The Flying Coaster @ Genting Highlands

The last time we were here was a zillion years ago in 2004 to celebrate KN's birthday. We've been wanting to return but wasn't able to until the recent public holiday. It was something decided at the spur of the moment, a sudden decision to go to a place we used to go at least once a year.

After breakfast at McDonald's near Taman Melati, we took a bus from the Putra LRT Terminal in Gombak - a package we took that includes return bus tickets, return Skyway tickets and a pair of outdoor theme park tickets. It was considerably cheap as we only had to hop on the bus, take the skyway and enjoy ourselves at the theme park. We were wrong.

Yes the tickets were affordable but deciding to go on a public holiday was not a good idea. As we were early we thought we could do away with the crowd but as we reached the Skyway station we were taken by surprise as the queue was a mile long. So here we are thinking we were smart but there were many who were obviously smarter. It took us an hour before we could hop into a car.

The mishap didn't just stopped there. As expected the queue to most of the popular rides were as long too. So we decided to narrow down to the rides we really wanted to try - well, there wasn't anything new after 4 years except for the signature ride - the Flying Coaster. We've been wanting to go on this ride since it was first here more than 3 years ago.

So let's say that our trip to Genting this time was for the Flying Coaster. With the ticket we bought we were entitled to a couple of rides each. It was indeed a fun ride and how we wished we were able to go on it at least a couple more times but again, as any other rides, the queue was long so being in a line for two rides was enough in a day, but it was worth the wait. We'll just wait for the long overdue roller coaster ride @ Paris Disneyland, if we go there next year as planned, even if a half day queue is needed. We're determined.

Whatever it was, and however bad the experience were, we appreciate the time we had to spend with each other. A lesson learnt though - never go to such places on a public holiday unless you don't mind spending most of your time queuing.

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Shah said...

So frustrated the Flying Coaster was under maintenance when we were there last year. Punya la looking forward. Dah la yang coaster tepi bukit pun out of order masa tu. Kena pegi lagi la nanti belum lepas lagi gian rollercoaster ni...

Syahr-El said...

One thing about going to Genting during non-peak or shoulder times is that they tend to close popular rides for maintenance - dah kene banyak kali dulu. Kalau peak times pulak, it'll be difficult to get onto the popular rides.. sigh... but the Flying Coaster was not bad la... cuma kejap sangat, baru nak thrill dah abis dah... the reason why they allow 2 rides per ticket kot.

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