Mango Sparkler

After 'Bubba'ing, we went to Pet Safari for the supplies and headed home dengan perut yang rasa macam nak meletup, we slept the evening off sampai la Monday morning baru bangun to go to work... talk about buruk perangai kan... hehehe penangan Bubba Gump ler tuh.

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Najib Ariyan Ali Basha said...

uihhhh sedapnya... kalau ke sana sure kena cuba... abg bear kalah teruk kalau tengok air nan sodap banget tuh...

Syahr-El said...

air kaler purple mcm kat Williams tu sedap.. blueberry... yang mango sparkler tu ada sikit pelik rasa dia hehehe cuba...jangan tak cuba...

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